Project QT is a mobile puzzle RPG-style Puzzle RPG game that was inspired by anime. It was created by xDNA, and published by Nataku. It is known for its detailed and amazing characters. We have compiled a list with all redeem codes for Project QT.

Project QT is a huge success due to all the weebs who continue to play the game. People are more addicted to the game because the characters don’t have enough clothes.

Project QT Gift codes 2022

Project QT gift codes allow you to get amazing items in games like tickets, gems and more. You are in the right place if you’re looking for Project QT redeem codes. We will frequently add new Project QT codes for you.

Project QT Gift Codes 2022

Below is a list with all the working codes for Project QT. These codes will be added to the project qt code list as soon as they are available. To keep up with the latest codes, I recommend you bookmark this page.

    • Get 100 Gems, 3 Medium-AP Restoration, and 2 Event Summon Tickets Potions.
    • You receive x2 Event Summon Tickets and x100 Gems.
    • You receive x2 Event Summon Tickets and x30000 Coins.
  • MRRCR248CT
    • You receive x100 gems, x2 Summer Splash Sumon Tickets, and x30000 coins.

There is currently only one working code. However, we will continue to add more codes in the coming days.

Project QT Codes (Not Working Anymore)

This section simply adds all expired codes. All Project QT Gift Codes have an expiration date. These codes will not be available if you are not active.

    • 2x Bunny Day Summon tickets, 6x Summon tickets and 100 Gems
    • You’ll receive 100 gems, 2x summon tickets, and 30k in game coins.
    • You will receive 100 gems and 1x anniversary ticket.
    • 100 Gems, 6x Summon Tickets, and 2x Campus Tockets will be yours.

How to redeem Project QT Gift Codes in 2022

  1. First, enter the game.
  2. Click the menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. You will now see the “Redeem Gift Codes”, option. Click it.
  4. Tap confirm to copy the above redeem code.
  5. A reward screen will appear. You now have additional items Project QT.

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