Studio Wildcard updated Ark Survival Evolved today, March 2nd, to version 2.50 for PS4 and made a few bug fixes.

The changelog states that the developers have reverted the visual enhancements and other enhancements due to issues with the game. These enhancements will be implemented in a subsequent update. However, users have complained and they have downgraded this game until a solution is found.

Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.50 Details
PS4 Current Version: v559.2 – 03/01/2021

We have reverted the visual enhancements because they caused stability issues (games would crash) as well as performance dips in certain cases. Once we have resolved the performance and stability issues, we will be looking at re-implementing these visual enhancements.
PC Current Version: v323.18 – 02/26/2021

Updated cryopod interface. (Known problem: the imprint value is incorrect and you may have to discard existing dinos in order to obtain the updated spayed/neutered status.
Also see No Man’s Sky Update 3.85: Patch Details: What’s new in the April 13 Update

Xbox One Current Version: v809.3 – 02/23/2021

Can no longer ride unconscious Stego
Numerous map issues related to borders and volumes were fixed
Before allowing a zipline to attach, it will check that the character can fit in the space.
Genesis Chronicles IV (Notes 16 – 20 have been included with the TEK Federation Gloves cosmetic

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