Studio Wildcard has updated Ark Survival Evolved to version 2.72. The complete patch notes can be found here.

According to patch notes, the update addresses issues such as exploits and crashes. You can find the complete list of changes in the patch notes below.

Ark Survival Evolved 2.72 Patch Notes

  • Some exploits fixed
  • Some holes were fixed in the lost island
  • Some crashes fixed
  • Overspawning issues in Lostisland have been addressed
  • If a creature isn’t transferrable to a given map (Wording), you can no longer place it in taxidermy/training Dummy
  • Loot crate spawns Massive/Devious artifacts
  • Make sure fertilized voidwyvern egg do not start to decay
  • Underwater fog reduced
  • Removed some clutter and foliage
  • Amargasaurus adjustments & fixes
  • Fixes for Sinomacrops
  • Lost Island: More accurate respawn map adjustments and global LAT/LON coordinates
  • Some clients of Lost Island were unable to see large beaver dams because they were invisible
  • Fixed an issue in which some dinos were not tameable within caves on Lost Island

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