Aswig is an Assassin Creed Valhalla NPC and quest-giver. He’s probably the most irritating character you’ll ever encounter, not just in Essexe, but throughout the entire Ubisoft video game.

However, it is imperative that you deal with Aswig and find her if you want to play in another World Event called The Gloewoman.

This one is designed to help Aswig and get rid of Aswig.

You will need to prepare your purse because she won’t let you be without giving you something in return.

Let’s now talk about Aswig, the cheerleader, and what you can do in Gleewoman World Event.

Where to Find the Gleewoman in AC Valhalla

Let’s begin again with Aswig’s location in AC Valhalla.

You can see her on my map, on the southwest side of Wulfaswic.

You’ll find the tower if you ride to the marked location on the map. It is home to a woman who is tied and goes by the name Aswig.

How to “Help” Aswig and Stop Her Following You

Before you release the Gleewoman, take a look around. You may notice that she is not being guarded at all.


Because Aswig is a monster. It is a human monster.

Untie her, and she will tell you that she is a “gleewoman” and her full name Aswig the Mellifluous.

She’s out for adventure. But don’t think she’ll join you in any of the fights.

She will cheer for your success. You’ll probably want to kill her within the first two minutes.

You now have a muse that will go with you wherever you go.

To complete the event, go north and you will see many boars in the nearby swamp.

After killing the beasts while Aswig is crazy cheering for you, Eivor tells Aswig that she must stop following him.

Because enough is enough.

The cherry on top

There are three options available, but Aswig won’t leave until you pay her 165 Silver.

Yes, you will have to pay that amount to get rid her.

Why? Because no good deed goes unpunished. Terrible NPC?

This is how to get rid of Aswig, and complete the Assassin Creed Valhalla Gloewomanworld Event.

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