In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Asta, a cute little girl that you will meet in the East Anglia area. Asta is also known as Asta the Summoner, or Asta the Great Summoner. If you speak to her, you can start a World Event called The Wayward.

This AC Valhalla quest, or Mystery, is one of the most short in the videogame developed by Ubisoft.

Because it has an interesting result, it is fun to complete.

Although not as funny as Winchell the Robesfree, it’s still quite amusing.

Where to Find Asta the Summoner in AC Valhalla

Let’s begin with Asta’s location, she is our quest-giver.

You can see her in Northwic as you can see from my map. You can find her standing next to the river on the north-eastern corner of the city.

You’ll most likely hear her calling someone. Or some other thing.

Now, approach Asta to learn more about her summoning a horse or steed.

Asta, whose name is Skinfaxi, is trying to learn the secrets of horse summoning just like her father.

But she’s not all that great.

As usual, your goal is to find Skinfaxi or Asta’s horse and return it to our summoner.

Where to Find Asta’s Horse Skinfaxi

As I mentioned, this fetch-quest is very short.

You can find Skinfaxi in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by simply looking across the river from Asta.

The location of Skinfaxi can be clearly seen in the image below.

The steed is on the docks.

Take a look at the river from above!

Cross the river, mount your horse, and ride it back to Asta.

It doesn’t take much to get around or find a bridge.

You can see right through the water.

Asta jumps right on the horse and immediately rides off when you return it to her.

What’s the catch to this quest? Asta wasn’t on that horse, and she’s not a summoner. You just helped her steal the beautiful horse.

Do not feel ashamed. It’s okay to be a Viking.

This is how Asta can be helped in Assassins Creed Valhalla the Waywardquest. So, how about stealing a cat and bringing it to your boat as a crew member . Maybe can save a village from starvation?

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