This article will cover everything you need to be a pilot in Battlefield 2042.

Helicopters in Battlefield 2042 are superior to vehicles. You can transfer soldiers between locations with them. With great weapons like Miniguns and Rockets, you can fly high up in the air.

What are the Helicopter Controls in Battlefield 2042?

Without practice, it is difficult to fly a helicopter. You must first be familiar with the controls. We have provided a list of all controls that can be used to fly the helicopter on PCs, Xboxes, and PlayStations.

Action PC Xbox PlayStation
Enter/Exit E X Square
Change seats F1-F8 A Cross
Throttle up W Stick up for the left Stick up for the left
Throttle Down S Stick down if you are left. Stick down if you are left.
Yaw Right D Left Stick Right Right stick left
Yaw Left A Left Stick Left Stick left
Pitch Down Move the mouse up Keep your head up Keep your head up
Pitch up Mouse move down Keep your feet on the ground Keep your feet on the ground
Roll right Mouse move right Keep it right Keep it right
Roll left Mouse move left Right stick left Right stick left
Toggle Camera C Use the right stick Use the right stick
Rear Camera Press MMB D-Pad down D-Pad down
Take a free look Hold RMB + Move mouse Move right stick with LT + Move right Stick
Switch Weapon F Y Triangle
Fire LMB RT R2
Countermeasures X LB L1

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How to Take Off:

W is the keyboard shortcut to launch your helicopter from PC. You will need to move your left stick upwards while on the console. Your helicopter will take off in a matter of seconds.

Hovering The Helicopter:

Adjust the helicopter’s blades by using your mouse or right stick. You should keep in mind that the helicopter’s blades must be straightened before you can hover it.

Moving Forward:

Move your mouse up on the computer to fly your helicopter forward. You will need to hold your right stick straight up on Console.

Moving Backwards:

You can move forward and backward on consoles and PCs just like you do on the consoles.

Yawing: How to Take a Turn:

Yawing is the act of turning left and right on a helicopter. To turn on PC, use A or D.And for Console, use the left stick on the controller to make right and left turns.

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How to Land the Helicopter:

Roll the pads to align your aircraft with the ground. Once you are on the ground, maintain control of everything. You must slow down and not speed up or you risk crashing your helicopter.

Once you’ve mastered the controls of your helicopter, it’s time to learn how to fly it.

  • You can be a scout or attack helicopter and play hard, making it difficult for enemies to get you down. The Scout helicopters are equipped with miniguns and rockets while the attack helicopters can deploy a lot of armor as well as missiles.
  • Transport helicopters require you to be steady and slow because you will need to drop troops on the ground. It must be done safely.

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