Best Backpacking & Hiking Websites Of All Time

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Getting outside and into nature is something many of us are naturally inclined to do. We are drawn to the outdoors and only feel truly happy when we can have the sun on our face and the wind blowing through our hair. Then, there are those who take being outside to a whole new level.

Long distance hikers make the outdoors their home and tell their wonderful tales on their blogs. While there are many good hiking blogs and backpacking websites out there.

We wanted to bring you a definitive list of the very best hiking and backpacking blogs and websites out there that share their experiences in the outdoors and provide excellent information for anybody who wants to get outside.

We tip our hat to these blogs. They are the best of the best and deserve the red award.

1. Nomadic Matt

Some people dream about quitting their jobs and traveling the world, but few people get to actually do it. Matt did it and has a wealth of information for anybody who is serious about giving up their day jobs and hitting the road–or sea.

The blog covers his adventures and provides tips about how to visit new countries and see the world for less than a couple hundred dollars a week. We love the access to travel deals that only a true insider would know about. You will find plenty of tips to help you travel safely, in relative comfort all on the cheap.

2. Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal is dedicated to the outdoors in general. It isn’t just one area of outdoor adventure that is covered. There is a wealth of stories from real life adventurers who are traveling the world one step at a time.

The blog has been up and running for 8 years and is still going strong. We love the exciting stories written from first-hand experiences and of course, the pictures to back it all up. The Camp Notes sections is a favorite and you will want to run out and make some of the delicious meals featured in the section.


Water loving adventurers who like to go to places that are not reachable by land will love this site. If you are new to kayaking and canoeing, this is where you want to start. There are gear reviews and basic information that every newbie needs to know.

If you are an expert, you will certainly find information about where you should go on your next adventure and what gear you need to give a try. We love the funny story section. It is nice to hear stories about other mishaps, even from seasoned pros.

4. Alastair Humphreys

Alastair is a character and reading about his adventures that take him all around the world to places most people have never heard about is a real hoot. This is a guy who has truly done it all and lived to tell.

It is impossible not to get excited when you read through his energetic posts. In fact, he has made a living off his ability to motivate people to get off their couches and into the great outdoors.

We love the enthusiasm and gorgeous pictures that make you feel like you are right there with him.

5. Outward Bound

Outward Bound is the place to go to learn about the outdoors and what it means to have fun, safe adventures. The blog highlights how getting outdoors positively impacts every aspect of a person’s life.

The courses offered vary from sailing to backpacking and everything in between. We love their approach to healing what is harming young people today through a natural approach that includes getting outside and learning from nature.

6. Bay Area Hiker

For those who live in the San Francisco bay area or are thinking about visiting, this is a great place to get the inside scoop on the best hiking trails. When you go for a hike, you want to see as much as you can and hopefully not deal with too many other people.

This blog provides all the details you need to make the right choice when you are looking for the perfect trail. We love the information provided that you won’t find on any trail guide.

Steep hills, muddy trails or boring hikes are not typically what you read about in the brochure, but you will read those inside tips here.

7. Backpacking Light

The name says it all. This is a site dedicated to helping backpackers pick the right gear that is light and will not hinder their ability to move and climb. Their are lots of gear reviews that will help you decide whether or not the equipment is worth your money.

We love the forums that allow fellow backpackers to share stories, tips and tricks with like-minded people. This is a great place for the pros as well as those interested in backpacking light or just getting started.

8. Trail Journals

There is hiking and then there is long distance hiking that takes a person over hundreds of miles over a period of several weeks or months. This site includes the journals of people who have spent months on the Appalachian Trail and several other notable trails.

You get a peek inside their life on the trail and how they handle day to day activities like eating, sleeping and of course, exploring. We love the pictures and testimonials the journals bring to the site. It isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses and these journals will help any person thinking about long distance trail hiking decide if they really want to give it a shot.

9. Modern Hiker

People living in the greater Los Angeles area will appreciate the wealth of information provided on the Modern Hiker. There are more than a hundred trail reviews covering trails all over southern California. We like the section dedicated to dog-friendly trails.

Dogs are excellent companions, but are not always welcome. Knowing if your 4-legged friend can come along for the adventure before you get there will help you choose the right trail for you and Fido.

We also like the section dedicated to exposing vandalism and graffiti and how it is getting the attention it deserves.

10. Trailspace Blog

If you are thinking about buying or wondering what the best gear for hiking or backpacking is, you need to visit Trailspace Blog first. There are more than 32,000 reviews on pretty much every single piece of gear you would find for sale in an outdoor store.

We love that you can find the gear you want to purchase in the easy to navigate categories. There are subcategories for the categories, which saves you a lot of time shopping so you can focus on getting outdoors.

11. Section Hiker

Section Hiker is a comprehensive site filled with a ton of information about gear, what to pack and how to pack. You will also find reviews of some of the more popular hiking trails.

We love the assortment of articles written for new hikers as well as those directed to the more seasoned hikers.

Gear reviews and links to the items makes it easy to make a quick buy when you are on the go. The FAQ section is perfect for a quick answer to any question you may have.

12. Inspired Camping

If you love being outdoors, but are not all that comfortable sleeping on the ground, directly under the stars, Inspired Camping is for you. Glamping is one of the latest trends in the camping world and allows you to have many of the luxuries of a hotel room, but in the outdoors.

We love how they embrace the trend and provide readers with some options to sleeping and exploring the outdoors that give them the experience, without some of the problems that accompany sleeping and eating outside.

13. Francis Tapon

Francis Tapon is a real nomad. He has visited 103 countries and has documented his travels with books and photos. If you have ever wondered what it was like to see every corner of the world and the places that very few people have actually seen, you need to read this site.

Some people boast they have visited a place, but few can boast they spent weeks traveling the area, going off-road and really getting to know a place. We love his 10-year plan and you will too, even though the plan extends far beyond that. Check out the drop down menu to see his reports on the countries he has visited.

14. Hike Speak

Hike Speak is like the Google of hiking trails combined with Mapquest. You simply input where you will be and the available hikes pop up. There are pictures and detailed descriptions of the trails listed on the map.

The trails are mostly concentrated in the California area, but there are a few on the east coast. This is an excellent tool to use when planning a trip. We love the pictures and the details about who the trails are open to as well as elevation levels. These are all key details you need when packing and choosing the right gear.

15. Eureka Life Outdoors

This is a great blog that is an offshoot of the Eureka Tents company, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking. It isn’t filled with promos and pushes to buy their tents. It is filled with real information that campers would want to know.

We love the tips and tricks and of course, the fun photos that are included with each post. There is even a section devoted to cooking while in camp and some pretty delicious recipes that can be made over a fire or on a camp stove.

16. Go Backpacking

Another interactive map that lets you pick a destination and then a list of backpacking trails is delivered. The articles are informative and give you important details about planning a trip to a foreign country.

There is a wealth of information about how to plan trips that won’t break the bank. The site has been around for more than 15 years and provides plenty of timely information. We love the brilliant photos that excite and intrigue.

You will be loading your pack and planning your backpacking trip after you browse through the Best of Photography section. It is absolutely breathtaking.

17. Appalachian Trials

If you have been curious about what it is like to hike the Appalachian trails, your curiosity will be satisfied here. There are stories of failures, successes and of course some funny anecdotes from hikers who have done the hike.

Pictures tell a thousand words and it is fun to browse the pictures and see the unique perspective of each hiker through their photography. We love the play on words in the title of the blog, with it being referred to as trials versus trails.

This is such an accurate way to describe the stories of hikers who overcame various trials while spending weeks and months on the trail.

18. Bald Hiker

You guessed it, the blog founder, Paul Steele is bald and he is a hiker. The blog is relatively new, but it has amassed a huge following. That can be attributed to the witty posts and the very real, hands-on photography that showcases each of his walks.

We love the GoPro section. It makes you feel as if you are the one hiking along the trails and seeing the animals and other aspects of nature first-hand. The pictures are not staged and are very real and natural, which makes them unique and interesting.

19. So Many Places

This blog is different from the rest because it is not only about hiking and traveling. It follows Kim and her husband on their dream to give up their home and jobs to travel the world, before settling down and starting a family.

The blog includes stories of the travels and of course, pictures that document the hikes through various countries. We love the feeling of family and friends you get when you visit the blog and read the posts.

It feels like you are chatting with a neighbor about her most recent adventure rather than a complete stranger on the other side of a computer.

20. White Blaze

This is a blog dedicated to the Appalachian Trail and the enthusiasts who love to walk, talk and breathe everything there is to know about the infamous trail. It isn’t a fancy site filled with big pictures and articles.

This site is dedicated to the real-life stories of hundreds of members who have walked the trail. It is a place of future hikers to get answers to their questions and find out best practices.

We love the gallery section that is filled with pictures of not only the trail, but of the many tourist stops along the way. Pictures are organized by state and subject matter to make browsing a breeze.

21. Florida Hikes

Florida has a reputation for being all about sandy beaches and a wild nightlife. This site is a breath of fresh air and shows the other side of Florida that is filled with plenty of beautiful hiking trails. The site is easy to navigate and includes categories for those who want to view Florida from the water or on their bikes.

We love the beautiful photos of the adventures. The hiking section is divided into subcategories that help you decide just how long and how difficult you want your hike to be. There is something for beginners and the more experienced hikers.

22. The Gear Caster

This is a place dedicated to gear for every outdoor activity. If you have been eying something, this is the site to visit to get a raw review of some of the newest equipment and gear on the market. It isn’t just about gear.

There is an adventures section that takes you on some of the most exciting bike rides and hikes you could ever dream of. Amy is a true adventurer and you can feel confident in her reviews. We love the regular updates of new places she gets to visit and explore. It is a way to live vicariously through her travels.

23. Outdoor Afro

This site breaks the stigma that African Americans are not nature enthusiasts. The site is dedicated to getting families outdoors and exploring this beautiful earth. There are some pretty amazing photos to accompany each of the posts of the many adventures along some notable hiking trails.

We love the area where people can connect with other outdoor enthusiasts in their area. It is a great way to meet new people who share the same interests. It isn’t always easy to find people to go hiking with, but this site connects strangers and we love it!

24. The Adventure Blog

The Adventure Blog is your chance to peek into the lives of adventurers from all around the world as they tackle their own personal adventure goals and fulfill their dreams. There are pictures and stories from various treks that are happening in various corners of the world.

We love the regular news updates that keep fellow adventurers updated with the latest happenings in the world of explorers. The embedded videos make it easy to find everything you need in one place.

25. Eric Larsen Explore

Very few people have what it takes to explore areas where snow and ice cover every surface and the temperature is brutally cold. Eric Larsen is one of the few and he documents his polar expeditions on the blog.

The pictures are breathtaking. The remote areas are relatively untouched by humans and are fine examples of nature in all its glory. We love his posts and the fact he doesn’t sugarcoat what he goes through on these adventures.

It is truly remarkable, but is clearly not for everybody. For now, we can trust his accounts and rely on his pictures to take us to these very cold corners of the world.

26. Brian’s Backpacking Blog

Brian is an adventurer who loves to try new gear. His blog is filled with personal accounts of experiences he has had with the gear he has tested out. You can trust his years of experience as a backpacker to know what is good and what is great.

We love the crystal clear pictures posted with each post that focus on the gear he is reviewing in action. He puts it to the real test. This is a great resource for anybody shopping for new gear for their next adventure. You may also get the chance to win a piece of free gear! Free is always a nice incentive.

27. SoCal Hiker

Southern California is a very popular place to visit, but not because of the famous attractions. It is riddled with beautiful hiking trails that appeal to the serious and mildly interested outdoor lover.

Jeff Hester has personally hiked the trails he writes about and provides detailed descriptions that include best practices so you can have an amazing experience. For many, you only get one shot at a trail.

This blog ensures you are prepared and will be able to enjoy every minute. We love the section that allows you to search for a hiking trail based on difficulty level. You won’t have to worry about taking on more than you can handle.

28. The Dirtbag Diaries

This is a blog like any other. You won’t spend much time reading, but you will find yourself glued to your earbuds. It is filled with podcasts of first-hand accounts from adventurers. The podcasts go back several years and cover some pretty exciting tales from various authors.

The music that accompanies each track helps set the tone. We love this innovative way of telling stories. Reading a person’s story of adventure is one thing, but when you get to hear it in their own words, you feel like they are sitting across from you. You get to hear their excitement, trepidation and ultimately their triumphs.

29. That Backpacker

Follow Audrey as she hits the road exploring the world. If she hasn’t personally visited an area you are interested in, it’s okay, you will still find personal accounts from guest bloggers. We love the section dedicated to food.

Every area in the world has cuisine that is a part of the culture. It is something that is often overlooked by adventurers because they are so overwhelmed by the beauty and excitement of being in a new area. There are pictures and reviews of some of the dishes you would expect to find in restaurants all around the world.

30. Postholer

This is less of a blog with pretty pictures and fun stories and more of a resource for hikers looking for the perfect trail. The site is loaded with real information about the weather, terrain and everything else you need to know to plan for anything and everything.

We love the topographic maps that can be carried in your pocket. Knowing where to find water and the best place to make camp ensures you will have a great time without some of the trials other hikers will face. Knowledge is power and that is exactly what you will find here.

31. Meanderthals

Meanderthals is filled with the exploits of Jeff Clark as he explores western North Carolina. His expeditions take him all over the mountainside. He bikes, he hikes and he has a blast. His thrills are documented with pictures and lively stories about the trails he has explored.

We love the trail reports that are divided into subcategories based on their difficult level. This is a great place to do a little research before you head out the door. He also includes gear reviews so you will know what to pack along for your adventure on the trail.

32. Blue Ridge Country

This is a print and digital magazine filled with pages about the great outdoors in the south. This site is filled with hundreds of pages of goodies. There are destination guides, tips and tricks, stories and a long list of events happening around the south that is regularly updated.

This is a site you bookmark and read daily to keep up with what is happening in the world of hiking and outdoor exploring. We love how full the pages are and the variety of posts. You can spend hours and hours browsing and never run out of things to read.

33. Scoutmaster CG

The term scouts is synonymous with the outdoors and this site embodies that. It is filled with useful information about camping outdoors and how to survive with nothing more than the gear in your pack. We love the useful information links that help anybody thinking about getting involved with scouting.

You don’t have to be part of a national organization to be a scout. This site is perfect for beginners and the more experienced outdoor adventurers. It is not affiliated with any one group and is more of a general source of information.

34. Cold Splinters

Cold Splinters is a combination of outdoor life as well as life around the Los Angeles area. There are plenty of posts about the hundreds of trails in southern California, but it isn’t just about being outside.

The site gives kudos to local artists and musicians who embody that natural, down-home, outdoorsy feel that many adventurers can relate to and appreciate. We love the candid photos that fill the posts. The posts are short and sweet and are not filled with a lot of stuff you don’t care about and don’t want to waste time reading through to get to the good stuff.

35. Easy Hiker

Hiking is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages and shapes. While many of the hiking blogs dedicate their energy to listing some of the more popular hiking trails, those trails are not for folks who don’t hike often and are not in the best shape.

Easy Hiker is a husband and wife team who have devoted their blog to finding hikes all across the world that are easy enough for the young, old and in between to enjoy. We love the expansive lists of hikes in the wilderness as well as those urban hikes many outdoor adventurers overlook.

36. Hike Bike Travel

Leigh McAdam is one of the elite few who can claim they have been there and done that. She has been around the world and back again with stopovers in the little areas we have never even heard of. Each of her excursions is documented with vivid pictures and details that only a well-traveled person would think to include.

We love the expansive list of places she has visited and the amazing pictures that document her explorations. She provides some very useful tips and hints to make your own expeditions memorable and comfortable. The site is filled with information and photos of destinations all around the world.

37. Hiking in Finland

If you have thought about visiting Finland or are looking for some new territory to explore, this blog will guide you around the northern territories. The blog has been up and running since 2009 and includes a great deal of information and exciting tales of adventure from blogger Hendrik Morkel.

We love the enthusiasm in the writing that reveals just how passionate he is about what he does. Hendrik is an advocate of ultralight backpacking and has included numerous reviews of different gear and equipment that he has personally tested.

38. Adventure Collection

If you are searching for something to do and somewhere to go on vacation, this is where you want to visit. You will find a ton of information on various destinations. Pick a place on the map and see what they have to offer in the way of outdoor adventure.

It doesn’t matter if you are thinking cross country or on the other side of the world. There is information abound here. We love the menu that lets you input what you want to do, where you want to go and who you will be with. It takes your preferences and provides you with a list of trips that will appeal to you based on your ideas.

39. Alpine Zone

For those that love the snow and enjoy skiing, snowboarding or doing some backwoods exploring in the snow, this is the perfect site. The Alpine Zone covers events and activities in the northeast mountain area. We love the friendship offered on this page.

It is where ski enthusiasts come together and plan meet-ups and talk about what they love. There are plenty of pictures of people in action as well as some of the beautiful scenery. You will also find links to lodging and trail cams to get an idea of what it is happening on the mountain of your choosing.

40. The Broke Backpacker

Backpacking can be an expensive hobby if you need to fly to your destinations. This site helps you plan some exciting trips that won’t cost you a small fortune. Will has managed to see a large portion of the world through the eyes of someone who worked the land and really got to know the places he was visiting.

We love the detailed encounters of his travel expeditions. He lives on the edge and his stories of close calls and even a few dangerous situations are exciting while warning others. Will is currently documenting his latest excursion that is taking him across Asia and Europe.

41. Blissful Hiking

Lauralee Bliss provides a comprehensive guide to anybody thinking about or planning to hike the full extent of the Appalachian Trail. This journey isn’t for the weak at heart or or weak in the legs. She provides some very helpful tips for making your dream of hiking more than 2000 miles a possibility.

We love that she shares her experiences and is very raw. She doesn’t sugarcoat things and talks about how miserable the long days that are often rainy and cold can be, but anything can be overcome as long as you put your mind to it.

42. Best Hike

This is a no-nonsense site filled with information about some of the best hikes and treks around the world. The hikes named on the site are typically those that require a more seasoned hiker who is willing to camp under the stars a few nights in order to complete the trail.

We love that the world has been divided into countries. It makes it easier to find the right hike on the continent you happen to be on. The trails have a few bullet points of information that includes the best time to plan your hike, which is very helpful.

43. Joy Trip Project

The Joy Trip Project is a celebration of nature. It will appeal to anybody who has a fondness for being outside and on the go. The site is the CNN for nature lovers who want to know about what is happening around the world and what the latest and greatest adventures are.

We love the podcasts that make it nice to listen to the news while you are on the go. There is a wealth of information about environmental issues as well as solutions and ways to help preserve the earth we are so fond of.

44. A Backpacker’s Tale

Another person who has found a way to live the dream writes about his travels all around the world. He was bitten with the travel bug in 2006, but it wasn’t until a few years ago he founded his blog and turned it into his fulltime job.

The site is filled with information for others who want to make travel a priority. We love the articles that give you a list of activities to enjoy when visiting a particular area. The categories across the top of the page make it easy to find great travel deals as well as how to pack and what to pack.

45. Blue Ridge Hiking

Jennifer Pharr Davis has turned her passion for the outdoors and hiking into a fulltime job. She is somewhat of an expert on the Appalachian Trail and leads guided hikes in the area.

The blog section is filled with stories about different sections of the trail from Jennifer and her guides. You will find plenty of useful information that will help you make your hike a success as well.

We love the way Jennifer writes about her adventures. You can feel the passion for the outdoors coming through in her blog posts.

46. Urban Hiker San Francisco

San Francisco has a rich history that many people assume is found within the city limits. This site takes you beyond the city limits and things like the bridge and scary prison and lets you see the city from a different angle.

Guided hikes outlined on the site will take you around the city and give you some of the best panoramic views you will ever see. We love the idea of exploring areas that very few people know exist.

The bright lights of the city cast the surrounding forests into the shadows, which is a great thing for the nature enthusiast who loves soaking in the tranquility of nature.

47. Trail Cooking

Hiking for miles everydays is exciting, invigorating and exhausting. The thing many hiking blogs and site overlook is the the food. Eating on the trail is more of a necessity and rarely seen as an opportunity to eat some really delicious meals.

We love the variety of recipes available that are all organized into easy to navigate categories. The food looks great. There are plenty of suggestions for how to pack and options for cooking and no-cook meals. Food on the trail doesn’t have to be granola bars and whatever you forage. It can be delicious, nutritious and hearty.

48. Calipidder

A trip to Disneyland is a dream for many, but there is a rare group of people who would rather skip the city life and head for the natural wonders that California is just as famous for.

Rebecca has been blogging about her adventures around California for 15 years. Her blog has a lot of first-hand information for those interested in seeing the sights that don’t include life-sized mice.

We love her focus on the outdoors of California and are awestruck by the beautiful images she has captures on her own adventures.

49. Dirty Gourmet

Everybody loves a good meal. If you can enjoy that meal while soaking up the outdoors, it is just going to taste better. We love this site because it dispels the idea that you have to eat jerky and granola mix for weeks at a time when you are on a trail.

The ladies at Dirty Gourmet have put together a collection of recipes that you can make when you are venturing into the wilderness. There is a little something for everybody, carnivores and vegetarians. Check out their best practices and useful tips to make some of the best camp food you will ever eat.

50. Just a Colorado Gal

Exploring the mountainous region of Colorado is something many people dream about. The varying elevations provide a huge playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy skiing, hiking, running or the casual walk, you will find stories and advice for doing just that. We love the wide variety of activities outlined and shared on the blog. There is always something to do outside, but sometimes you just need a little inspiration. You will find that here.

51. Hiking the Trail

Adam has taken his love for the outdoors on many adventures, which you can read about on his blog. His blog is dedicated to outdoor adventure by foot and by raft. Adam is based in Arizona, but travels around the country looking for new hiking trails to tackle.

We love the gear reviews that include items from startups that are trying to get their start in the business. The reviews are fair and give you the dirty details that the standard promotional copy leaves out. The quick links will take you right to the information you are most interested in which makes browsing a breeze.

52. Our Hiking Blog

Australia is known for its widespread bushes that a person can get lost in for weeks at a time. The wildly untamed areas are dangerous to some, but an exciting opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts. Sue and Frank are a young couple in their 50s who don’t fit the stereotype of the average hiker, but are just as adventurous as their younger counterparts.

We love the journals that chronicle their hikes and adventures all over Australia. Their passion for the outdoors has passed on to their children who have become quite the adventurers as well. It is fun to read the exciting tales of the family as well as guest bloggers.

53. Trek Tech Blog

This blog focuses on reviews of the latest and greatest gear designed for people who love the outdoors. This is the place to find the latest news about technology that is changing the way people enjoy the outdoors.

The group of contributors know what they are talking about. They are all avid outdoorsmen with a range of specialties. We love the fact the gear reviewed is put to the test by some of the most active, hardcore hikers, bikers, runners and all around trekkers. You know you are getting a thorough review.

54. Jill Outside

Jill’s outdoor adventures tend to be the kind done on 2-wheels. She had biked all over the country, even in places where it seems almost impossible to ride a bike. Her blog is constantly evolving as her life takes her to different parts of the country.

No matter where she is, she finds something exciting to do outside. We love that she is constantly exploring and finding new places to explore in her new home. It is inspiring and encouraging to know you can always be outside, no matter the terrain or climate.

55. Kevin’s Hiking Page

There are some really pretty pictures and helpful details included with the trip highlights written on this blog. While the majority of the hikes are focused around the Bay area and Sierra Nevada, there are plenty of other trails included as well.

We love the section dedicated to gear. It gives you lists of what you need and how much you can expect to pay. The list also includes the weight of each piece of gear so you can pack accordingly. It is one of the most detailed and informative hiking blogs on the internet.

56. Clever Hiker

For those who are into long distance hiking, you need the right gear. You need gear that is going to be useful without weighing a ton. This is the site to find the perfect gear for your needs. It is dedicated to gear reviews of lightweight backpacking supplies.

We love the top 10 lists. It is a quick reference for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time browsing and just want to jump right to the good stuff. The reviews are well written and super easy to read or quickly scan through.

57. Appalachian Trail

The name says it all. This is a blog dedicated to one of the most well-known hiking trails in the world. The site keeps hikers informed of the latest news related to the trail. We love the section dedicated to stories who have taken the challenge to walk the Appalachian Trail.

It gives you a glimpse into the days on the trail, whether they spent months following the trail in its entirety or just took a few overnight trips. The pictures and real-life stories are encouraging and will inspire everyday people who have always dreamed about walking the trail to take the leap and make it happen.

58. The Adventure Junkies

Antonio and Amanda are the people you talk to when you have a hankering to get outside, but are not exactly sure where you want to go and what you want to see. They will chat with you to learn about your interests, what you have already done and what you want to accomplish.

From there, they put together the adventure of a lifetime. We love how each adventure is tailored to each person and what they enjoy. There is also a lot of information about being safe in the wilderness and some best practices.

59. Andy Howell Trekking

The Scottish Highlands are beautiful and pose one a serious challenge for the serious trekker. Andy Howell provides a ton of information about the Pyrenees. His information and details are from first-hand experience.

The blog is organized into categories that make it easy to find information about what to expect, how to plan your route and some fun stuff as well. We love the gear hall of shame. Many bloggers give gear reviews and often give positive reviews of gear they have received as a gift from companies. This section blows the whistle on substandard gear with pictures of the gear failure as proof.

60. Outdoor Gear TV

This is another gear review site unlike any other. All of the gear that is tested is divided into categories that it is best suited for, which makes it much easier you to browse through gear for a particular outdoor activity.

Each of the reviews is accompanied by a short video, that you can find on the site or on YouTube. We love that each bit of gear tested is really given the run through before it is declared good, bad or just okay. Pricing is also included, which is important when you are trying to stay within a certain budget. The gear is tested by people experienced in the field who know what they are talking about.

61. PMags

Paul Magnanti is a typical outdoor guy who loves to be outside exploring by foot or by ski. He has turned his passion and love for the outdoors into some pretty fun and entertaining blog posts. The site has a ton of musings, stories and the requisite gear reviews.

Pretty pictures are also abundant. We love the laid back writing style that is a part of every post. The musings section is a fun read and is basically what many people think, but don’t get the chance to actually say or write. The journals of some of the treks he has been on are informative and entertaining.

62. Wood Trekker

This blog is different because the author isn’t what you would refer to as an expert of the outdoors. Ross Gilmore is a guy who loves being outdoors and is documenting his journey of exploration. He has the typical trials and mishaps that any newbie trekker would experience.

He writes about those and how he managed to get through and overcome. We love the detailed pictures of his hikes as well as the references to hiking and backpacking throughout history. A little history lesson about the outdoors is certainly something you won’t find on other blogs.

63. Chris Townsend Outdoors

Chris Townsend brings decades of experience in hiking and long distance trekking to this beautiful blog. His experience and dedication to leaving the world the way he found it or a little better is enlightening. We love the photos.

In fact, his photos are so amazing they have been featured in numerous books and publications. The Walks List tab is proof of his experience. It is extensive and very impressive. He has been hiking and backpacking longer than some of his outdoor enthusiast counterparts have been alive.

64. Hiking Lady

You don’t have to be a lady to enjoy this blog. The information provided can be used whether you are male or female. The blog is filled with information about how to prepare for long and short hikes or even the occasional walk around the park.

Walking is walking and if you are not prepared, you could injure yourself or find yourself fighting blisters and illness. We love the detailed lists in the Hiking 101 section. Pictures and explanations why you want to wear certain gear help make it a little easier to understand the importance and not simply because other hikers do it.

65. Erik The Black’s Backpacking Blog

This blog is an absolute must for anybody gearing up to go on a long distance hike. Gear can mean the difference between failure and success and being comfortable or miserable. Erik has some extremely detailed lists of gear that every person heading out for a trek needs to have.

We love that he includes the weight of the gear. Some people will want lighter than others and knowing what something weighs and what it feels like before ordering off the internet is important. The price of the gear is equally important. It will help you budget and save for the right gear.

66. Walking with Wired

Erin Saver’s energy can be felt in the pages of her blog. Her enthusiastic style of writing and journaling is evident in the way she writes, but if you would rather hear her tell her tale, there are plenty of podcasts as well.

Her trail history is extensive and she is what is known as a Triple Crowner after having completed the Pacific Coast Trail, Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. That is a lot of miles for one person, which means there are a lot of stories to tell and a lot of information and advice to be learned from.

67. The Hiking Life

You could spend hours reading this blog. It is very entertaining. It is like reading a best-selling novel. Cam Honan is a hiking and trekking guru. He has put over 55,000 miles on his legs, which is mind blowing. He has walked across the United States–literally along with a number of other countries.

The experiences he has had are documented on the pages of his blog. You will find some valuable tips about the hikes he has taken. We love how his posts are easy to read and not overly wordy. He gets you the information you need and is very forthcoming about what it will take for a person to attempt to follow in his footsteps.

68. Southeast Camper

Long treks don’t leave a lot of room for carrying a Dutch Oven along, but if you like to camp and spend some time outdoors, you probably have a Dutch Oven. The cast iron oven has been a favorite among outdoorsmen for centuries.

This site is dedicated to using the ovens to prepare some fantastic meals. We love the pictures that accompany the posts that show the ovens as well as the campsites. The pictures of the meals will make you hungry and you will be digging out your own Dutch Oven to give the recipes a try. If you are a true cooking enthusiast, you will find a schedule of meetups with others who love their Dutch Ovens.

69. The Traveler’s Zone

This is a combination site that includes travel destinations that will appeal to the outdoor enthusiast and the typical vacationer. You could always have a combination of both. Spend a few days hiking and exploring and then relax in a luxury hotel and spa.

Each of the travel destination includes a detailed list of places to walk and hike. We love how easy it is to plan the perfect vacation that will appeal to a group of friends, families or even a spouse who isn’t as thrilled about long distance hiking. There is a little something for everyone.

70. Backpacking North

One of the last little-known and explored treasures of the world is in Finland, way up north. This site is dedicated to providing comprehensive reviews of the gear you need to enjoy the pristine land as well as travel advice.

You really will be at the top of the world when you make the trek around the Arctic Circle. There is so much to see and do. The blog outlines some of the highlights and includes gorgeous photos of what you will get to see. We love the pictures and the way they make you feel as if you are right there, looking into the forest or standing on the bridge overlooking the flowing stream.

71. Dawn’s Bloggy Blog

Dawn and Jeff are nomads crisscrossing the country in their motorhome. They don’t spend all their times in the traveling home. There are more than 10 years worth of posts about their adventures into the outdoors via hiking, rocking and watching the birds.

Their enthusiasm for being outside is contagious. They are living the dream that many couples fantasize about. We love the way they take you in and make you feel like part of their family with their friendly posts. The pictures of their family and friends makes you feel welcome and as if you are sharing a part of their lives.

72. Get Going NC

North Carolina is one of the few states that has a lot to offer for the adventurous outdoorsmen. There is so much to do and see you couldn’t possibly do it all in a matter of years. We love that the site is focused on getting people outdoors so they can live a healthier lifestyle.

There is a lot of information about all of the various activities for everybody, no matter if you are super fit or super not fit. You will find information on trails for hiking, biking or camping with the family. There is no excuse not to get out and see all North Carolina has to offer with this informative and helpful site.

73. Backpack with Brock

Brock may be one of the younger world travelers, but he has managed to log quite a few miles already. His excitement for the exploring new countries and immersing himself in the various cultures of the places he visits is evident.

We love the video blogs and the pictures that show just how much fun it is to visit these places. The blog is a lot of fun to explore and if you have a few hours to pass, this is the way to do it. You will laugh and ooh and ahh as you flip through the pages and explore the world through Brock’s eyes.

74. Outdoors Geek

This is a very clean and neatly put together site. It is super easy to browse and there are a lot of articles that are sure to apply to you. The site covers tips for backpacking, camping and a list of parks for you to visit.

You can even rent a tent! We love the category dedicated to gear. There are in depth reviews and guides to picking and choosing the right gear for your trip. You will also find a lot of tips on how to make your trip safe and fun.

75. Light and Ultralight Backpacking

There is a facet of the backpacking world that focuses on carrying as little gear as necessary. The gear that is packed along must be incredibly light, weighing no more than a couple pounds. This ultralight backpacking trend is growing as hikers take on bigger challenges that have them walking longer distances.

We love the dedication this site has on the ultralight movement. The gear reviews are incredibly thorough and leave no question unanswered.

76. Nature for Kids

Hiking, backpacking and a general involvement in outdoor activities is not just for the adults. Kids who get involved are going to be healthier and will develop skills that will help them through their adulthood.

This site is dedicated to getting kids away from their video games and into the great outdoors with a variety of activities. We love the idea of gearing a blog towards the youngest adventurers. There are plenty of tips to make the trip outside a lot of fun so the kids will want to go again and again.

77. The Hike Guy

Kolby was an average guy like so many people, who wanted to get in better shape. One way to do that was by getting moving outside. He takes us on the journey with him to losing weight while doing something exciting.

We love the gorgeous pictures and the way he addresses some of the mishaps that come along with adventure. His attitude is fun and inspiring and you will want to get off the couch and start fulfilling your goals to get healthier while seeing parts of the country you can’t see from the car.

78. Walk Simply

It is that easy! Simply get outside and walk. Skip the trip to the mall or the home improvement project and get outside and walk the great outdoors. That is the message you take away from a visit to this site. It doesn’t only have to be through the forest or across a prairie.

We love how this site encourages any and all outdoor activity whether it is strolling along city streets or trekking over a mountain. There are tons of ideas for getting outside and getting moving that will give you that boost you need to do it yourself.

79. Backpacking Worldwide

The title of the blog says it all. This site is dedicated to helping you find the best trails in any part of the world. You will find valuable tips for travel, including what to pack and where to visit. We love how comprehensive this site is.

There are lists of places to visit along with posts from guest bloggers who can offer their own personal thoughts, opinions and suggestions about the best way to see a new area. There is a wealth of information to be had. Give yourself some time to read it all and bookmark it for future reference.

80. A Little Campy

Enjoying the outdoors with the kids can be a lot of fun, but it can also provoke a lot of headaches. The musings from one mom about camping with the family will keep you entertained as well as educated about what not to do.

We love all the ideas for keeping the kids entertained when they are completely unplugged. There are a lot of fun recipes and activities for you to do while you are enjoying nature with your own family. Check out the places to visit with your teen to find some excellent ideas.

81. 100 Peaks of San Diego

Southern California is a beautiful place and a very appealing area for outdoor enthusiasts. There is so much to see and do and you will find just about every hot spot on this blog. The name of the site is a goal of the blogger.

He is working hard to reach his goal of climbing the peaks around the southern California area. We love his determination and willingness to share his journey through pictures and posts. The pictures are truly beautiful and showcase the natural beauty hidden from the rest of the world.

82. The Campsite

Ah, this site just makes you want to breathe deep and relax. It is all about enjoying the peace and tranquility the outdoors offers. We love the soft feel and look of the site. It is pretty and informative.

There are gear reviews along with lists of some of the best campgrounds to visit as you travel around the country. There are a number of correspondents who have their own unique voice and have a variety of interests to share with you.

83. Gear Guide

An excellent source of the latest news in the hiking world and some of the latest and greatest products either new to the market or in the works. The site is on the cutting edge of the technology being designed to make spending time outdoors a little safer and a little more enjoyable with comfortable clothing and cool gadgets.

We love the categories that make it easy to find gear reviews in a particular field so you don’t have to filter through a lot of stuff you don’t need.

84. The Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog

If you are thinking about venturing onto the Appalachian Trail, this is an excellent place to find information. It is easy to find the individual trails by their names so you can get an idea of what to expect and how to plan.

We love the amount of information and history on the page. Hikers are familiar with the trail, but few know all the little details, including the fact that over a million people visit a portion of the trail every summer. The checklists and list of gear you need will ensure you are ready to have a good time.

85. Hiker to Hiker

Danny Bernstein is an experienced hiker that has covered the entire Appalachian Trail. Her hiking credentials go way back and are quite impressive. She imparts her wisdom on the pages of the blog that the new and more experienced hikers could learn from.

We love the section dedicated to the national parks in the south. It is easy to research and you can find information about the park by clicking on a link.

86. The Good Badger

This is a fun blog for anybody who likes the more wild and blunt side of things. Zach Davis writes for other publications, but this blog is him–in the raw. The writing is fun and witty and only slight offensive.

We love the no filter way of writing that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter, while actually learning something about hiking. There is a section dedicated to the Appalachian Trail that gives some valuable advice about what life on the trail is really like.

87. Family Camping

Childhood memories blossom when the kids go on camping trips with the whole family. There may be some grumbling, but this site provides you with some tips on how to make the trip fun and cut back on the complaining.

We love the kids and camping section. There are evaluations of the many parks in the midwest and what there is to do with the kids. Some parks are specifically geared towards an older crowd. Knowing ahead of time can save you a big headache. The camp cooking section is fun and helpful as well.

88. Northern California Hiking Trails

The site is packed with information about the mountains of northern California and the many trails for hiking. John is a published author for several trail books and brings some of his knowledge to the pages of the blog.

We love the photo gallery that showcases some of the most beautiful sites in the area. The pictures are divided into the various trails they were taken on so you can get a better idea of what you can expect to see on your own hike.

89. My Life Outdoors

The flatlands in the middle of Texas don’t offer a lot for this hiker, but he has made it a goal to discover all of the trails within a few hundred miles of his home. We love the way the hikes are divided by state, with the majority of them in the southwest states.

While many hikers focus on forested areas, this site will take you through deserts and plateaus that have a lot of natural beauty as well. The guides will help you pack your bag as light as possible as well as useful tips for avoiding a wildfire.

90. Outdoor Informer

Another site dedicated to bringing you the latest gear reviews. It is so important to get information about a product from people who have actually used it. The gear reviews here are very informative and will help you make the right choice.

We love that the gear reviews include the dates of the review. This helps you determine if it is an old model or a newer one. There are over a hundred reviews that cover everything from packs to gadgets.

91. Outdoor Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada is a beautiful area. You could spend a few weeks in the area and still not see it all. This site provides hiking guides along with an event calendar to help you plan the best trip to the area.

We love that they include links to outdoor stores in the area as well. It is inevitable you will have forgotten a piece of gear or discover you need something different. Knowing where to go is going to save you a lot of time and frustration. The detailed hiking guides are informative and interesting.

92. Seven Dog Winter

This site has a little bit of everything that has to do with the outdoors, including laws and politics. The site has been around for five years, but appears to be slightly inactive.

That’s okay, because there is still a lot of information and great stories to read through. We love how thorough and informative the posts are. You won’t be lacking for information or left with a lot of questions and research after reading on a topic.

93. Trish, Alex and Sage

This blog is inspiring, entertaining, informative and a lot of fun to read. It details the many, many adventures of a mother and her two daughters. It is an exciting read and filled with gorgeous pictures and a lot of details about the various trails they have conquered together.

We love the spin this blog puts on hiking and makes it about bringing a family closer together and stronger over their love of hiking and the outdoors. It is regularly updated and you will not run out of things to read.

94. Wild Girl Writing

We love that this site isn’t focused on any one area or particular kind of trail. She takes you on a journey over rocky trails and sandstone as well as hikes through prairies.

The southwest has a lot to offer and Julie does her best to show you all of it. We love the musings and of course, the tips. Anything you can learn from someone who has this much experience is going to be a good thing.

95. Great Wild Outdoors

If you are more of a camper than a hiker, this is the perfect site for you. Whether you are camping in a campground, in the wilderness or your backyard, you will find useful information here. We love the camping category.

It has a checklist of gear to pack along for your trip as well as a section dedicated to cooking while camping out. There are plenty of cool tips and tricks that you won’t find on any other outdoor blog.

96. 1 Happy Hiker

The northeast isn’t a typical destination for hikers, but it should me. This blog highlights the beauty of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. We love how the posts are more about the pictures with brief descriptions about what you are looking at and less about writing.

A picture is worth a thousand words and that is absolutely true here. The close-up of the maps that show the trail are also helpful for planning your own hikes.

97. Camping Tourist

This site is dedicated to camping in a tent in places the big fancy RVs can’t go. It is filled with information. Everything you could possibly want to know about camping is all in one place. We love the categories that allow you to find everything you need.

We especially love the camping checklists that will get you organized and ensure you have everything and don’t end up 100 miles from the nearest store without a can opener. There are tips about choosing gear and the right gear for any situation.

98. Camping Earth

This site combines camping, prepping and survival all in one. It is an excellent resource for anybody interested in living in the outdoors for a few days or an extended period of time. We love the section dedicated to camping recipes.

Making meals in the great outdoors is exciting, but making meals that actually taste really good is heaven. You will find information about choosing the right tents along with how to pick the right camper and what you need for your family.

99. Light of the Wild

Many outdoor enthusiasts pack along a camera to try and capture the beauty of what they are seeing. It can be difficult and being there in person is always going to be better.

However, this site is filled with images that are so spectacular, you can almost hear the trickling water and smell the moss along the river bank. Each photo is given a brief description as well as how the image was captured. You will ooh and aw as you flip through the gallery.

100. Real Family Camping

A camping blog dedicated to making memories with the family is just what you need. There are plenty of ideas to help get you ready for the big excursion out as well as plenty of things to do while you are enjoying nature.

We love the simplicity of the site. It has a lot of fun information, but it isn’t too busy. A couple of pictures here and there sprinkled throughout the posts. The kids will likely want to read this blog as well to checkout all the fun ideas and put them to use the next time you go camping.

101. Best Hike

At first glance, this site doesn’t look like much, but once you scroll down a bit, you will discover it is absolutely overflowing with posts. A couple thousand posts to be exact. We love the categories that keep everything neat and tidy and allow you to quickly find what you are looking for.

The health and safety section is filled with hikes that can be very good for your health or very dangerous. The blog is filled with pictures that make you feel as if you are right there.

102. Good Hiker

If you have a little one who wants to be a hiker, this is a great place for you to visit. The Good Hiker certification kit is a mini-class for teaching young ones the basics of hiking and how to be a good steward when they are exploring the outdoors.

We love how kids are the main focus. There are hikes that are appropriate for kids outlined in various posts depending on where you live and where you plan on visiting. The photo gallery of certified good hikers is fun and entertaining and will inspire your kids to get their picture taken on their next hike.

103. Adventure Parents

Not all kids are going to love the outdoors and this site is dedicated to helping adventurous parents get their kids involved. It is about having adventures with the kids and learning to make the best out of some difficult times.

We love the categories and of course, the section dedicated to food. You will find reviews on all kinds of gear as well. The families section showcases families getting outside with the kids doing things that many adults assume is impossible once they have children.

104. The Camping Guy

New campers and outdoor adventurers need to visit this page. It is filled with tips for buying gear, picking the right spot and camping out in general. The posts are easy to read and won’t bore you.

We love the way you are taken by the hand and feel like you have your own personal guide leading you into the world of camping. Everything you could possibly need or want to know about sleeping outside is all right here. There are very few pictures so the pages load quickly.

105. Share Your Adventure

If you want to brag a little about your most recent hike or excursion, this is the place to do it. If you don’t know where you want to go, but have an idea, you can put in a bit of information and a list of trails will be generated based on what other hikers have done.

We love the feeling of friendship here. Sharing your experience with others is fun for you and informative for them. You will find links to group hikes you can join if you are interested.

106. Trailspotting

An excellent place to visit if you are planning a hike and want to know the dirty details of the trail. The site is focused mostly on trails in the northern California and Hawaii area, but you will find a few other intermixed.

We love the rating system that allows you to see the quick facts about the trail. This way, if it is too easy or too hard, you don’t have to waste your time doing the research and can move on to one that appeals to you. You will also find a section dedicated to skiing and snowboarding when you want to play outside, but there is too much snow on the ground to go hiking.

107. 4 All Outdoors

The site boasts it has everything you need to know about the outdoors and it does. Everything from fishing to geocache to water activities is discussed in depth here. You will find a plethora of how-tos and a great deal of information about outdoor adventure in general.

We love how easy it is to find just what you are looking for. The reviews are organized by category, which makes it easy to find exactly what you are interested in purchasing.

108. Gear Gals

The name says it all. The site is dedicated to bringing you information about the latest and greatest gear for outdoor lovers. Ladies who love being outside and pushing the limits will appreciate this site.

It is filled with information about gear as well as some of the other things in life that are important, like face cream. We love the way the witty way with words and the realness of the posts. It is like chatting with a girlfriend about what she did over the weekend and what she wore and all of the reasons it was great or it was miserable.

109. Geoff Mallinson

A very basic site packed with information. We love how easy it is to read the posts, especially from a mobile device. The site is dedicated to providing information about getting outdoors with the whole family.

You won’t find gear reviews or things like that. It is all about inspiring the kids to go outside so they can learn and explore all while getting a great workout. Tired kids make for sleepy kids, which is an excellent situation for parents who are ready to fall in bed after a long day of trekking!

110. Montana Outdoors

Montana is such a beautiful state and so vast, it is hard to see it all. Fortunately, this site, that has been around for close to a decade, is filled with sights and images from all over the western Montana regious. It is an outdoor lover’s paradise.

It isn’t always about hiking the steepest terrain or going into the deep woods. It is about being in nature and seeing the animals and the gorgeous wildflowers. We love the up close images of the things that are often overlooked when one is on a mission to reach the end of a trail.

111. Carrot Quinn

Carrot Quinn isn’t your average hiker with the average posts about how awesome it is to trek for thousands of miles through rain, sleet and heat. She tells it like it is. We love how honest she is about her hiking adventures and isn’t afraid to write about the downside of living outside for months at a time.

She is blunt and not afraid to share. You feel like you know her through her posts, which include regular journal entries on her extended hikes. You can learn a lot from her trials and success.

112. Kallin Family

It is hard to say if this family is crazy or extremely brave and dedicated to having quality outdoor family time. It is the latter. The family of four plus the family dog, walked from Georgia to Maine over the course of 6 months and documented their journey on the Appalachian Trail.

We love the bravery of the parents and the inspiration the children bring to the trail. If they can do it, the average adult should certainly be able to do it. Check out their story and make it a goal to try and do the same with your family.

113. Little Po Adventures

If you have plans to visit Asia and want a little help planning your outdoor activities, this is the site for you. There is a long list of things to do and see in Taiwan, China and Mongolia. Each of the activities is best achieved on foot, which means you will get to see more of the country.

We love the idea of immersing yourself in the culture of the places you are visiting rather than just hiking through. It is one way to get the most thorough, well-rounded adventure of a lifetime.

114. Appalachia and Beyond

Visiting or living in the Tennessee area gives you quick access to some of the most beautiful hiking trails. This site includes a list of those trails along with some informative trail reports. You will also find some helpful gear reviews.

We love the articles about daily life that are interspersed throughout the site. There is also a link to some really great deals on gear that will help you get setup for the hiking season without spending a fortune.

115. Camping Gear TV

This is a YouTube channel filled with videos that show real people using the gear they are reviewing. This is an excellent way for you to see it in use. Don’t just take the written word as your guide, but see it to believe it.

We love the guys and are sad to say they are no longer making new videos. However, the 285 videos they did make are still up and you can still learn a lot about how to use camping and kayaking gear and the best gear to buy.

116. Lady On a Rock

Christy is an elementary school teacher by day and an avid rock climber and hiker by weekend. She has an extensive list of hikes under her belt and has a great deal of wisdom to impart to others hoping to accomplish some of what she has.

We love the category dedicated to the hikes she has been on. She provides pictures and video about the treks and lets you know just how tough it really was. This is something you will appreciate knowing before you decide to take on the challenge.

117. Married to the Trail

Mary is one of the few women who can boast they hold a Triple Crown. She has dedicated her adult life to hiking some of the most brutal long-distance trails and is always challenging herself. We love that she proves you don’t have to be trained as a hiker from a young age and can simply get out of bed one morning and decide you are going for a very long walk.

She shares her triumphs and struggles as she goes on her solitary journeys. The stories of her interactions with other hikers along the way are also entertaining.

118. Beyond the Tent

This is a family blog filled with entertaining tales of camping in the midwest with five kids. You know there is always going to be a story to tell. We love the tips for choosing the right campground for your family.

There are reviews on numerous campgrounds and how you can make sure you plan a trip that is going to keep the kids entertained. There are gear reviews that are pertinent to camping in and out of campgrounds. You can’t miss the article on making your typical tent experience into a glamping experience.

119. Oceanic Wilderness

This is a site dedicated to the outdoors and life with family. Because most hikers do not hike all year round, their blogs tend to go stale during the off months. We love that this blog is filled with gorgeous pictures of what is happening outside all 12 months of the year whether it is in her backyard or on a trail.

Nature is spectacular and few people get to see it up close and personal the way you do when you use a macro lens. It is awesome to see every little detail and is not something you would typically see when you walked right on by.

120. Roger’s Outdoor Blog

Roger is the kind of guy who loves to be outdoors like so many other nature enthusiasts. He writes about being in nature and the sites he sees in a very eloquent way.

We especially love the pictures of the birds, trees and plants he encounters on his outdoor excursions. You will find a handful of gear reviews on the site as well, but it is mostly dedicated to exploring life beyond the front door.

121. Secret Yellowstone

Anything with the word secret is going to pique the interest of outdoor explorers. There are links to different activities to do while you are visiting the massive park. The trails are divided into sections so you know right where to start your search.

We love how much information you can find on the site about everything to do with Yellowstone, including the history. Everything you need to know about where to camp, what trails to hike and where to picnic is included.

122. The Trail Unites Us

This is a site dedicated to the Continental Divide Trail. If you are a thru hiker and want to catch up with others who are making the trek, this is the place to do so. You will also find helpful information about water along the trail.

It is updated regularly so you can plan your water stops along the way. You will also find a list of folks who are completing sections of the hike. It is a great way to connect with others and get to know the rare few who are making the long trek across the United States.

123. Go Camping Canada

If you are looking for somewhere to visit and camp in the Ontario, Canada area and beyond, this is the perfect place to start your search. There are tons of pictures that show every detail of the parks visited along with pictures of the sites and trails. We love the park reviews that give you all the information you need to know about a particular campground before you reserve your site. A list of activities available helps you plan your trip a bit better as well.

124. Live Free and Hike

New Hampshire isn’t a regular destination for many hikers, but if you are in the area, this blog will help you find the perfect trails. It is dedicated to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. There are pictures of trail maps to give you an idea of what your hike will entail and then actual pictures of the terrain and scenery. We love the pictures that document the trails blogged about every step of the way, including the foliage and rocks!

125. Pure Outside

If you like to hike, kayak, run, bike or ski, you have come to the right place. Basically, if you love to be outside with the sun on your face, this is a blog for you. We love how the site is designed for the newbies and the more experienced.

If you are not a hiker, but want to start hiking, there is plenty of information about what gear you need to get started. The How-To section is a must-read and is filled with valuable tips and tricks to make the most of your time outdoors.

126. Sierra Journal

While the site is mostly dedicated to outdoor activities in the Sierra, Nevada area, there are plenty of other articles about the Rockies, Andes and the Cascades. It is about hiking and climbing and enjoying live at some of the highest elevations in the United States.

We love the fun the authors have with their posts and the links to funny stories and the not so funny, but completely serious stories that showcase the decline of the environment.

127. The New Nomads

We love that the site is about walking and the feelings and emotions that come from walking alone or with a small group. When you are left alone with your thoughts, there is some deep introspection.

The site covers some of the most trails all around the world. We love the Random Articles category. It is entertaining and informative at the same time. It is written by walkers and nomad, which means it is filled with random musings a person would typically have while walking across various countries.

128. Greene Adventures

This site provides a wealth of information about hiking in the southern California region. It is filled with details about the various trails that you won’t find on any other site. We love the way the hikes are organized by your interests.

This way you can pick and choose based on what you like and won’t get stuck on a trail that is boring or inappropriate for you and your trail companions. You will even be able to pick trails based on the season, which is a huge help.

129. Hiker Hell

Learning from other people’s mistakes is always better than making your own potentially serious mistakes on the trail. This site is all about the mistakes and some of the successes of other hikers.

The blog is a couple of years old, but it is filled with six years of posts about various accidents that have taken the lives of outdoor enthusiasts or caused serious injury. We love that the accident and the cause is outlined at the beginning of each post. Although it is sad, the stories provide valuable lessons for others.

130. Dan’s Hiking Blog

Dan provides details accounts of his adventures on the trails. He regularly hikes theSan Gabriel mountains in southern California and brings a lot of wisdom to the table via his blog. We love how many details are put into each post including time stamps so you know just how long it takes to traverse a trail.

Each details is backed up with a picture to show you exactly what he is talking about. It is clearly one of the most helpful blogs about the San Gabriel mountains that you will ever come across.

131. Hiking in the White Mountains and Adirondacks

This site is amazing. It is absolutely filled with details that many hikers consider unimportant, but every detail counts when you are planning a hike. We are amazed at the way the hikes are laid out to include details about the trail, the elevation levels and everything in between.

Chris takes hiking very seriously and provides his fellow hikers with a plethora of pictures that document the trail. We love seeing the scenery through his eyes and are in awe of the beauty of New Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

132. The Outdoor Type

A site dedicated to getting people outdoors is important. This site makes it their mission to educate people about the various adventures they can have while providing updated news about things that are happening around the globe pertaining to outdoor adventure and the environment.

We love the enthusiasm in the posts and the fact the blog doesn’t focus on any one part of the world. There is excitement and adventure to be had all around the world. Browse this site to get some ideas for your next trip out of town.

133. Adventures of Scatman

This Triple Crown winner is a wealth of information about thru hiking. His posts are extremely detailed, right down to how many nights he slept under the stars by himself. We love the fact that he includes weather updates as well.

This helps other hikers get an idea of what they can expect in terms of snow, rain and sunny days. A category with lists of tips on what gear to use and how to best navigate a trail is a favorite as well. We love the comparison between the three main trails.

134. Gambolin Man

Few blogs have managed to withstand the test of time and dedication to writing posts. This is one of the few blogs that is in its 11th year and still going strong. We love the witty writing that will make you laugh while actually providing you with useful information about the various trails around the Bay area in California.

Hiking doesn’t always have to be about walking thousands of miles. This blog captures the thrill of short hikes and day hikes that are exciting and full of adventure.

135. Stay Wild and True

April, a.k.a. Bearclaw, is one of the few women in the thru hiking world. She hasn’t updated her blog in a while, but we can assume she is hiking along some trail off the beaten path. Her last entries indicated she was tackling the Continental Divide Trail and continuing north to the Great Divide Trail.

Her writing is raw and gritty. She doesn’t hold back and says it like it is. We love her willingness to share how frightening these hikes can truly be, especially when you choose to go solo.

136. Wolverine Hikes

This is a blog that includes adventures along the Appalachian Trail along with many other trails in the Michigan area and the infamous Pacific Coast Trail. We love the pictures of the quirky things a hiker sees along the way.

While photos of the majestic wilderness are appreciated, it is nice to see some of the unique sites and different perspectives from the hikers who brave these long-distance hikes. The blog is fairly new, but it has enough posts to keep you busy for hours.

137. A Wandering Knight

Kenneth Knight is an inspiration for fellow hikers and non-hikers. The man is legally blind, but he still gets out on the trails and explores nature in and around Michigan. He takes solo adventures as well as participates in group hikes.

We love how embraces life and the challenges he has been dealt with. He is such a positive influence. The blog posts are filled with pictures detailing his hikes along with details about things a typical hiker may overlook. There are several podcasts as well.

138. Appalachian Trail Girl

Megan, a.k.a Hashbrown, is a thru-hiker who has completed the Appalachian Trail. Her newest adventure takes her to Nepal where she trekked about the famous mountain range that includes Mt. Everest.

We love her laid-back approach to hiking and how it is simply a way of life and not a job to be tackled every day. She does include reviews of some of the things she has personally tried. You can trust her opinion knowing she has the knowledge and experience to give you good advice.

139. Griffis Family Outdoors

There are very few families that have attempted the treks the Griffis family has accomplished. This family is amazing. With 7 young children, it is hard to imagine spending any time outdoors for any period of time without some difficulty.

We love that this family has made trekking around the mountains of Idaho a family activity that they enjoy on a regular basis. Most families of this size struggle to get the entire group to the mall, let alone to climb a mountain. They are truly an inspiration to families, large and small.

140.Southern Nevada Outside

This blog focuses on the natural wonders in the southern Nevada area. The blog is several years old, but you will still find a great deal of information about the area. We love the crisp, clean pictures that showcase the beauty of the wilderness.

Not all hikes involve mountain regions. These trails take a hiker on a path that allows them to see panoramic views of the landscape without worrying about peering around trees. It is truly breathtaking and worth a look to see if it would be a good fit for your next trip outdoors.

141. I Hike San Diego

This site covers the large number of hikes and trails in the San Diego and surrounding area. We love the section dedicated to getting in shape for your hikes. Many hikers have learned the hard way they were not physically prepared for their adventures and paid a heavy price.

Brad is a personal trainer and provides a list of exercises designed to help get you in shape and ready for hiking. He includes a list of hiking related injuries that are common, especially for new hikers.

142. One Year in Yellowstone

This blog chronicled Sabrina’s life living within the interior of one of the most famous and largest national parks. She is a park ranger who documented her daily treks around the interior and the things she saw.

We love that she shared her experiences doing something that very few people will actually get the chance to do. Yellowstone is bitter cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. With the multitudes of tourists flocking to the area in the summer, it is no wonder she seemed to relish the cold, snowy months.

143. Hiking Northern Michigan

This site is filled with pictures of the northern Michigan area. There are not any blog posts on this outdated blog, but the pictures are worth more than a thousand words. The various trails and hikes are documented with vibrant pictures that take you right alongside the poster.

We love the post that includes the fall foliage along Magoon Creek. This is an area you could spend hours and hours in and still not get enough of the natural beauty.

144. My Meandering Trail

Jordana documents her adventures along the Appalachian Trail during her thru hike a few years ago. She also gives a ton of gear reviews but they are not like a gear review you typically read. She is honest about what she uses and how she felt about the way the gear held up and performed.

We love how the reviews are written as if she is talking to a friend about what she picked up at the mall and how it fit and how great or not great it was. Her writing is fun and entertaining if not a little self-castigating.

145. Ozark Mountainhiker

The Ozarks have a long reputation for being harsh as well as gorgeous. Jim takes you along for the ride with him and his dog as he explores the Ozarks and the natural beauty that is hidden from the average person traveling through on the highways.

He has a fondness for photography and brings his love of taking pictures of nature to his blog. We love the pictures that depict nature in its most natural, untouched form. Of course, we can’t help but laugh at the musings from Hiker–the dog.

146. Go Camping America

This site is dedicated to getting families together and outside enjoying nature. It doesn’t matter where you live, you will find helpful tips for planning the perfect family adventure in a tent. We love the variety of posts that include what to pack and how much is too much.

You will also find tips for making the tent experience fun for kids who are used to running water and soft beds. There are also some cool recipes that can be prepared over a fire or in a Dutch Oven.

147. Distance Backpacker

Going the distance is a goal many hikers have, but it takes a great deal of preparation and planning. This blog aims to help you make the best plans and provides you with a lot of information about the best gear available and what you truly need.

The blog provides details on many of the most famous hikes in the United States. We love how Chris passes along the lessons he has learned on his many thru hikes that have taken him all over the country and back again.

148. Trail Savvy

This site is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in the world of outdoor gear. We love the photos that showcase the gear being reviewed in action. You know you are getting the real scoop on the gear and not some canned review.

We love the section dedicated to making or customizing your gear. We only wish there were more useful tutorials posted! The trips reports are helpful for anybody planning a hike in and around the Ozarks.

149. Brian’s Backpacking Blog

Brian has lived his life with a penchant for getting outdoors at every change. He has passed his love for camping under the stars to his kids. He shares his exploits here along with a lot of useful information for other hikers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a casual hiker who enjoys getting a way for a weekend here and there or a dedicated hiker who spends weeks at a time in nature. You will find valuable tips and tricks right here. We love the down-to-earth style of the writing and the way he pulls a reader in.

150. Northern Camping

This site isn’t focused on hiking, but more of being in the outdoors of Northern Maine in general. Whether you are an avid fisherman or simply like smelling the fresh air, you will find a lot of information and entertainment here.

We love the gear reviews that are enthusiastic and informative. You will find lists of what to do and see when you visit the northern areas of Maine. There is even recommendations on where to eat–if you aren’t making a meal over your campfire.

151. Hassbackwards

John and Liz are a couple who share a common interest in hiking. They hiked the Appalachian Trail together and lived to tell the tale. We especially love the question and answer section they delivered about thru-hiking the trail. It is funny as well as informative.

They were honest about the mundane daily life of walking and walking and then getting up and doing it all over again. It is a very real, raw account of life on a trail that extends beyond 2000 miles through some of the roughest terrain.

In Conclusion To

Once you have read the stories and adventures of these outdoor enthusiasts, you are going to be itching to get outside. Our world is a beautiful place and it deserves to be explored. What blogs did we miss that you think should be added here? Let us know in the comments.

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