Best Chainsaw Reviews 2018 | Ultimate Buying Guide

It is highly important to know the working and operation of different chainsaws available in the market right now. Whether one is a professional or a rookie, it is very important to know about the variety of such machines out there.

One should choose wisely the chainsaw that suits their needs and requirements. A person should make a wise investment, because it is done once in a while. Here in this guide, we will inform you about the best chainsaws for your specific needs. We will also compare their prices to utility ratio, so that you can choose the cheapest chainsaw of the bunch that will get the job done. Some precautions will also be highlighted, what to avoid, what to look for when buying a chainsaw.

Top 10 Chainsaws Comparison Table:

S. No.ModelPower SourceVoltageItem WeightSizeRatingPrice
#1Poulan Pro PP5020AV Chainsawgas-poweredInformation not Provided10 pounds20" Bar Length3.6 Check Price
#2WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw
corded-electric120 Volts11 pounds16" Bar Length4.2 Check Price
#3Black and Decker LCS120 ChainsawBattery-Powered20 Volts7.2 pounds10" Bar Length4.1 Check Price
#4Makita UC4030A Electric Chainsawcorded-electric14.5 amp14 pounds16" Bar Length4.2 Check Price
#5Husqvarna 440E Chainsawgas-poweredInformation not Provided9.78 pounds16" Bar Length4.2 Check Price
#6SunJoe SWJ800E Electric Pole Chain Sawcorded-electric6.5-Amp9.3 pounds8" Bar Length4.4 Check Price
#7Husqvarna 450 Chainsawgas-poweredInformation not Provided10.8 pounds18" Bar Length4.2 Check Price
#8GreenWorks 20312 Chainsawcordless-electric40 Volts6.9 pounds16" Bar Length4.4 Check Price
#9Black & Decker NLP1800 Chainsawcorded-electric18 Volts10.2 poundsInformation not Provided5.0 Check Price
#10Remington RM5118R Chainsawgas-poweredInformation not Provided12.4 pounds14" Bar Length3.7 Check Price

Top 10 Best Chainsaw Reviews 2018

Presently, the following are the top 10 chainsaws your money can buy:

#1 Poulan Pro PP5020AV Chainsaw


Poulan is a name you can rely on whenever you are in need of a chainsaw. It is a big name in the industry of chainsaws. The Poulan Pro 5020AV is a tried and tested machine that delivers quality and reliability to their users. It is made with durable materials that will stand the test of time. Here in this guide, you will get to know everything you need about the 5020AV.


The 5020AV is considered an extremely versatile chainsaw because of the features it packs for its users. It is a gas powered chain saw with a 20 inches long bar. It uses DuraLife engine technology, which enhances and prolongs the life of the engine. Not only that, I also ensures the proper working of the machine. Its air filter also has a super clean air filter system that is great for the maintenance of the air filter. This chainsaw uses all types of technology to provide comfort and pleasure to the user while operating the machine.

You would also require minimal costs to maintain and repair this machine. What makes this machine better is the effortless starting system which brings the machine to life no matter what condition. It also has reduced vibration handle which decreases the operator’s fatigue by good measure. Like the competition, it also offers automatic chain oiler. It comes with a carrying case so that you can take this chainsaw anywhere with you.

The engine is a 2-stroke 50cc one which is enough for demanding tasks. It even allows instant access to the spark plug and air filter for the added convenience so that you will find no problem while reaching these parts.. It is one of the most powerful chain saws for the consumers on the market. Considering all that, it is just 10 pounds, which is very light considering the other models.

  • Engine – This chainsaw comes with a powerful 50cc engine that can run for a long time to achieve our tasks efficiently. The engine also uses DuraLife technology, which prolongs its life. The engine thus used has a strong structure and is capable to provide consistent push to withstand various task conditions and working requirements without failing.
  • Bucking and Felling – This is a powerful chainsaw being perfect for the tasks of bucking and felling. It can even be used for limbing, but that can be a bit hard due to the weight of the chainsaw.
  • Scrench Holder – This machine comes with an on board scrench holder tucked under the rear handle for the added comfort of the user.
  • Convenience – This chainsaw makes no compromise on ease of use and the convenience of the user. It features less vibration to provide smooth operation. So, while in use you can handle it safely without getting extra pressure on your shoulder and
  • Lightweight – This chainsaw is actually quite light considering the size of the bar length.
  • Sprocket Limitation – One is stuck with the OEM spur sprocket with this machine. If someone wants to upgrade to one of the more efficient, rim style, more interchangeable sprockets, you can’t because it doesn’t support any of them.
  • Portability – Since it is a gas powered chainsaw it can never be as portable or easier to move around compared to a cordless chainsaw.
  • Need for Carburetor Adjuster – You’ll eventually need a special carburetor adjustment tool which is becoming harder to find in the market. This means you’ll have to take your unit to an authorized service centre for such kind of service.


The Poulan Pro 5020AV is a good and reliable chainsaw with many functions for the use of the average use. If you are a professional or even a starter in this field and need to have reliable chainsaw that would make you feel at ease while cutting timber and huge wooden pieces as quick as possible.Not only that, it is also very versatile in performing the functions of limbing, bucking and felling in order to make your task a bit easier as compared to what other saws can do for you. It is a machine people should definitely consider when looking for a capable chainsaw in the market.

Short Summary:

This chainsaw combines utility with comfort and easy transportability because it comes with a carrying case. It is a gas powered chainsaw with a 20-inch, and is regarded as one of the best of its category. It uses DuraLife engine technology, which is basically all you need to be assured of its working prowess and durability. This technology enhances the life of the engine, which translates to low maintenance and repair costs in the future.

  • Its air filter also has installed the latest cleaning system which improves its function.
  • Compared to other chainsaws, it also wins in the category of comfort because it operates with reduced vibration which helps in the work and reduces fatigue of the user.
  • You are also getting an effortless pull start at this price, so this also can’t be ignored. If you are searching for power, be sure to consider this one.

It also ships with carrying bag so that is always a plus. Compared to the competition, this one usually hits the pros right and avoids the cons.

#2 WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw


Meet the WORX 16 inch chainsaw, a capable machine with auto-tensioning system and patented tool-free chain replacement, which eliminates headaches and hassle that we face with other chainsaws. It is a very user friendly machine which can be put to excellent use, whether you are a professional or not.


The WG303.1 is a 16-inch long chainsaw made of durable and rigid material that can be used for all sorts of tasks such as limbing, pruning, felling and bucking. It has an engine with 3.5 horsepower and low 14.5 amps running. Such a chain mechanism is utilized which prevents the over tightening of the chain. Even after hundreds of uses, it stays at the optimal tension. In case of any incident, the chain stops automatically to prevent any accident from happening. It also features automatic chain lubrication, which is quite a must if you want to work for longer with your chainsaw.

You can even install and tighten a new replacement chain without even using a single tool. To provide further comfort, it has a low kickback bar. 120 volts is required for running this machine. It is quite lightweight, i.e. 11 pounds, which improves mobility and portability of the device. It is a corded chainsaw, which means it’s not as portable as the cordless competitors on the market, although a long wire with less resistance can cure that limit ability. The technology used for the bar ensures its longevity. It won’t need a replacement soon. It is easy to lubricate sprocket on the machine’s bar nose, which assists in preserving the life of the tool. All metal dogs at the base of bar allow the user to operate the device with full stability.

  • Lightweight – The fact that the device is corded means it doesn’t require a battery to operate. This means the machine is light to carry around and handle during tough tasks. The device is easily maneuverable during hard tasks requiring maximum attention of the operator. Because of its lightweight body there will be less fatigue and time consuming while working you can easily do you work no matter how complicated or hard to handle the task is. This chainsaw will let you do it as quickly as possible.
  • Easy to Use – One doesn’t need to be a professional or a lumberjack to operate this device. It can be used easily for different tasks as they arise in your home. The operations of the chainsaw are very simple to understand and it can be operated by anyone who wants to work on any task at home.
  • Safety – This machine makes no compromise on your safety and well being. It uses technology which prevents accidents from happening like built in safety chain brake which stops the chain in an instant in case of improper contact. It protects you from any harm in case of kickback. In this way, the chances of getting into accidents are at zero and anyone can work safely and quickly using this chainsaw.
  • Comfort – The chainsaw has a rubber over molded handle which allows the user to operate the device with comfort and relaxation. It also provides an ergonomic front handle which improves maneuverability of the device.
  • Power – This chain is powerful enough with its 3.5 horsepower engine that seems capable enough for our different tasks. It also comes with a 6.75 ounces oil reserve with an indicator.
  • Portability – Not as portable as the other chainsaws which operate cordless, instead they use a battery.
  • Cooling Down Phase – It is necessary to give the machine a cool down phase to maintain the long life of it after long periods of use. This may be a hindrance to some whose tasks require the machine to run long.
  • Chain Binding –The chain starts to bind rather quickly as compared to other gas units.


The WG303.1 from WORX is a quality device that is a reliable option looking for a chainsaw in the market. It is strong enough to complete normal tasks. Its engine is also powerful though it can’t run non-stop. The motor needs to rest in order to cool down. Other than that, it is a great device, well worth your money.

Short Summary:

This is a light but extremely strong and power efficient chainsaw. It is as versatile as a chainsaw of its size can be. It is corded, which means it is lighter weight, but has limited portability. The mechanism used in this tool is such that it provides the right tension at all times and prevents the over-tightening of chain. Its bar length is 16-inch which is perfect for easy mobility and work. Like the competition, it also offers automatic chain lubrication, which is a must these days.For safety measures, it also provides a safety chain stop to the user, and also a low kickback bar to further improve usage.

  • It can be acquired quite cheap, so get your hands on it before you lose this opportunity.
  • It can also be lubricated fairly easy, which in turn improves the life of the machine.
  • It comes with an ergonomic handle that gives maximum efficiency and control to the user.

Its easy operation means anyone can use this machine with some basic understanding of chainsaws.

#3 Black and Decker LCS120 Chainsaw


If you ever find yourself in need of a versatile chainsaw with a variety of functions and top specifications of the industry, then the Black and Decker LCS120 chainsaw is well worth your time. This capable chainsaw with a strong chain blade can excel in many tasks like pruning, bucking and felling. It can be used by hobbyists as well as professionals for a wide variety of tasks. It’s hard to find a reliable and durable chainsaw these days, but rest assured that this model is among the top options available and is designed not to present any disappointments to the user.


The LCS120 has a capability of making 150 cuts, having half an inch or 1 inch diameter, in a single charge. The chainsaw is cordless, which makes it highly portable. It uses a battery as its source of power. Although it is considered that adding a battery adds unnecessary weight to the chainsaw, which can certainly be avoided to achieve maximum maneuverability, this machine is already too light. Its design language is very impressive, allowing it to retain a good mixture of portability and maneuverability.

Furthermore, the reduced kickback bar and low kickback chain are designed to handle both hard and soft wood, measuring up to anything around 8 inches. The machine also ensures the safety of the user, so that he/she is safe from all harms. Also, the machine has been designed in such a way to provide maximum control and comfort to the user. To ensure this, the machine features ergonomic handles with multiple grip positions for maximum accuracy and precision during all the work.

  • Efficient Charging – The fact that the machine can make more than 150 cuts in just one charge is an achievement on its own. Add the whole package of this model over that accomplishment, so it can’t get any better than this. It would be a great one for cutting thicker stems also and can help in a wide variety of tasks
  • Design – The design of the machine is such to provide maximum comfort to the sawyer while giving accuracy and precision during all tasks. The handles of the machine feature many grip so that you can adjust to it according to your liking. It has been designed to give maximum accuracy, great handling and ease of use while working.
  • Customer Service – Black and Decker have great customer service. They honor their word and help out customers in trouble in any way they can. They have great communication skills with the customers, and thus, try to make every customer of theirs a satisfied buyer.
  • Convenience – The machine assures the well deserved comfort of the customer. Just pull the trigger and leave the rest to the machine. There is no hassle of power outlets, fuel or gas of any sort. The machine is also rather compact and lightweight to provide maximum efficiency.
  • Warranty –The 2 year warranty of this model is just like the cherry on top of the excellent customer service this brand provides. If any accident happens to the machine, they will replace it as long as it meets the minimum requirements of the terms and conditions.
  • Engine Oil Spillage – This problem is very common amongst the users. It is due to a faulty model getting in their hands. In this, the reservoir continuously leaks oil, which can present a great inconvenience for the customer.
  • Underpowered – It may not be suitable for extremely heavy duty tasks since it is not very powerful. Don’t get us wrong, it is great for the average user, but for heavy tasks, something bigger is advised.
  • Quality – Some people have also experienced unfinished product, mostly missing bolts and screws. But it just happens once in a thousand products and not a frequent chance to happen.


This LCS120 model is definitely a good consideration for the hobbyist or the beginner in this industry of chainsaws. It is light enough to operate, long lasting and reliable. Also, it uses a long lasting battery that can provide many cuts before finally giving up. It is also a good tool for the professionals, but it may not be able to reach the desired mark in case of heavy duty tasks but other than that, the machine is remarkable.

Short Summary:

This black and Decker LCS1020 is a perfect chainsaw for cutting small logs and medium level cutting jobs. Its battery operated and has a compact design and lightweight body. It has been designed to provide maximum support and easy handling to increase the performance of the sawyer and to work up to the mark.

  • It is battery operated and has a power usage of about 20V. The battery has a long run time and would not keep draining all the time.
  • It has a very compact design that promotes easy handling and working capability for better performance.
  • It is safe to use as having a low kickback bar and a tool free blade and easy adjustment for better and quicker work
  • The easy to handle design of the body reduces the fatigue factor.

#4 Makita UC4030A Electric Chainsaw


A smart investment is such which you do once in a while, when buying a product that you know will last you long. You are prepared to fork over extra cash if you know you are getting a reliable quality product. Such is the case with Makita UC4030A. It delivers great performance which is not only on par with the competition, but often beats the other products from other brands.


This chainsaw comes with a tool-less blade featuring chain adjustments allowing for easy maintenance and operation. It is built using quality materials that have been designed to last long. It comes with ergonomic handles that gives the user comfort even when performing a hard and heavy duty task. The handles are rubberized to give you maximum grip and comfort. This machine features smooth start feature with a large switch. The motor is also protected from burn-outs because of a the feature that automatically limits the power to the motor when the saw is overloaded.

Also, this chainsaw has a large oil reservoir with easy viewing windows allowing you to check the bar oil level. This product weighs only 13.9 pounds, which gives you maximum control while operating the machine. All in all, this chainsaw uses less power but delivers, weighs less, but it is very strong and is compact but can deal with heavy duty tasks that can only be achieved with the larger counterparts of other brands.

  • Compact – The chainsaw features a compact form factor that makes any task easier than before. It also weighs only 13.9 pounds so you can easily carry it around for your different tasks. You will find it easy while operating and carrying along the job area.. It only requires a little effort because of its compact and lightweight body.
  • Efficient – This chainsaw is designed in such a way that it consumes less power, but it is very powerful to complete your difficult tasks. It also has a safeguard mechanism that reduces the power being delivered to the motor when the saw is overloaded to prevent from burn-outs. In this way this one proves to be efficient and safe for the user while its in use and can keep you out of danger while working.
  • Large Oil Reservoir – Another advantage of purchasing this product is the fact that is features a large oil reservoir with easy viewing windows that allow the user to check the oil level. This means the motor can work for longer without breaks and the engine would be lubricated no matter how long the chainsaw is being used.
  • Ergonomic Handles – The machine allows for easy and comfortable operation because it uses rubberized grips and handles. This gives you the maximum control combined with comfort while operating the machine. The design of the handle has been structured to give a great grip while working and you can easily avoid slipping of the chainsaw.
  • Maintenance – This machine allows for easy maintenance and repair because of its one-touch tool-less blade adjustments. This also means the chain is easily adjustable too.
  • Manual Oiling – Sometimes, the automatic oiler is just not capable to fulfill the machines requirement which forces you to resort to manual means. This means that you will have to manually oil the chain from time to time, which can be a bit inconvenient for a few folks out there.
  • Portability – Since this is a corded chainsaw, it might present portability options for some users. It will not be able to run without a power outlet so that can be a problem for some.
  • Chain Blade – It has also been experienced with the device that the blade is not perfectly perpendicular tothe front of saw. Though this is not a big problem, it might get a bit annoying for the perfectionist.


This option from Makita is one of the best chainsaws available in the market because it is a jack of all trades chainsaw. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, this machine can be proved to be of great use to you because it excels in pruning, felling of moderate trees, limbing, and other similar tasks.

Short Summary:

The Makita 16-inch commercial grade chainsaw runs on electricity (14.5 amps) and it is in a level of its own. It offers tool-less blade which can easily attract customers because of the level of maintenance and operation it provides. It scores well in all the departments. It comes with excellent rubberized grip handles which are designed especially for comfort and ease of use. It also has a current limiter already built in, so that you are always safe from accidental burnouts, and reducing power consumption when saw is overloaded, and thus improving its longevity greatly.

  • It allows the user to operate it easily because it uses technology which proves to be useful for easier and smooth startups.
  • It has a large oil reservoir so that you never run out of fuel, unexpectedly, and view windows are also there so as to always keep you aware of the oil level.

One can easily make chain adjustments according to the need. So you want a chainsaw that can continuously cut and automatic oil itself? Then this is the product you require.

#5 Husqvarna 440E Chainsaw


For all the people out in the market looking for a strong chainsaw with easy to start features and maneuverability, we have got an option for you; the Husqvarna 440E chainsaw. This is designed to consume less fuel, but run for a long time fulfilling all your different tasks. It features efficient operation with utility in a very versatile combination catering to your need. It also uses state of the art technology to give certain benefits over the competition. These will be discussed in detail in the sections below.


This machine comes with forged 3 piece crankshaft which gives maximum durability to the operator to achieve the toughest applications. It uses a quick release air filter which assists in cleaning the air filter. This also means that the chainsaw allows for easy replacement of the air filter. What is even better, this allows for tool less tension in the chain which is not an option provided by many competitors of the industry. This device is also CARB compliant, making it even more attractive for some users. It features a technology called X-Torq which gives the engine the capability to consume less fuel with reduction in emission levels. Another technology it uses is called Smart Start, which allows the device to start smoothly and easily, even in the worst weather conditions where many motors fail to start. Also, this chainsaw is gas powered, so it is an ideal option for those who prefer gas over electric.

  • Control – This chainsaw uses ergonomic handles that give maximum control to the user while operating the machine. Furthermore, it weighs only 9.78 pounds, which means it is easier to use compared to other heavier options in the market. Being gas powered, it gives the most power to the user without the hassle of battery or power outlets. So that the user can work easily and with maximum power that can be there.
  • Engine Technology – This machine is designed in such a way that it only uses the minimum amount of fuel required for the task. It uses tried and tested technology, which ensures that the machine delivers much more than it consumes.
  • Easy Start – Another advantage of using this machine is the fact that it starts very easily without much trouble in even the worst weather conditions. So,anyone can get it started and work as required without getting into any issues related to a complicated starting procedures.
  • Reduced Noise – It is surprisingly quiet for a chainsaw. Noise contributes to noise pollution even if you can wear ear plugs to save you from that noise, it can still harm the environment. But this machine is specifically designed to make less noise. And a reasonable amount of noise would be produced.
  • Vibration – High amplitude vibration in a machine is a common source of discomfort for many users out there. This is an attractive option for them since it vibrates much less during operation.a person using it would feel little vibration feel because of it vibration proof infrastructure and that makes it very easy and comfortable to be used.
  • Chain Tension – Some people may experience that the machine would fail to hold chain tension, combined with occasional stalling for no reason. This can be a source of great inconvenience for the operator.
  • Design – It has also been widely reported that the product is not constructed using quality materials because of incidents like paint chipping off for no reason. While this may be due to a faulty device being delivered to some users, this is still definitely a very important factor when buying a new chainsaw.
  • Instruction Manual – The instruction manual provided with the machine is also not satisfactory for some users. It doesn’t provide much detail regarding the use of the product.


This is one of the most balanced chainsaws offered in the market. Being gas powered using different technologies such as X-Torq and Smart Start, it ensures that the user faces no inconvenience whatsoever. Also, it is made with quality materials which ensure longevity and durability. This product is sure to last you long and is a good option to consider in the long run.

Short Summary:

This 16-inch 2-stroke 40.9cc Chainsaw yet provides another excellent choice for the consumers. You can’t go wrong with this one. If you want comfort, productivity, durability, this will give you all. It has tool-less chain tensioning which puts the most appropriate tension on the chain at all times to maximize function.

  • It has an air filter with quick release, which facilitates in the replacement and cleaning of the air filter.
  • Durability wise, it is a wise choice because it uses forged 3-piece crankshaft for the toughest tasks out there.
  • It is quite light and portable, further maximizing usage.
  • This chainsaw is a league above the average consumer-level chainsaw and there is no doubt about this fact.
  • This has been designed for the professionals and even average people can operate it.

#6 SunJoe SWJ800E Electric Pole Chain Saw


Several handy tools and products can be seen in the market which brings up a lot of utility for the users. A number of products have evolved over the years and their modern shape is incomparable with what we saw in the pioneer products of the category. One such great example of such a tool type is the electric pole chain saw which is a very useful item that we can ever have for managing a lot of our tasks.

If we talk specifically then the electric pole chain saw from the SunJoe manufacturer has surely impressed the masses particularly across the North America region. It has got various uses both in constructive and art related projects. However, this specific one is ideally designed for manicuring your garden to bring it in the best of its shape. Beware of its sharp blade as mishandling the tool can really result in some very lethal results. You will know about all the major and minor aspects of the tool in the section to come.


The first and foremost factor that is obvious about this tool from SunJoe maker is its economical price which makes it affordable for anyone looking to properly manicure their garden. It comes with a very useful ergonomic handle so that you can use it for long hours of work. The rubber cover handle with this chainsaw is especially introduced for providing the top most comfort for the users. The oil lubrication for many of the users is a big issue with such products, but for this one auto oil lubrication is done. It is a chainsaw with 8 inches of the blade so you can trust it to look after the trimming of some large trees as well, and not only the plants. Once, you are done with the job, then you can make use of its plastic blade cover which will provide you with the safest of storage.

  • This is an electric chainsaw, which is equipped with a whopping 6.5 AMP of motor. This is an excellent capacity motor which can handle some of the toughest jobs with utmost ease. There is no limit for you to work for a limited time due to fuel limitations and with a continuous power, you can work as long as you need.
  • The chainsaw has an ergonomic grip so there wouldn’t be any issue when using the tool for a long time or for some tougher jobs.there will not be any issue regarding the handling of the chainsaw and the user would not get tired soon.
  • The tension mechanism is another great thing about the product which allows you to perform your task effortlessly. The mechanism helps the tool to work quickly and with a greater power.
  • You can extend the tool to as long as 8 feet to accomplish the objectives of your tasks without needing a ladder. It can reach into places that is usually hard to reach or see through easily.
  • The price of the tool is fairly economical and it will not be a burden to your pocket.
  • The tool can be a bit heavy for short and lean users. So, they can have serious issues while using the tool. But it is not too heavy and can be easily carried and used by the majority of the chainsaw users.
  • The saw cannot be detached from its pole so you cannot use it as a standalone chainsaw.
  • Several users have serious issues with the customer service as they are not more knowledgeable about the product. Further, many of the users also reported that the customer service agents aren’t too helpful either.


This is a fine electric chainsaw tool from SunJoe maker. The best features of this product are its 6.5 AMP motor, extendable unit, ergonomic grip, plastic blade cover and auto oil lubrication. There are some issues as well with the product where the most troublesome one is that the tool is too heavy. People with shorter height and lean body would have some serious kind of issues in using this tool.

Short Summary:

This one is a SunJoe pole chainsaw is an ergonomic and easy to handle tool for professional or domestic cutting tasks. It has the power to assist the user for a long time while working using an electric powered motor. It has the capacity to cut down stiff branches and can reach hard to see areas to accomplish the task easily as well as effectively. It has a great design to make it a convenient tool for the user and is very easy to operate.

Below are some of the main features, this chainsaw has:

  • The chains saw has a 6.5 amp motor that runs on electricity and can assist as long as you need it to work.
  • The pole of the chain saw is extendable to 8ft, which is a sufficient length to accomplish the majority of the pruning and cutting tasks.
  • It has a very sharp blade that has the ability to cut down the target object within seconds.
  • There is also an auto lubrication function that keeps the chainsaw up and going, smoothly without any hindrance.

It is an easy to manage chainsaw and can be operated and used by a majority of the users except those who are too weak or have a lean body.

#7 Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw


The industry of chainsaws if filled with many different products intended for different people. Every day, new models are being introduced by making their previous models obsolete. There are many capable options in the market for the average consumer and even the professional. One of the chainsaws aiming for the throne is the Husqvarna, as one of the overall best chainsaws the market has to offer. This claim is certainly backed by flagship specifications and remarkable customer service with an amazing warranty offered for the customers.


This chainsaw has an 18 inch chain blade which is ideal for many tasks like pruning, bucking and the sort. It can be used for regular purposes or even for those people who cut irregularly. What’s more impressive is that the machine uses a 3.2 Horsepower engine combined with X-Torq technology to reap the most out that engine. This innovative technology strives to increase fuel efficiency and decreases the harmful exhaust emission. Furthermore, this chainsaw uses another technology – LowVib which accomplishes the task of decreasing vibration dampening. This in turn provides great comfort and convenience to the user and also, the device has ergonomic handles to further enhance the experience. There is Smart Start and combined choke control features. There is also a visible fuel level, which makes it very easy to check the fuel level so you never have to run out of it. The machine has also been designed to start every time you pull the trigger.

  • Engine – This chainsaw uses a powerful 3.2 Horsepower engine making it ideal for jobs such as domestic cutting and pruning. It is a great device to be used for medium duty jobs. Also, the chainsaw uses an amazing X-Torq engine technology, which ensures less fuel intake. It also decreases fuel consumption greatly. That’s why, it is an economical product for everyone who need a chainsaw for usually cutting tasks and it would not be a burden in any way and will serve up to the mark.
  • Durability – Another point where this machine wins is durability and reliability. It has been made using the best materials which ensure the longevity of the machine. The components have been designed to reduce wear and tear to ensure long life.
  • Maintenance – Keeping the machine in good condition is also very easy. Maintenance has been made easy with this machine. The air filter is also quick release design for easy replacement.
  • Utility – Working with the Husqvarna is very easy, the machine has been specifically designed to be used by everyone, the amateurs and the professionals. You just have to turn the machine on; the rest the machine will handle itself.
  • Performance – The performance of the machine must also be commended. It can start even in the worst weather conditions when any other machine of other brand will fail. You won’t have to wait several minutes for the machine to start. It utilizes a combined choke control which accomplishes the task of starting the engine effortlessly.
  • Leakage – Like many machines competing for the top spot, it also faces oil leakage and spillage sometimes. This is seen as a great inconvenience for the users, because they have to add more oil and clean up the mess. A quality product should not leak.
  • Smoke – Users also have had complaints about smoke being released from the chain. Although this may have just been a manufacturing defect in some devices, it also affects the credibility of the machine.
  • Carburetor – Another common complaint amongst the users is the unreliability of the carburetor of the device. Some say that it needed replacement the first time they started the machine while others say that it needs to be adjusted. Whatever the case, the company should get rid of these problems as soon as possible.


The Husqvarna 450 is a large and strong chainsaw with the specifications of a true flagship, deserving to be at the top. It deals with all sorts of jobs as efficiently as any other chainsaw in the market right now. While it can be used for all sorts of jobs, it is ideal to be used as a medium duty chainsaw. So, if you want a chainsaw for normal average tasks, be sure to consider this model.

Short Summary:

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a chainsaw, that has a professional style and have reliable features and is still economical and trustworthy. Husqavarna 450 has all that is needed for a person performing moderate level tasks like domestic pruning and cutting work. This model contains a powerful engine and easy to handle overall design that can be carried and used easily and is able to perform any average task without any issues.


  • The overall design is quite easy to handle and sturdy to be used for longer terms
  • It has an easy to see, fuel level checker in order to check
  • It has a 32.HP engine that is powerful enough to support moderate level work like for cutting bushes, pruning trees at home, etc.
  • It uses a lowVibe technology that supports it to create less vibration while working.

It gives a full thrust to the chainsaw through the engine using an X-torq technology that provides greater speed and power to the chain.

#8 GreenWorks 20312 Chainsaw


Many options of chainsaws are provided to professional sawyers, lumberjacks and hobbyists. The industry is continually manufacturing chainsaws with innovative features and new technology. One chainsaw can’t possibly suit the needs of every person. That is why these machines are developed to suit the needs of a specific group of people. Same is the case with GreenWorks 20312, which has been made for the common home owner or an enthusiast.


The GreenWorks 20312 features a durable 16 inch bar which is capable of all types of wood work. This chainsaw utilizes a unique kind of technology called DigiPro which enables the machine to make up to 100 cuts while have charged it once. It also makes sure that the chainsaw uses less power while providing maximum efficiency. This comes with a 4AH battery and a charger, though you can decide against the extra accessories, but that would mean you wouldn’t be able to use the device out of the box. This chainsaw is compatible with a wide range of tools from GreenWorks Li-Ion G-MAX system which makes this a very versatile option. Moreover, the motor design accomplishes the hard task of decreasing vibration. More torque is delivered by the motor which means better cutting performance. This machine makes no compromise on the safety of the user, providing a low kickback chain and chain brake. The motor used in the chainsaw also ensures that the device starts at once after you pull the trigger.

  • Battery – This cordless chainsaw uses a battery to operate. The battery used is a very long lasting one that can make many cuts before dying. Although the battery gets hot after time, the performance is still phenomenal.
  • Design Language – This chainsaw is compact, lightweight and cordless. That is the best combination for the maximum possible maneuverability. Although the attached battery carries its own weight, it doesn’t increase it substantially and keeps it under normal figures. Therefore, this chainsaw provided the maximum comfort and control to the user.
  • Comfort – The chainsaw has been designed to substantially decrease vibrations while operating. This in turn avoids inconveniences for the sawyer. Also, the handles are excellent quality providing comfortable but firm grip.
  • Performance – The DigiPro technology used in the motor really turns the chainsaw into a beast. Even though it is cordless, it can provide the same performance as that of a similar size gas chainsaw. Generally, it is considered that gas models perform better, but this one is breaking all traditions.
  • Oiling – The machine uses an automatic bar oiling system coupled with an easy to see level window of oil. This makes oiling the bar very easy. And due to this function the overall functioning of the chainsaw remains up to you mark without any hindrances in the function and operation.
  • Leakage – This is a problem faced by majority of the chainsaw users. It is usually considered a great inconvenience by the users. Although the company says it is perfectly normal for the device to leak oil, a solution should be provided. The best they have to say is that empty the oil from the device after each use, which can really get cumbersome. The reason is that there is no drain plug so you just have to flip the device over to drain the oil.
  • Oil Pump – There have also been doubts raised regarding the quality of the oil pump used. This component of the machine is not built to last and could get damaged. If that happens, you might get a replacement if you warranty is still intact. Otherwise, replacement components are really hard to find. They should be more widely available.
  • Temperature – The battery gets hot very often which means the charger will have trouble accepting the battery. You would have to wait for the battery to cool down in such a case. Keeping a spare battery is a good solution but not a very convenient one.


This chainsaw excels in light and medium duty tasks. It can prove to be a worthy device for the average user because it provides many features in a solid quality chainsaw. It has been constructed to last, and made to perform the best.

Short Summary:

This brand has also maintained its reputation as a trusted company producing chainsaws using state of the art technology. It is presently available for a rather cheap price so be sure to grab one soon if you think this is the one for you. It features a 16-inch blade for all your cutting, felling and pruning. It is also cordless to provide maximum portability to the user.

  • It uses DigiPro motor technology, which enables the chainsaw to cut numerous times all in a single charge.
  • You will also be getting a 4Ah battery and a charger so you won’t have to worry about getting those separately.
  • It features a unique brushless motor technology, which allows 30% more torque, which translates to remarkable cutting prowess.

User safety is provided by low kickback chain and chain brake so you can feel secure while operating this incredible machine and get the best results.

#9 Black Decker NLP1800 Chainsaw


The industry of chainsaws is excelling day by day, manufacturing newer and more versatile models each day. They come with different designs and set capabilities. They are utilizing innovative technology for their chainsaws. One such chainsaw is the Black Decker NLP1800. It comes with a unique design which will definitely impress you. Although it looks different, it is no less capable compared to other models. This guide will point out all the capabilities and features of the device, its advantages and limitations, and why it could prove to be the perfect chainsaw for you.


This chainsaw uses technology which ensures the reduction of the carbon footprint in your yard. This chainsaw uses a unique design which ensures maximum safety and power. A useful safety feature; the dual hand switches are to be actuated to start the machine. This is meant to prevent accidental starting. The clamping jaws design ensures that the limbs are cut in one swift motion. This machine can cut branches and logs up to 4 inches in thickness. The scissor action makes cutting really comfortable with this compact and lightweight device. Furthermore, the device is protected from damaging elements by a rugged metal guard that covers the jaws from all sides.

  • Performance – The machine is certainly very powerful as it starts out. You can easily cut through thick branches in awkward positions. It uses a powerful 18 volt motor which ensures the device starts every time in an instant no matter what conditions.
  • Safety – This chainsaw provided unparalleled safety to the sawyer while operating the machine. This is all thanks to the innovative design of the chain guards and dual power switches. You really can’t hurt yourself while using the machine. The chain guards and the safe design make it sure that the user would be safe no matter how tough the task and what kind of cutting is required. The chainsaw has the ability to withstand and serve the various cutting and pruning conditions.
  • Pruning – The chainsaw presents the ability to cut between branches without any damage caused to the branches on the back of the chainsaw. This is a very impressive option. This has a great pruning capability, especially for overgrown hedges. This ability would help with pruning in a defined way without compromising the shape and overall look of the hedge.
  • Operation – The device is extremely quick and swift in its operation. It cuts all branches with ease and without any inconvenience. Furthermore, it is also very quiet during the process. It is very easy to operate and does not require a lot of settings and complicated set up of the saw. Rather you can simply use it where required by just placing it onto the spot, turn it on and the job is done within minutes.
  • Control – The Alligator gives maximum control to the user during operation. It is fairly lightweight and compact to increase maneuverability. It weighs 10.2 pounds, which is certainly manageable by most for the majority of tasks.
  • Battery – The charging system and the battery of this device receives a lot of criticism because of under performance. What otherwise would have been an almost perfect chainsaw is obstructed by bad battery timing. There is a solution; keep a spare battery, but it isn’t a very convenient option. The battery also overheats very quickly. When that happens, the chainsaw would not perform optimally.
  • Oiling – The machine needs to be frequently oiled while operating. Although it is certainly manageable, the manufacturers should do everything in their capability to ensure the comfort of the operator.
  • Wear and Tear – There is also a wear problem regarding the device which can be really troublesome. The top chain guard can get in a position where it would continually rub with the chain which will create friction capable of damaging the device. This is a design flaw and should be addressed as soon as possible since it is heavily hurting the life of the chainsaw.


This unique chainsaw can be used as a daily driver for light and medium duty tasks. The device is built to last, with such a design that ensures the safety of the user. It is also very comfortable to use in all styles for different tasks. That is why it should be on every home owner’s list for possible chainsaws.

Short Summary:

Yet another from Black and Decker, the brand proves again that it is one of the top manufacturers of chain saws. This machine is the most unique of this list. It looks and feels innovative, a style different from the rest. It is also called “Alligator Lopper” due to its unique design. Looks are not its only achievement.

  • It is great for pruning because of its clamping jaws.
  • It is also rather lightweight, weighing 10.2 pounds. It will ship with a 2-year warranty, so you can sleep in peace.
  • Order this chainsaw, and you will also be getting an 18-volt battery, charger and oil bottle, thus effectively minimizing fuss.
  • If portability is also of great consideration for you, then be sure to check this product out since it is cordless.

Get this product for cheap from the market you may never regret your decision of choosing this innovative product from a reputable brand.

#10 Remington RM5118R Chainsaw


Many people have to make the surprisingly hard decision of which chainsaw to buy. It is because the options presented by the industry are so vast that a person ends up confused. This guide is meant to solve that confusion by presenting a great option; The Remington RM5118R for the users. It is a very capable device excelling in medium duty tasks and even some heavy duty tasks.


This Remington model uses innovative QuickStart technology to start up easily without presenting any problem to the user. It utilizes an electric ignition for starting up even in unfavorable conditions. It uses anti-vibration handles to deliver fewer vibrations to the sawyer. The engine is 51cc which ensures the delivery of power and performance to the sawyer so that all types of tasks can be accomplished with this beast. Although it is a bit heavier, i.e. 25 pounds, but it is certainly not unmanageable. The professional grade sprocket and crankcase guarantee years of solid performance without any signs of slowing down. It has been designed in such a way that it is ideal for cutting firewood, tackling storm and yard debris, and trimming medium to large trees.

  • Performance –This model of Remington is famed for its power. It might be a bit heavy as compared to the competition, but its power in phenomenal. It cuts through the wood easily and swiftly. It is a gas powered chainsaw and many people consider gas models to be superior to electric models considering their power.
  • Starting Up – The machine uses a very capable motor that accomplishes the task of starting it no matter what conditions are faced. Although it has an electric ignition, there are no doubts about the performance of this device. Although the motor is a bit bigger, it is for the best because it ensures this vital function. The starting instructions should be followed for optimal start-ups.
  • Oiling – The automatic oiler keeps the lubrication to the bar at a perfect level, which minimizes wear of the device. This also prevents the saw from overheating so that it can operate for longer efficiently. This also prolongs the life of the device substantially.
  • Comfort – The handles of the device are also excellent quality and provide great comfort to the sawyer. They are manufactured as anti vibration handles which decrease the vibration during operation.due to the fact that the vibration is caused while working for cutting tasks using a chainsaw and it’s the most common reason the sawyer will get tired. And when this factor gets eliminated, chances are there that the sawyer will work more easily and effectively for tasks that need more time and efforts.
  • Safety – A safety measure employed in the device is the inertial chain brake which is responsible for stopping the chain whenever kickback energy is encountered by the saw. This is a useful feature for minimizing incidents.
  • Carburetor – In many cases, the carburetor of the device doesn’t perform optimally and must be adjusted. This definitely interferes with the working of the device. Of course it is not advisable to do the adjustments yourself. Take it to a verified repair shop so that all your problems are solved there.
  • Leakage – Just like countless other chainsaws, this one also faces the problem of oil leakage. This means that the oil needs to be drained every time after use to prevent spillage. For some, this is an easy solution, but for many, it gets tiring and cumbersome rather quickly.
  • Tension Adjustment – Another common problem for the sawyer to deal with this chainsaw is the requirement to adjust chain tension. It starts off fine but then the tension gets messed up after a while. This can also prove to be detrimental to the health of the chain since it gets damaged when it runs off the blade.


This model from Remington tries to stand out among a huge group of capable chainsaws and succeeds as it is surely in the running for one of the best chainsaws the industry has to offer. It features a nice design, constructed by using quality materials to ensure longevity and backed by excellent customer service.

Short Summary:

Lastly, this amazing product from Remington completes our list of top 10 chainsaws of 2015 because of its unique features. It is fairly heavy, which makes it extremely versatile in cutting, pruning, felling and all your other tasks. This one is perfect for the professionals or active users. It uses electronic ignition to start easily, even in horrible, but unavoidable conditions.

  • It utilizes a 51cc engine which promises maximum productivity and utility.
  • For a heavy chainsaw, it is still quite comfortable, because of its ergonomic handling. It is the best choice for heavy duty tasks.
  • It is also backed by a 2-year warranty for that peace of mind of yours.

It also has got great reviews from users, having many satisfied customers, thus increasing its credibility. You can be sure of receiving a quality device if you order this.

Best Chainsaw Reviews 2018 | Ultimate Buying Guide

Why and How to sharpen your chainsaw


A chainsaw is the most useful tool for a woodcutter or a carpenter. It is used for some very serious tasks such as cutting down any kind of a tall tree and also for the cutting of logs into small pieces. But, it is upon the user of the tool that how effectively he is able to use it for any kind of purpose. The prime part of a chainsaw is its blade which does the bulk of the work. However, things get really tough with the time when you are using the chainsaw, regularly but not looking after its blade. The blade with every project loses its sharpness and become dull.

So you can well imagine that how the performance of the equipment would deteriorate with time. This is nothing to worry about as there are some amazing tips and tricks which will help you with the sharpening of the blade in no time. The amateurs and as well as the professional users of the chainsaw must follow the right way of sharpening the its chain blade. This guide will serve as the main point of reference for all types of chainsaw users in order to sharpen the blade of their tool.

Tips and tricks for sharpening the blade of the chainsaw:

We have tried to devise very easy tips for the sharpening of the blade of the chainsaw so that everyone having any level of expertise with the equipment could benefit from this guide. The following are the tips that will help you in a considerable manner for the purpose of sharpening the blade of your chainsaw:

  • You need to first buy either a chainsaw file or a grindstone for the purpose of sharpening the blade. For this, you need to first of all determine the size of your tool.
  • Use oil and even detergents for cleaning the chain of the equipment as it becomes greasy and dirty with use.
  • You need to set up the saw very firmly on a stable surface. Be assured that the base is holding the tool tightly.
  • Find out the leading cutter of the chain as this is the point from where you need to start sharpening the tool.
  • But, if you find all the teeth of the chainsaw of equal size, then you can begin from anywhere.
  • Then you need to hold the file at an angle of about 25 to 30 degrees with respect to the cutter which is grounded.
  • Now begin by sliding the file along the face of the cutter and give a slight bit of rotators or circular motion with your hand.
  • Make sure to maintain the same style of sharpening the chainsaw for each and every tooth of the blade, just as you have started.
  • Now begin the next cycle in the reverse direction just around the unfiled teeth to make it sure, that each of it has got it treatment.
  • Finally, just oil the chainsaw in order to counter the roughness before you begin using it again for any of your projects.

Sharpening the chainsaw is necessary to get your chainsaw prepared for better cutting work and a quick way to obtain the desired results. If your chainsaw gets blunt or the teeth of its saw become less sharp it may affect the performance and time taken to cut the trees. So, it would be better to keep an eye on this aspect and keep the tool updated for better use and easy cutting whenever you have to work with it.

Common Mistakes People Do While Using a Chainsaw


The modern shape of the chainsaw is much more sophisticated which along with many benefits have raised a few concerns too. The majority of the amateur makes a lot of mistake sin using the equipment because of their less exposure to the tool. On the other side, there are a few advance users too who also make some common mistakes which either affects their productivity level or on the other side, it raises a lot of serious injury related concerns. The best practice for users at any level is to master the use of the equipment and try to avoid all kinds of silly or major mistakes which they commit while using such a sophisticated tool for any productive reasons.

The most common problems which users commit while using a chainsaw:

Unfortunately, there are a lot of common mistakes that people commit while they use a chainsaw. It may be because of the versatility of the tool and the options it provides, which makes them use it in a number of ways depending on the nature of the task. However, in the below list, we skimmed out the most common mistakes which most of the amateurs and even professional users of the chainsaw commits while using it for various purposes:

  • A lot of people take the chainsaw related project very casually and they do not wear any safety equipment which eventually becomes very dangerous for them. You need to have sturdy boots, ear, eye and hand protection while dealing with such kind of equipment. It would be great if you put on safe and secure overall suit for better protection and also have covered your eye area. It is better to consider necessary precaution rather to get into danger or any harmful conditions during work.
  • A safe environment is inevitable when you are dealing with large pieces of logs or cutting a tall tree. The premises or the nearby areas must be cleared from all the living beings and the valuables that you have.
  • Unfortunately, there are some people who overlook this crucial aspect and then pay the ultimate price. It is always good, to take care of all aspects including the surroundings as well as the one you are working on.
  • Some users don’t bother to check the equipment fully before they begin with their task with the help of using a chainsaw. This is a totally wrong approach as a mistimed tension of the chain of the equipment or the improper brake functionality can result in serious injuries and the productivity may also be altered.
  • The fueling and oiling is another common mistake which several of the users of the chainsaw commit. Fueling and/ or oiling must be done or at least checked before using the tool every time. Another key point to keep in mind is that whenever you are fueling your chainsaw, so make sure that it is not hot. It means that the fueling must always be done before you begin with the real job.
  • Several users of the equipment are unaware as how the equipment should be started in the most desirable manner. They try all sorts of techniques, but the right way always is to trigger it either on the ground or by holding it right in between your legs. Further, make sure that the brake of the chainsaw is engaged in either of the cases that you take on.

Mistakes are not at all safe for those who want to work with the chainsaw. It should be made clear that working with a chainsaw while you are cutting or felling trees, is a sensitive task and a slight mistake or ignorance can lead you to get yourself in danger and you may also get the chainsaw damaged.

So, in case you are not fully prepared or have got plenty of training regarding the correct usage of the chainsaw, you should work with it under the supervision of an expert or at least should ask for important tips or tricks from an expert chainsaw user to make sure, you will be safe and secure and also can will work correctly, using the equipment.

Tips for proper cutting of a tree using a chainsaw


A chainsaw is not a tool which could do the job without having any significant input from you. It is true that it is very powerful and versatile equipment, but still the productivity of your any related project is ensured when you make the full use of the tool. The majority of the users today use it for the purpose of cutting the logs or for the trees. Both are serious tasks and require a lot of planning in order to make the most of the chainsaw tool. Here, we will be specifically talking about the usage of the chainsaw tool for cutting a tall tree which probably is rated as the most difficult job that you can ever do while using such a sophisticated equipment. The following section must be read from point to point by all the professional and amateur readers who are having issue sin cutting down a tree using the chainsaw.

Tips for chopping down a tall tree using a chainsaw:

There are many things related to your safety and the maintenance of the tool which must be ensured before you begin with any task. But for now, we will be concentrating primarily on the tree cutting tips with the use of a chain saw which are given as follows:

  • Preparing the environment – The environment preparation means that the surrounding area where the tree would later fall should be cleared from everybody and all of your belongings. It is the first step which ensures human safety and also of the things that you possess. Using a ladder, the top of the tree must be tied to a rope which must be held up by one or two people in order to give it a balance once it lean towards its tilted direction.
  • Determine the direction in which the tree is tilted – This is where your planning starts and you devise out a strategy as how you are going to cut the tree. Every tree in this world has a certain shape and almost all of them are tilted in some direction which is notable in most of the cases. Therefore, determine the direction in which the tree is tilted and then start by cutting a notch in that tilting direction.
  • Cutting against the notch from the other side – The first notch that you make shouldn’t be more than 25 percent of the total circumference of the tree. Once you accomplish this goal, then the next step is to cut again a notch from the other side which is towards the first notch that you created using the chainsaw. Once this second cut gets deepened, then the tree will start slightly to lean well away from you. And it’s the time the tree has got its final cut.
  • The tree finally fells – Once either the notches meet or they are near to meet, the tree falls down. Make sure that you or the other guys helping you in the project are well aware of the fall and they have taken all safety precautions in order to avoid any injury. It should be kept in mind that the whole area where the tree is going to feel down should be made clear of any human or living thing around it in order to avoid any accidents or loss.

It is just not an easy work to get a tall and huge tree down to the ground with just one blow. Rather, it’s a whole set of various steps that you will have to take before, during and after you have deployed your cutting tool. There should be a clear vision in front of you about how you will manage to cut the tree and what would be the best point where you will start cutting for better cutting and quick results. Determining the right direction and the right point to cut a tree is as important as it is to use the chainsaw in the correct manner. So it would be in your favor, if you follow all necessary steps carefully so that the whole task gets completed quickly and easily without any problems.

What is a chainsaw kickback and how to avoid it


Chainsaw is a seriously productive tool for a number of tasks but at the same time it can be lethal if mishandled or used without any precautions. The modern chainsaw products are equipped with a number of safety features. The safety in this domain is increasing rapidly with time. The safety features in some products are the de facto standards while some of the other types are the legal requirements in some particular jurisdiction.

The users however are advised by the professionals and the manufacturers of the products to inspect the chainsaw in terms of its safety features before using it. The majority of the chainsaw safety features that you will find in a system are focused a lot more on the kickback problem. The intentions of the manufacturers in this regard are to either avoid the problem completely or to just reduce the risk of getting any injury.

What is Kickback?

In order to investigate deep into the kickback safety issues, we must first understand that what exactly kickback issue is. It is an issue which is primarily caused due to the cutting done with the chain which is either on the bar or in the kickback zone. The bar nose kickback is the most common of all causes that can lead to serious kickback injuries.

It is an issue which may occur when the chainsaw in its moving position at the tip or the nose of the bar touches with the object. In other scenario, it is caused, when the wood piece closes in approximation and it pinches the chain of the saw while making a cut. The bar nose or the tip in some of scenarios can lead to a very rapid reverse action which kicks the bar up and back in the direction of the operator. How, we can avoid this issue is discussed in the next section.

How to avoid kickback issue in a chainsaw?

The following is a concise list of points which will help any chainsaw user to reduce the chances of getting vulnerable to kickback injury:

  • If you are cutting anything with the tool then make sure to cut just one single piece at a time.
  • Make sure that the guide far nose of the tool doesn’t touch with the logs.
  • You must have an idea that is where exactly is the bar tip at all the time.
  • The chain tension should be maintained correctly. Because if the chain tension is not set in the correct manner and is overly pulled or loose, then it surely will cause the kickback or other issues as well. Which are not good for the user and also for the chainsaw.
  • The holding position of the chainsaw must be very accurate and with firmness in both the hands.
  • Your foot stance must also be firm and the body must be balanced properly too. You should be prepared for any sort of condition to make sure you can save yourself and still use the toll properly.
  • You must position yourself right at the side of the path where you are looking to make a cut.
  • The chain brake must be in its best working order and it is capable of stopping the equipment whenever desired
  • Follow the user manual of the product regarding the kickback safety features which is product specific and much more useful than the general advices.

Never think that you have got all conditions in your full control, rather you should prepare your chainsaw as wellas your own body and mind to take care of any condition that may come through your way.

Tips for amateurs in order to master the use of a chainsaw


Operating a chainsaw can be a very dangerous and sophisticated task in case you are not well prepared or trained. The previous statement is true for the amateurs who have issues not only with the learning of the tool, but also they are more vulnerable to injuries due to lack of practice with the equipment. Improper use of this equipment has historically hurt a lot of individuals and the injuries could be extremely fatal if there is any kind of negligence shown while dealing with this kind of a tool.

It is highly advised and recommended to all the amateur users that they must refrain from using the tool until they are well aware of all its techniques, potential hazards and the usability. In this guide, our sole aim is to literate all the amateurs users with all the potential hazards, techniques and the safety features related to the usage of the chainsaw. This will be a complete guide to help you master the usage of chain saw. This guide can also be helpful for experienced users who still don’t have all the information related to the usability of the chain saw and other issues related to safety.

Steps you need to know for mastering a chainsaw:

There can be a lot of steps to consider while dealing with a chainsaw but our sole intention here is to keep things short and simple so that users of all levels of expertise with the chainsaw could benefit with it. The below given is a list of well researched steps which will help you with the mastering of a chainsaw:

  • Every chainsaw from any manufacturer comes with a user manual. It is a very crucial document which will help you with product specific information so make sure you go throughout point to point.
  • Every model of the chainsaw is created for handling different tasks so make sure that you are using the appropriate chainsaw as per the requirements of the task that you are looking for.
  • Have a good look at and around the environment where you are going to work. Make sure that it is clear from all obstacles and there is no one around who is vulnerable to any sort of injury.
  • Make sure that you are well familiar with the cuts that you are going to make over the object. Determine that from what position you will start which usually is in the direction where the tree is tilted.
  • Make sure that your chainsaw is fuelled, oiled and in the best working condition. The chain of the saw must be sharpened and the tension should be aptly adjusted.
  • When your task has come to an end, then you must allow the chainsaw to come to a halt position before removing it from the tree log or otherwise the small flying objects could cause any kind of injury to the people in the surroundings.
  • Once everything is accomplished, then only store your chainsaw in its casing or in a cabinet when it has completely cooled down.

So, it should be very clear that, using a chainsaw is not a magic and anyone who has a zest to learn and to excel in using such an innovative tool can do it for sure. Just foucs on all safety aspects as well as the important functions and setting you need to adjust and hold it in the right position, and you are all set to go. Though in start you may think that its not an easy task, but with time you will get used to it.

Chainsaws are available in three basic designs:

#1 A standard chainsaw: it’s the one that has been used commonly by professionals and part time users. In this design the chainsaw has two handled body and the chainsaw protrudes out in front of the body consisting of a chain saw attached to the motor.

#2 Pole shaped chainsaws: This shape of s chain saw consists of a long pole type stick, at the top end there is a small chainsaw attached to it. Such chainsaws are very good to cut branches and bushes where there are hard to handle places.

#3 Jawed chainsaws: In this style the saw has a jaw shaped structure that can clamp the object being cut and the chainsaw has suspended inside that jaw.

Various kinds of chainsaws on the basis of their power source:

There are about four different kinds of a chainsaw:

  • Gas powered chainsaws
  • Corded electric chainsaw
  • Cordless chain saw with a battery
  • Manual working chainsaw

Gas powered chainsaws very good at their work and can be helpful in giving you extraordinary cutting results. Such chainsaws need a fuel like oil to run and perform at their best. These are mostly very high performance chainsaws. Another type is the corded electric chainsaw. Such chainsaws need a cord to connect to an electric power source and work according to the requirements.

In addition to the corded electric chainsaws there are also cordless chainsaws that have a battery operated system to work on. These chainsaws are very efficient and are portable to be used wherever you need its assistance. The last is the manual operation chainsaw. This type consists of a long chain with small saw blades that can be rolled around the tree to be cut and then pulled alternately with both hands to cut the tree.

What to look for when buying chainsaws:

To make sure you get the best machine for your hard earned cash, make your decision wisely and consider all the following factors:

  • Power source – Chainsaws run on either gas or electricity so make your decision after carefully considering the area and location of work. Gasoline powered chainsaws are best for heavy duty tasks while electric chainsaws excel at small jobs.
  • Size – the size also matters on the type of activity you want to perform with the chainsaw. Smaller chainsaws can easily perform tasks like pruning and cutting bushes and its branches, but you may want to invest in a bigger, more powerful chainsaw if you intend to cut down trees.
  • Weight – the weight also plays a role in choosing the ideal chainsaw. It affects control, portability and safety. Make sure you can handle the chainsaw you want to buy.
  • Portability – a cordless chainsaw provides portability, but it also adds weight due to the added battery. Batteries also require recharging. In turn, corded chainsaws are lighter and don’t require recharging or refilling of fuel. But they are difficult to carry around so also keep that in mind.
  • Safety – be sure to pick a chainsaw that provides maximum safety and precaution to the user. It must have precautionary measures to handle any potentially dangerous setback that can occur.
  • Warranty – in case of accidental damage, warranty claim greatly helps, so be sure to keep that in mind.

In Conclusion To Best Chainsaw Reviews:

We have listed all the best electric chainsaws and gasoline chainsaws that your money can buy. These all belong to reputable brands so you can rest assured their products will be of top quality. You should first choose what type of a user you are; active or passive, and then make your decision. Make an investment once, and do it correctly. You won’t be buying another chainsaw for quite a while so choose wisely. Read all the chainsaw reviews carefully to be sure you are buying the best possible machine for all your activities.

Best Chainsaw Reviews 2018 | Ultimate Buying Guide
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