Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most well-known games in the world. It has over 500,000 players in any given time, with a peak of a million.

Even if you aren’t a CSGO player or just starting to play the game, Dust 2 is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name. Dust/Dust 2 is Counter Strike’s oldest map and has the best set of smokes from different players.

Let’s talk about some Dust 2 smokes spots 2022. They are simple and can help you gain an edge over your opponent in a game.

Dust 2 Smoke spots: Attack side

A-Site Long Corner Smoke

As an attacker, long corner smoke is a vital part of A site. It is very common to play A site aggressively and try to get a kill in Dust 2. This smoke stops the enemy from doing this. You can smoke this smoke from multiple locations, but it is also possible to smoke it directly from your double doors.

A-Site Long Cross Smoke

The Long Cross is one of the most dangerous areas for Attackers on A sites. Because it smokes both CTspawn and catwalk, this dust 2 spot makes it easier to navigate the area. This smoke requires two smoke nades to cover the entire area, so it is best to have a team.

B-Site Doors Smoke

It is important to stop rotations from Mid or A-site once you have entered B-Site as attackers. This smoke stops people from rotating too fast and putting pressure on B-site. While some will push through the smoke, you should still have an advantage.

B-Site Window Smoke

Window is the small gap between the planting area and B. Defenders can aggressively poke it when they hear the plant making a sound. This prevents this from happening. This smoke can be combined with the doors smoke to stop the defender rotation.

B-Site Platform Smoke

The most popular AWP angle on Dust 2 is Platform on B-Site. The smoke covers the platform completely and forces the AWP-er either to change places or rotate completely. There are many line-ups at this spot.

Xbox Smoke

The Xbox smoke is a must-have when we talk about dust 2 smoke spots. Another popular AWP angle on dust 2 is the mid double doors. The smoke covers the angle and allows attackers safe passage through tunnels and catwalks. Aggressive pushes through smoke or catwalks should be avoided by attackers.

Left Mid Smoke

This spot is more of a hybrid smoke spot because it covers the left side angle for anyone camping/lurking there. It also allows safe passage for players to move from A to B. Be aware that there may be others who will push through the smoke if you hear them moving towards A.

CT Spawns Smoke

This dust 2 spot is exactly opposite to the left mid-smoke. This one allows players to smoke CT spawn to cover both the A-long angle and CT Spawn angle. Players can safely rotate from middle to B. Be aware of the aggressive pushers.

Dust 2 Smoke: Defense side

Double Door Smoke from A-Site

This smoke is great for those who are aggressive and want to defend A-Site. To stop/stall aggressive moves from this area, players can push through the smoke and smoke double doors. Even if Attackers attempt to push through it all together, defenders will still have an advantage.

A-Site Catwalk Smoke

It is easy to see when attackers are moving through the catwalk if someone is standing on the defender’s side. This smoke can be used as a shield to block catwalks and to stall attackers, while your team rotates to flank or help you.

Smoke from the B-Site Tunnel

Tunnels are the only way attackers can get into B-Site. A B-Site defender can smoke off an attacker who is pushing through tunnels. Your team will then rotate. Attackers sometimes use this smoke to extinguish Molly that has been thrown in tunnel defenses.

Although these spots are easy to use up-front, you will find many lineups that allow you to smoke them without having to reveal your exact location. It takes patience and practice to master this skill. These are the essential Dust 2 spots that will give you an edge over your opponents.

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