Roblox – A great Online Multiplayer Games Platform where you can play lots of games. There are more than 1.5 Million Players currently playing Roblox.

Battle Royale games can be very difficult these days. If you don’t know what battle Royale means, this post may not help. But, as a quick reminder, Battle Royale games refers to the genre that last man standing wins.

Battle Royale: A small number of players leave an island or large area to engage with other players. The last man who remains undie and survives until the end wins the game.

Best Roblox Battle Royale Games

These are the top Battle Royale games in Roblox. We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Battle Royales we believe to exist.

These games can be accessed on all devices, including Android, Ios and Xbox.

There are 4 modes in Battle Royale that can be used to play the game.

  • Last standing
  • Solo Deathmatch
  • Deathmatch for Teams
  • No additional charges for roaming

Battle Royale Simulator

Battle Royal Simulator is the first game on our list. It is a Shooting, complete battle royale game. You have to eliminate other players and collect their loots.

This game has been played more than 2.6M times. This game allows you to simulate the battle royale and manage your team. You can also find loots and chests to help you win and survive.

Alone Battle Royale

Alone Battle Royale 2 is a massive map battle royale game where you can play up to 64 players at once. The rules are the same, the winner is the one who survives and kills.

This game offers a unique feature: it gives you many free rewards, items, and customization options. This makes the game unique and fresh.

Island Battle Royale

Island Battle Royale is a great game. It allows up to 200 players on an island and the match ends with the winner.

This is one of the most well-known games you may have played, similar to Fortnite. You can get weapons and resources to build walls or defend against others.

Prison Royale

Prison Royale (First Person Shooter) battle royale game is a great, entertaining FPS. The main goal is to escape prison by collecting different resources like – Gears and weapons, as well as many other hidden items.

This addictive game has been played more than 74 million times. This game is very similar to PUBG so if you’re a PUBG player, this game is for you.


Strucid, the Battle Royale, is similar to Fortnite. You will need to gather resources and woods in order make various types of walls, such as Floor, Ramp, Pyramid, etc.

You must kill all other players to survive and win the game. The game is also very popular among Fortnite players, who are currently playing it.


Polygun is a Shooter Battle Royale game where you only have one goal: to survive, fight and save your base.

The game’s looks are very different. It looks almost like a war costume. This gives you a proper TPS (Third-person shooter) gaming experience.

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5

Blackhawk Rescue mission 5 – A bold, third person shooter Battle royale. You can find the location in the desert, which is controlled mainly by the enemies.

You will be fighting terrorists once you get there. You will need to kill all enemies on the ground and in military vehicles. Avoid killing the roof, or you could lose your cash.

The Plane will drop ammunition, medkits and ammo on the main building you are standing. This is a very challenging game.

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest, another First Person Shooter game, is where your main weapon is the melee weapons you have with gas closing in. You must be over 18 to play this game.

Maximum 12 players can drop on the ground. The main purpose of the game is to kill all the players nearby with melee weapons like knife or building traps. The last player to survive the ground win the match.

Super Doomspire

Super Doomspire is upgraded version of Classic Brickbattle-Doomspire which had added many great features which were lacking in the classic version.

There are many modes to choose from, including Cool skins and maps. There are 4 types total of towers, which can be distinguished by their colors: Blue, Green Yellow, Red, and Yellow. This game’s main objective is to destroy other towers.

Big Paintball

Big Paintball is a first-person shooter game that is fun and easy to play. You have to shoot your enemy with paintballs, just like a real paintball game.

Paint balls can be used to cover enemies and unlock new weapons that have different aim and fire speeds. There are 16 different weapons in this game, including snipers.

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