Best Weed Eater Reviews – Buyer’s Guide


At this point in time, you may already be aware of what the weed eater is but at the same time, you are also feeling a bit confused with what it is exactly. You have to remember that the weed eater is a grass trimmer – something that you may need to use often in order to keep your lawn looking amazing all the time.

Even though weed trimmers have grown over the past years with more and more weed trimmers being produced by other companies, people have only gotten more confused with the variety that is made available to them. Are you feeling confused with the weed trimmer that you are going to use as well? It might be best if you could have a weed trimmer that you know will be beneficial for you. How do you think will you be able to do that?

If in case you do not want to go through hundreds of weed eaters or string trimmers online or in real stores, the best option that you may have is to check out the various products that will be discussed below. You will know a lot of things about string trimmers in general and ultimately, you will find out which one is the best weed eater for you.

Best Weed Eater Reviews

Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

Would you like to have a string trimmer that can be powerful enough to attend to your various needs? This cordless string trimmer that may be different from the ones that you used to have. It will be able to deliver the power that you want so that you can do the string trimming in a fast manner.


  • 40 Volt Battery – No need to worry that it will sputter and die just after a few minutes of using. This can be used for a long period of time and its battery life may even improve and lengthen through the years.
  • Automatic Feed Spool – Bumping into various objects may make trimming a harder task than in actually is but the fact that this comes with an automatic feed spool makes it easy to do work without the bumping.
  • Fast Charger – It can charge fast so that you will be able to use it again afterward.
  • Power Drive Transmission – This enables the power to be stronger and better so that doing work can be done with ease.
  • Power Command Dial – This makes it possible for you to make a decision in between max power and max run time.


  • Lightweight – You know that you will not have any trouble with having to bring this with you or when you are using this because this does not weigh much.
  • Easy to Use – The moment that you have charged this weed eater, you simply need to turn it on and you can already use it. No need to worry about having to read complicated manuals especially if you cannot understand what the instructions are.
  • Just Enough Power – With some string trimmers that are too powerful, they may wreck everything in sight but this one just has enough power for you to do everything that you may please.


  • Battery Issues – For people with huge lawns, having to use this may not be ideal as they may not last as long as people would want. The amount of time it needs in order to stay powered will depend on it is settings.

Read our detailed review of the Black & Decker LST136W here & check out other Black & Decker string trimmer.

GreenWorks 21142 10Amp 18 – Inch Corded String Trimmer, Gas Attachment Capable

There are instances when you just need a string trimmer, a weed eater that you can use with ease. You may need something with a cord because you have a lot of lands to cover. You do not want to have a break in the middle of the task in order to recharge your string trimmer. This can benefit you a lot so why not try it out?


  • Large 18” Cutting Path – If you know that you have to cover a lot of places around your lawn, having a large cutting path will make it easier for you to finish your task.
  • Capable of Gas Attachments – If you need it to be stronger or to last longer, adding some gas attachments will be possible.
  • Simple Electric Start – No need to contemplate on all the effort that you are going to make just to make the string trimmer start. You may just make the usual effort and it can still work well for you.
  • 10 Amp Motor – The motor is strong enough to provide you with the type of power that you would need.
  • 9.9 Pounds – As compared to other corded string trimmers, this is considered to be lightweight and therefore easy to use around your home.


  • Easy to Find Switch – Unlike other string trimmers with a switch that may be hard to find, the switch here is big enough to be seen easily.
  • Durable Double String – Even when used for having to cut down various weeds, even those that have been growing for a long time, it can still be cut down.
  • Instant On All the Time – No need to take a long time trying to start up the machine because it will be easy to turn on.


  • Shaft is a Bit Short for Tall People – For people who are taller, the shaft may not be too comfortable to use as it tends to be on the shorter side.

Read our detailed review of this GreenWorks 21142 trimmer here.

Husqvarna 128DJx Gas Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer/Brush Cutter

If you are living in places like in California wherein it is highly important for you to have the right string trimmer that is CARB compliant then you do not need to search any further because this Husqvarna 128DJx may be the best weed wacker for you. You should get to know more about this product to help you in making a decision.


  • Smart Start – No need to do a lot of things just to get this string trimmer to start. You know that with one push of the button, it will be ready for use.
  • ETech II – Wondering how much you are going to be affected by the emissions coming from this brush cutter? You can be sure that this is something you can use well as it reduces the emissions you will get from your string trimmer.
  • CARB Compliant – This can be used anywhere and can give people what they need easily.
  • Comes with Harness – In order to be able to use this with ease, the harness can be used so that balancing the weight of the string trimmer will not be that hard to do.
  • Gas Powered – This will last longer than electric powered brush cutters. This will be able to cover longer and wider landscapes and lawns.


  • Very Easy to Put Together – Setting this up will not take a lot of effort to do. This can be put together in a very easy manner.
  • Does Great Job – This is one weed trimmer that is known for having the ability to do heavy duty work. Aside from the fact that you can use this for a long period of time, you know that it will be able to cut through materials you never thought you would be able to.
  • Gas Efficient – Do remember that this will depend on the type that you are going to purchase but comparing it with other weed wacker, you will realize that this is more efficient in gas.


  • No Return Policy – While this is built to last for a long period of time, when this breaks down, it cannot be returned anymore.

Do read our detailed review of this Husqvarna 128DJx trimmer here.

Husqvarna 223R Gas Powered Straight Shaft Brushcutter (Carb Compliant)

Once again, if you would like to have options with CARB Compliant string trimmers, this is another option that you may have. You can be sure that by looking at it, you can already tell that this Husqvarna 223R is very powerful. Get to know more about this by checking out its features.


  • Air Purge System – Wondering how it will be easy for this tool to start? This has an air purge system that makes everything possible. This is in charge of removing the air from the system that may be stopping the instant start of this weed wacker.
  • 2 – 4 Year Warranty – Purchasing this product will automatically give you a 2 year warranty but if in case you would like to increase it, you can simply purchase pre-mix fuel so that you can increase your warranty to 4 years.
  • Smart Start Technology – Tired of having used brush cutters and weed trimmers before that took you a long time before you were able to start it, this time, you will have a weed whacker that is not hard to start at all.
  • 17 Inch Cutting Path – Having to go through a certain amount of lawn for a limited period of time will be easier to do with the use of this string trimmer.
  • CARB Compliant – For those who are living in California, this is one weed trimmer that has passed all of the tests and is ready to be used.


  • Comes with Instructions – Since you would need to assemble this on your own, you will have a bit of help with the instructions and the manual that will come when you purchase this product.
  • Lightweight – Are you tired of having to lug around other weed trimmers that are just too heavy? You can be sure that this is one weed trimmer that you will have no trouble bringing with you anywhere as it is lightweight.
  • Standard Blade Works – Unlike other blades that will come with other brush cutters, this one can work well although it may get dull after some time, when this happens, they can easily be replaced and be used even better.


  • Bad Assembly Instructions – If you are not going to purchase online, you may be getting a better deal as some come already assembled. Trying to follow the instructions can be a bit complicated so you would have to take a bit of time trying to figure that out.

Read our detailed review of this Husqvarna 223R trimmer here.

Taking Care of Weed Trimmers

It is important that once you have chosen the weed trimmer that you are going to use for a long period of time, you have to pay attention to how you are going to maintain your weed trimmer. If you would not do this, how will you be able to maximize the money that you have spent on purchasing the weed trimmer? Watch this clip for some easy tips for your weed wacker:

Here are some tips to help you maintain your weed trimmer:

  • Replace the Trimmer Line – There will be instances when you would have to remove the trimmer line and replace it with a new one because it is already dull. Doing this can be easy as long as you would be following the instructions given.
  • Clean Your Weed Trimmer – At this point you may be wondering what parts of the weed trimmer you need to clean. You would need to clean the trimmer head or at least the area around it. At the same time, you also need to clean the cutting shield.
  • Constantly Inspect – If you would always pay attention to your weed trimmer and inspect it, you will be able to detect if there are some parts that you would need to clean or not. Do remember that for the parts that you cannot clean, you may have to seek professional help for cleaning.
  • Battery Care – This is only applicable for people who are using cordless and electric powered weed trimmers. You have to remember that your battery is very useful. The moment that it breaks down, it will be harder for you to use the weed trimmer as long as you want to so pay good attention to your battery and you will be able to maximize the use of your machine.
  • Change the Gasoline – When you are using gasoline powered weed trimmers, you do know that it is very useful when you have a large lawn, you can continue using it for an extended period of time – definitely longer than when you are using a cordless or an electric powered weed trimmer but at the same time, the maintenance may be more demanding. You are not supposed to leave gasoline in your fuel tank. It is best to place just enough so that you will be able to finish it. If in case you have left gas and forgot about it, you may need to use cleaners before you can use it again next time. Avoid gasoline that contains ethanol especially if the instructions on your weed trimmer specifically states that ethanol will ruin the whole equipment.
  • Air Filter – This is yet again another part of the weed trimmer that is often taken for granted mainly because people have assumed that the air filter will just do its job. It may take months or even years but the time will come when you also need to replace this. If you cannot change the air filter of your weed trimmer on your own, you may contact the company for service or just hire professionals that you trust to do it for you.
  • Spark Plugs May Need to be Changed – Spark plugs will only work effectively for a certain period of time but you do not have to worry about this so much because they are normally inexpensive. You will surely feel and see the difference in the performance of the weed trimmer especially after the spark plug has been replaced. At times, you may only need to clean your spark plugs so get to know about this first.
  • Store Your Trimmer in the Proper Place – Where you are going to place your trimmer will matter a lot. After you have used it, you are expected to let your trimmer cool down first to normal temperature before you can cover it. You would also need to make sure that it will not be exposed to anything that might affect its performance. For you and your family’s safety, make sure that it will be placed somewhere wherein it cannot be reached by children.


Based on the things that are mentioned above about weed trimmers, you know that the weed eater reviews are helpful enough for you to make a decision on which one you are going to purchase. Consider your preference and your needs and you will most likely reach the right choice. With proper maintenance and care, you will have a weed trimmer that you can use for a long period of time.

Best Corded Electric Weed Eater Reviews

Having a garden or a landscape in your yard definitely enhances the overall value and beauty of the house, but what happens when you have to maintain the beauty. It is often a concern for some people to maintain their gardens. However, with the right set of tools and equipment, it does not seem so much like a concern anymore.

When you have something like a string trimmer, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you wish to have proper maintenance then you must invest in the right kind of product and string trimmer is one of them.

Markets are filled with innumerable trimmers, allowing you to choose the best from the umpteen options. There are both corded as well as cordless trimmers, and each of the kind comes with significant features, offering you something new always.

Best Corded Weed Eater Reviews

Black & Decker GH900 14-Inch String Trimmer and Edger, 6.5 Amp

When you look for different brands selling string trimmers, Black & Decker is one of the top names that associates with not just string trimmers but other products as well. However, the brand name and value is a reason good enough to invest in this product. Indeed, this Black & Decker GH900 does justice to the good value of the brand.

It comes with an automatic system known as AFS system that ensures hassle free and hindrance free work. It also provides power driven transmission technology that comes with adjustable height handle in turn providing maximum performance with high torque.

Overall, the design is very good, appeals to the eyes and does justice to its specifications. While it is ergonomic, design and lightweight feature does add onto its high-end features.

Key Features:

  • Appealing Design
  • Light In Weight
  • AFS System
  • Power Based Technology
  • Maximum Torque Transmission

GreenWorks 21212 4Amp 13-Inch Corded String Trimmer

When it comes to corded string trimmers, consumers like to invest in a good product, ensuring its light in weight. Given that you will have to move around with the product, many look for a lightweight product and this GreenWorks model offers just that. It comes in an outstanding design and weighs just 5.2 lbs. In addition to this, it comes with an electric start and stop option, which allows quick, easy and efficient operation of the machine.

In fact, you do not have to worry about any gas related issues as well.With every product under this brand, there will be not a single ounce of carbon emission in the air, making it a very safe product. It also comes with a.065 dual line adjustable system of auxiliary handle and 13-inch cut path.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding Design
  • Light Weight
  • Electric Start and Stop Option
  • Adjustable Auxiliary Handle

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

If you are looking for a powerful cum durable electric trimmer, then this model from Toro is worth your money. Its high performing features are its unique selling point, in fact, these days’ consumers pay highest attention to its features and this model has it all. Its 14 inch cutting width will get you quick results and the operating aspect of this machine is very simple, just a start and stop button.

In addition to this, this model is equipped with a 5 AMP powerful motor that cuts grass, weeds with much ease and in a short span of time. Moreover, you also get a telescoping shaft, adjustable handle that assists you in your trimming process, making it seem effortless. The features in this model are very easy to use and can accommodate all kinds of users. Its unique feature is its ability to switch between a trimmer and edger in a matter of seconds, providing you with the much-needed feasibility.

Key Features:

  • 14 Inch Electric Device with 5 AMP Power Motor
  • Outstanding Design
  • Telescoping Shaft
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Easy Operative Functions

Worx 12″ 4 Amp Electric Grass Trimmer #WG105

If you look at the generic features of this machine, it is very appealing and can fetch you a lot of convenience and efficiency in the task as well. In addition to this, there are some specific features in the form of the telescopic shaft along with the adjustable height that can lead to maximum control as well as comfort. You also get an automatic twin feed system that can enhance the cutting activity for better results.

Overall, this trimmer from Worx does a wonderful job and you can easily move around with it because it is not very heavy. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple yet effective machine, then this one is one of the current best in the market.

Key Features:

  • Appealing design
  • Easy spool change criteria
  • Telescopic shaft
  • Tilting shaft
  • Automatic twin feed
  • Adjustable features

Black & Decker ST7700 13-Inch 4.4 amp Automatic Feed String Trimmer and Edger

If you are looking for an ideal tool for post mowing maintenance, then this machine from Black & Decker is one of the best in the offering. It comes with a sturdy 13-inch path along with a 4.4 AMP powerful motor. It also comes with an auxiliary system built in that helps cut down on the fatigue of the cleaning job. Overall, the retention system guards the machine from any interruptions during the process.

This machine is a very powerful one with some of the best features in the offering. It ensures that the daunting process of cutting grass and weeds is done in a hassle free and quick manner.

Key Features:

  • Easy To Use and Move Around With
  • Light Weight
  • 4.4 AMP Powerful Motor And a 13 Inch Path
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Cord Retention Methodology


Corded electric weed eater can be of great help to you, especially when you wish to get rid of the access grass and weed, which is causing immense inconvenience in your garden. Above mentioned products come with high-end features, offering superior functionalities and the process seems effortless. All these products come from reliable brands, running through its specifications will give you a good idea of what they offer, allowing you to choose wisely. No matter what you choose, it is going to fetch you brilliant results.

Best Gas-Powered String Trimmers

WeedEater 967184401 W25CFK Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer, 25cc

This gas powered string trimmer was built with power and ability in mind. This is what makes it the top rated weed eater on this list.

In just a few minutes, you can put it together out of the box and be cutting down those pesky weeds.

Performance wise, not many compare. It has a large 15” cutting path that is larger than most electric and battery powered ones. The curved shaft is designed for easy use and mobility. And did we mention it only weighs 8 pounds? This is comparable to many battery powered ones.

With its 25cc engine and large cutting path, work times will be shorter and performance will not be lost. The two step starting feature will have up and running in seconds so that you can get back to life.


  • Its slender design belies the 25cc dual cycle engine that powers this trimmer. This feature directly determines cutting power
  • The fixed line dual exit trimmer 0.95 head is practical and ideal
  • Weighing in at 8.5 pounds, this is one of the lightest trimmers in the gas powered range
  • A 15-inch cutting swath for faster cuts
  • The curved shaft is a thoughtful design feature, enabling good mobility and sight range as you trim or edge
  • It is also one of the easiest trimmers to assemble out of the box (10 minutes tops)

Functionality & Performance

  • It can face the most difficult trimming jobs with ease and precision
  • The start mechanism is quite simple and comprises only two steps. Other gas powered models need to undergo multiple steps before they whir to life
  • With only two pulls, the motor turns on via the trigger being pulled. This lets you get to work sooner than with other gas powered weed eaters; thereby enhancing the W25CFK’s performance

Points to Ponder

Mixing the oil and gas can take a bit of time, which is an important stage, namely fueling the W25CFK; it can get frustrating if done wrong. Since it is so slender, it is not equipped for large-scale gardening uses despite being a powerful gas powered trimmer. String replacements need to occur quite often.

Hitachi CG22EABSLP 21.1cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Curved Shaft Grass Trimmer (CARB Compliant)

Another top of the line model, the Hitachi is the perfect mix of performance and reliability. Its powerful motor is what attracts most people to buying this weed eater. It was designed with an anti-vibration feature so that it makes it very user friendly.

If you need more than one tool to work in your yard, this trimmer has several attachment to complete multiple tasks. There is a hedge trimmer, pole saw, edger, and other attachments that make it one of the most versatile trimmers you will find.

Created with the user in mind, it comes with a shoulder strap and long curved shaft that makes it very easy to handle. It isn’t the lightest weed eater you will find, but its design counter balances this and is still very user friendly.

Finally is the low decibel motor that is quitter than other gas powered weed eaters. Hence, no need for ear protection.


  • Though at first its shaft seems a bit too long for mobility and handling, the CG22EABSLP proved to be quite comfortable in users’ hands. Such balanced design removes any chance of fatigue while using this model
  • It has an adjustable handle, meaning the device is compatible with your height and that of others
  • A shoulder strap helps reduce physical stress
  • Aside from the trimmer head you have four different attachment options to use: a hedge trimmer, pole saw, an edger, and a mini-cultivator tool.
  • Hitachi’s specialized anti-vibration system helps reduce vibration

Functionality & Performance

  • The debris shield is a highly thoughtful addition that protects you from flying bits as you work. It also regulates trimming string length.
  • While most gas powered trimmers require ear protection due to their loud decibel levels (96, more than the standardized recommendation), this Hitachi marvel showed remarkably less noise intensity

Important Considerations

Assembly will be a bit time consuming but it is far from complicated. A seven-year consumer limited warranty is an outstanding addition to this product.

Husqvarna 224L 25cc 4-Stroke Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer, 17-Inch

Husqvarna is a very well-known brand. Known for their reliability and top end quality, they have become a very popular choice for professionals and home owners alike. All of their weed eaters and other tools are designed to be versatile and upgraded.

One of the best features of this model is the ability to use straight gas. Most gas motors require the mixing of oil in order to run. This one does not need any mixing of oil, eliminating costs and extra time.

Another great feature is the ability to add attachments that turn it into a variety of lawn care tools. This also cuts down on the cost of having to buy multiple tools. And it will also free up precious storage space since you only need to buy one to tool to complete many jobs.

The 4 stroke motor is slightly louder, but it’s very powerful with 1.1 HP. Its trimmer head uses a twin line system that allows you to tap it on the ground for easy line feeding. And the head will cut an amazing 17” This is one of the largest cutting paths of any weed eaters.

Adding to its ease of use is the air forcing carb that makes starting the trimmer very easy.


  • The twin line cutting system incorporated into this model makes it possible for a Tap ‘N’ Go quick line feed option
  • The handle is comfortable and the safe throttle handle has its top switch located conveniently in reach of your thumb
  • You do not need tools to separate the coupler. This makes for easy transport or storage
  • The engine has a quick-start mechanism that eliminates hassle
  • It is quite versatile and capable of changing functions into an edger, a polesaw, hedge trimmer, or tiller
  • You get a grass blade kit and a trimmer head along with the product package
  • It is equipped with a 25cc 4-stroke engine with 1.1 horsepower; quite powerful indeed
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty, online registration options, and benefit options as well; like an extension in warranty if you buy the Husqvarna pre-mix fuel 3-32 ounce can and complete the registration for your model

Functionality & Performance

  • The Air Purge system forces air out of the carb and fuel system. This enhances the machine’s starting capability
  • The 17-inch cutting diameter or swath makes for a one-cut job instead of repeated trimmings

Important Considerations

The highlight feature of this model needs special mention. Unlike most gas-powered trimmers, this one does not need you to mix fuel and oil in a certain ratio.


Gas-powered weed eaters are powerful, reliable and have a high user rating. The one downside is that they do use fuel and require a small learning curve to operate them.

But, once you get past the small details of operating and maintaining, nothing can compare to the power and performance that comes with purchasing a gas powered weed eater. See more the list of best weed eater here.

Best Weed Eater Reviews – Buyer’s Guide
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