Best Work Boots For Men In 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

In the construction fields and other heavy industries, it’s vital important to wear a pair of the most comfortable work boots with safety toes to protect your feet from being hurt by dropping objects. However, not all safety toe work boots provides protection and comfort at the same time.

In this post, we’ll outline which features are the vital important ones when picking for a pair of the most comfortable work boots. And at the end of this article, we will evaluate the TOP 5 most comfortable work boots specially for heavy industry workers.

Cannot Wait to See the Winner?

Unique design and color options. The stylish appearance is more like a hiker’s style, but they own the hiker boot’s lacking features – extremely comfortable and steel toe. Besides, it had a ton of support in the ankle, very waterproof.

A workday can turn into a whole work year if the work boots you are wearing now are not comfortable. Anyone who has to spend a full day on his feet knows that a pair of comfortable work boots is a necessity.

Nobody should sacrifice comfort, especially for those hard workers in heavy industry. They need a pair of work boot that can not only provide safety protection, offer great arch support, owing outstanding breath-ability but also should be flexibility and stability enough.

However, there are too many safety footwear manufacturers claim that their work boots are the best on the market. With too many noises on the Internet (some people love one brand crazily believe all the products that brand supplied are good, while some people regard that brand as a bullshit), it’s hard for us to find the truth.

We have our own opinions on which are the most comfortable work boots for heavy industry workers, but whether or not they are the ideal choice for you depends on your own working situation.

What Makes a Pair of The Most Comfortable Work Boots?

Except for the price and durability, you should consider all the factors and makes the most comfortable work boots firstly.

  • Great ankle and arch support to absorb shock
  • Breathable lining and cushion to absorb odor and wet
  • Adopting Anti-fatigue technology
  • Lightest weight, flexible enough
  • Easy cleaning
  • Comfort guarantee

For people working in heavy industries, except for the above factors that makes a pair of work boots comfortable, they should especially add other features – SAFETY TOE.

We’ve listed the features of the most comfortable work boots, particularly for heavy industry workers below. With this information in mind, you’ll finally pick out the best one to push you forward rather than holding your back.

Only the most comfortable work boots can save you from exhausted. Hard manual workers should turn to steel toe or alloy toe work boots, while the police officers and security guards should buy the composite toe work boots to stay in comfort.

What Features are Heavy Industry Workers Needed Most?

#1 Only Steel toe or Alloy toe

Whether you need steel toe construction boots for building houses or electrical resistant boots for welding metal tubes, you should make sure safety is the first.

For workers who are working in the hazardous environments, Steel-toe work boots and Alloy-toe work boots are their best choice, because metal toe caps can handle more impact and compression than the composite toe.

Steel toe work boots are the most traditional options, there are many brands available online. But because the steel toe cap uses industrial steel, you may find such work boots become cold in frozen environment.

Alloy toe work boots offer similar protection, but lighter in weight. Besides, you can find many outstanding steel toe work boots on the market, but it’s hard to find as many manufacturers to provide alloy toe ones.

Regarding to the price, because steel toe caps are 20% heavier, thus their price is much lower compared to the alloy toe work boots.

When it comes to the roomy toe box, you needn’t to worry too much. New toe cap technology has allowed steel toe work boots to be lighter and thinner than ever, you can expect your new bought steel toe work boot has a roomier toe box than your older one.

#2 Dry feet are the Comfortable Feet

All men dislike wet feet. Exposing your feet to moisture for a long time breaks down skin tissue, often cause ringworm fungus and athlete’s foot.

A moisture wicking lining will wick moisture away from your feet. Besides, if you need to spend a long time working in the mud, water or something like that, a work boot made of waterproof full-grain leather upper which makes them water resistant which will stop any water from getting in.

#3 Choose Comfortable Soles

You have to work all day, and you don’t want to suffer any pain right? A better work boots provide more comfort and better foot health.

A good soles can make all the difference when you work on your feet all day. Except for the durable features, the soles of your work boots must provide arch support so that every step is not painful.

Regarding to the outsoles, you should make sure they are made of rubber. Rubber outsoles are slip-resistant and can provide the maximum traction.

Flexible Midsoles are the most overlooked things for a pair of comfortable work boots. From my own experience, less flexing means the feet are more cramped and it puts excess forces on your joints, all the way up to your knees. If you want to be more comfortable, please confirm there’s some flex.

For additional comfort and support, think about adding a great insole to your new bought work boots.

#4 Find the Right Rise

Another thing that had been overlooked for a long time is the rise. A low rise work boot, such as Keen Utility Atlanta Cool Work Boot can be very comfortable and breathable, but its disadvantage is very clear – put your ankle at risk.
A high rise work boots do offer excellent support, but they can get hot, especially in summer. Besides, they can chafe too.

From my own experience, it’s wise to buy 2 types work boots – the summer work boot and another pair for 3 season. The summer work boot with a low rise to keep your feet cool, and the 3 season work boots with a 6 inch rise can protect your ankles.

If you want extra protection for calf, 8 inch work boots are just fine, just make sure to buy the type that fits your needs.

#5 Metatarsal Guards

The metatarsal guards are now becoming popular. They are located on the top side of the foot, aiming to protect the arch of the top part of your foot against heavy falling objects. You can also regard them as the extension of the steel toes.

Normally, there exist 2 options:

  1. Input guard
  2. External, strap on guards

Though they were often forgotten because of their additional weight in the past years, but they are vital important when something heavy happened drop on your feet.

If you are working now as a welder? The work boots adopt metatarsal guards will be more useful for you, since they will stop debris getting into your shoes.

#6 Quality rather than Price

If you just need some steel toe work boots to wear for a few days on a certain job or to walk back and forth in the warehouse several times a month, then a cheap pair of footwear will be fine.

But if you wear your work boots 9-12 hours a day, 6 days a week, these are great quality steel toe work boot.

You should know, work boots are more like tools rather than clothing items. They are designed to provide you safety, not the fashion clothes that you can change 2 times a day. Don’t skimp on your work boots.

Our Top 5 Picks for Comfort

#1 KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot – Best All Year-round Boots

With 289 reviews and a really high score (4.59 out of 5) on Amazon, these puppies are possibly the most comfortable work boots for heavy industry workers.

If you want to find a work boot with a roomier toe box, the Keen Utility Pittsburgh is a great choice. Keen Pittsburgh is known for its slip resistance, rubber toe protector, durable cement construction and excellent breathable performance. You can find our in-depth review of Keen Pittsburgh here.

For the first glance, they are more like a hiking boot with a stylish appearance, and unique color. The outstanding design is a big breakthrough, and Keen designers add some useful elements such as reflective tapes so as to avoid potential danger.

The full length TPU stability plate that provides forefoot flexibility and underfoot stability, and the dual density compression molded EVA and PU midsole is specially made to wick moisture and order to keep your feet dry.

Besides the metatomical footbed that to provide you with excellent arch support. Keen Pittsburgh deserves its reputation. Along with extreme comfort, unique stylish design, you will get it with a reasonable price.

Check the latest price on Amazon with Free Shipping & 30 day Return Policy

#2 Timberland Pro Titan 6″ Waterproof Safety Toe Work Boot – Lightest Weight

If you are looking for a lightweight alloy toe work boot with durable, waterproof features, then the Timberland Titan 6” work boot is a great choice where you don’t have to sacrifice one for another.

As one of the most comfortable work boots available today, each pair of Titan comes with Power Fit Comfort System, aiming to provide you with the maximum arch and ankle support.

When you go through construction forum often, you’ll know the name of Timberland Titan 26078. Extremely durable (often lasting for more than 2 years under sustained daily use), waterproof (it’s a piece of cake to walk through 3-4 inches water), oil and slip resistant (thanks to the rough rubber outsole), but with half weight compared with the traditional steel toe work boots.

Unlike the Endurance Pro product line which tends to fall apart after a few months, Timberland Titan 26078 provides you not only sustainable but the ultimate feeling of comfort. Besides, Timberland’s 30 day money back comfort guarantee adds Titan another score.

Amazon usually has the best deal, so check the latest price here.

#3 Timberland Pro Pitboss Steel toe Work Boot

The second Timberland Pro work boot is the best seller in Amazon’s construction & safe shoes catalog. With more than 1658 customer reviews and a 4.39 rating score, Timberland Pitboss is welcomed by many people.

Not only for their function but also for their fashion appearance as a pair of American classic work boot. You can check our in-depth review of Timberland Pitboss here. Available in 4 colors, you can always find your loved ones.

The Goodyear welt construction along with the durable full grain leather, Timberland Pitboss are made to last. The roomier toe box allows you to wear thick socks, the 6” height rise provides not only ankle support to be absorbed shocks but also protects your ankles from being hurt.

With a waterproof seam-sealed leather, you never have to worry about wet feet and chafing. Like the Timberland’s Titan product line, Timberland Pitboss is also guarantee 30 day comfort, no questions asked return policy.

#4 Keen Utility Atlanta Cool Work Boots – Best Choice for Summer

The reason why we pick Keen Atlanta Cool as one of the most comfortable work boots is that they are your best option to wear in summer.

Hard workers, just like me, have to work outdoors, even in the really hot summer. But we are working in hazardous work site, normal sandals cannot provide enough protection. However, Keen Atlanta cool work boot can be worked as our heavy industry worker’s sandal with the requirement for steel toe, and without being too heavy or clunky.

As is said in our in-depth review of Keen Utility Atlanta Cool : With this boot you’ll no longer dangling your bare feet on the desk and sweaty, smelly foot will not pay a visit to you in Summer.

If these work shoes fit your work site, it would be the best investment you have ever made.

#5 Wolverine Men’s Marauder W02165 Waterproof Work Boot – Pull on Boots

The last most comfortable work boots today is Wolverine Marauder, unlike most boots on the list, the Wolverine Marauder has a higher rise (Shaft measures approximately 10″ from arch).

If you need special protection for your ankles and calf, you can consider this. As a high rise work boot, the Marauder is one of the comfiest options you can find.

The rounded steel toe will provide you with extreme protection and with the thick rubber outsoles as well as the versatile tread pattern you can walk on any snow/ice places as you wish.

Not only is it a very well fitting boot, but the workmanship and material quality was above standard. Just check every stitch and every seam of this boot, you will find the Wolverine has really done a great work on quality control.

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