This guide will help you find split-screen mode for Call Of Duty Vanguard’s zombie multiplayer.

Many players are curious if COD Vanguard offers split screen. However, this only applies if you play it in coop mode. Single-player mode doesn’t offer such an option.

Split-Screen in Call of Duty Vanguard

It is possible to play split-screen on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

  • If you have only one account, go to the menu and create another.
  • Create a new account by adding a user with a fresh email address and password.
  • After creating an account, make sure you link to the PlayStation Network.
  • You can log in to another account by turning on the controller.
  • After you have assigned the controller, log in.

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Zombie split-screen:

Continue the process, and then when you are ready to add another account, press X. This will join the horizontal split screen option.

Larger Screen Option:

Split-screen mode allows you to have a larger screen when playing COD vanguard.

You can adjust the graphics settings to increase the safe areas. Make the Field Of view larger according to your preference from 80 to 100, 150-120, or beyond. This will give you a larger screen that is more focused to kill enemies.

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