You need to resolve the NAT Type Moderate issue in Call of Duty Vanguard, as online multiplayer of COD Vanguard requires a strong NAT for less lag.

Online gaming is always a bit chaotic. There is an error in COD that states NAT Type Error Moderate or Strict. This error can cause problems for smooth gaming. This error can make it difficult to create a match online.

How to Fix Moderate Error NAT Type for Call of Duty Vanguard

How can I find out the type of NAT used on each console?

Xbox, PS5, PS4, N Type: Open
  • Chatting with friends is allowed.
  • Multiplayer games can be hosted.
  • You can join multiplayer and you are not limited.
Xbox, PS5, PS4
  • There will only be a handful of people you can chat with.
  • You cannot be the host of the match.
Xbox, PS5, PS4
  • When the NAT type is strict, you are bound.
  • You cannot chat with anyone and you cannot be chosen as a host.

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How can you check your NAT Type?

  • You will find a guide on the left side of your home menu. Click it to open it.
  • Select settings are available
  • Go to “All Settings”
  • Choose Network

You can also see the type of NAT.

  • Go to Settings
  • Then select Network
  • Check Internet Connection Status


  • Go to Settings
  • Open Network
  • Check your connection status

Set NAT type to ‘Open’

For Xbox One and Series X / Series S
  • You first need to verify the access address of router. This is usually
  • To check, open your browser and type the address of your router.

Step #2:

  • Log in to your router using the username and password “admin”.
  • Check the bottom of your router if the username or password is not the same.

Step #3:

  • Next, check your UPnP to see if it is enabled. It can be found in the advancedsettings.

Step #4:

  • Assemble all ports.
  • It can be searched online.
  • You can search by the model number and company name of your router.
  • All port boxes, such as External and Internal, have the numbers.
  • You must enter the IP address for your router in the Internal Host.
PS4 & PS5 The same steps can be repeated in PS4 or PS5.

It is important to mention that the ports are:

TCP: 1935, 3478-3480

UDP: 3074, 3478-3479

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