Want to know how you can start the Cayo Peruico Heist in GTA Online.

Cayo Perico Sheist DLC is the biggest update Rockstar has ever made for GTA V’s online mode. This update is also the most anticipated, much like the Los Santos Tuners DLC.

The Cayo Perico DLC’s most anticipated feature is the addition of an entire island. This is the first new area since GTA Online launched in 2013.

But, it’s not possible to just take a boat or a plane to reach remote islands.

Miguel Madrazo will give you a heist job that will allow players to gain access to Cayo Perico. This job allows you to retrieve a valuable file from the mansion of a drug lord, and is a great way to get valuable items.

Continue reading if you are interested in the new island.

Today we are going to share a guide for how to start Cayo Perico Online.

Let’s get started!

Cayo Perico Heist

The first step in getting started with the Cayo Peruci Heist in GTA Online, is to go to The Music Locker. This nightclub is now under The Diamond Casino. To meet Miguel Madrazo, you will need to go to the VIP Lounge.

When you enter the premises, a cutscene will begin. This introduces Madrazo to his plan to stage an heist on Cayo Peruico.

Miguel Madrazo will help you to buy the Kosatka Submarine in order to begin planning the heist. We have a separate guide that will help you get the submarine.

You can upgrade the submarine to include a guided missile system and sonar station.

Once you have purchased the Kosatka you can go out to your submarine and begin the steps towards the heist. You can’t directly spawn to Kosatka because it doesn’t have living quarters.

You’ll need to go the traditional way, using a boat or a helicopter. The Kosatka offers a Dinghy service, which can launch a helicopter at your location.

How do I get to Cayo Peruico Island?

You’ll be disappointed if you try to locate Cayo Perico island on the map. The private island can only be accessed by those who are working on the CayoPerico Heist. It is located in Los Santos.

This means you cannot explore private islands during free roam mode.

However, you can still access the whole island while you gather intel for your heist. This is as close as you can get to “free roam”!

After you have completed the Cayo Peruico Heist, it is possible to return to the island and serve as a host. You can also attend the beach party. You won’t have the opportunity to explore the island beyond the party venues.

Cayo Perico Point of Interest

After you have left the party, you will need to get to El Rubio’s compound. You won’t be spotted by security cameras and guards. You’ll be able see their cones on the minimap so long as they are not on your radar.

Once you are inside the compound, go to the communications tower to hack the signal box. You can now scan the compound with security cameras.

These are the POIs that you can identify with the cameras

  • North Gate Entry Point
  • North Wall Entry Point
  • South Gate Entry Point
  • South Wall Entry Point
  • Basement: Madrazo files / Cash
  • Office Cam 1: Fingerprint scanner
  • West Storage Cam 1 – Painting, Cash
  • North Storage Cam 1 – Cash
  • North Storage Cam 2 – Gold
  • South Storage Cam 1 – Cash
  • South Storage Cam 2 – Gold

This concludes our guide on how you can start the Cayo Peruico Heist in GTA Online. We’re happy to address any questions you may have in the comments section.

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