Farcry 6 Aguda Cliffs Keycard is an item which can cause frustration for two reasons.

  • It can be easy to overlook.
  • Zweiten, it’s missing for some of us (yes us).

Below we will discuss the missing Far cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint keycard or how to unlock the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint door and access the FND Chest.

While the chest may not seem very important to some players, it is essential if you want to explore Yara fully and collect all its treasures.

It’s still useful.

Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Chest

You can see my map below that the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Far Cry 6 is located in Madrugada Region .

Particularly, the west side of Costa Del Mar.

You can also see the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint ND Chest on the map. Or not.

It all depends on how fortunate you are.

The idea is to locate the Aguda Cliffs Key and enter the small building with FND Chest.

Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs checkpoint – Where to Find The Keycard

The Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key can be found just across the street from this chest.

Yes, it’s there waiting for you on a concrete wall.

Cross the street to find it. If you’re lucky enough, it will be there. All you need to do is grab it and unlock the door.

What if Ubisoft’s testers forget about it and the key isn’t there?

Simply put, you will spend hours searching for it. You don’t have.

Missing Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Key Bug Fix

If you are unable to find the key, don’t waste your time searching for it. Instead, use a direct approach that worked on some Assassin’s Creed Vailla barred doors.

Simply blow the door up. Or the whole building.

There are many options.

  • It’s a good idea to get behind a car.
  • Throw a grenade
  • Make use of a rocket launcher
  • You can also place a mine on your door, as I did

This is a very unusual way to unlock the door, but it does the job.

Now you’re able to access the Agudacliffs Checkpoint FND chest in Far cry 6.

You won’t need to spend hours searching for the key you are looking for.

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