Where can you find Mount F8?

Like previous seasons, Fortnite chapter 2 skins can now be divided over a variety of Battle Pass pages. These skins can be unlocked by claiming certain rewards or reaching a particular level in your Battle Pass.

Toona Fish can be unlocked on the first page of Season 8’s Battle Pass.

This season’s skins often come in alternate styles. Toona Fish has many customization options, but you will need to work hard to unlock them all.

Rainbow Ink or Color Bottles can give you more options for your Toona Fish. These loots are available all over Fortnite Island.

You will need to hunt for the appropriate Color Bottles for specific styles of Toona Fish. Mount F8 is one place where you can find these bottles. This famous mountain has been used to solve many problems since Chapter 2.

Mount F8 has had its name changed, so you may be wondering where it is.

We’ll show how to locate Mount F8 in Fortnite today.

Let’s get started!

Where is Mount F8 in Chapter 2 of Season 8?

Mount F8 is an iconic landmark that has existed since Chapter 2. It is located at coordinates F8, which explains its name. This snowy mountain is located next to Mount Kay.

Mount F8 is located just south of Misty Meadows for Chapter 2 Season 8. It is located to the west side of Destined Dish. It doesn’t have vegetation, so it is easier to spot.

Mount F8 Color Bottles

Fortnite players don’t usually pay much attention to Mount F8 unless they are given a quest to do so. Players shouldn’t waste their time on the mountain because it doesn’t have any loot and NPCs.

If players are looking for the Stone Grey color bottle, they may have to visit Mount F8.

The Mount F8’s surface will have three Stone Grey bottles that can be used for Toona Fish skin modification. Color Bottles are similar to the Kymera alien skins and Alien Artifacts of the previous season. They can be used in conjunction with Toona fish.

To customize your Toona Fish you will need to purchase the appropriate Color Bottles.

There are 21 sets total of Color Bottles on Fornite Island. In the future updates, there will be more. The Mount F8 Color Bottles can be collected to unlock Stone Grey and the Love Ranger Tona Fish style.

First Color Bottle:

Start hiking up Mount F8 from the base. A tower should have a red flag. This is the area where you should find the first Stone Grey Color Bottle.

Second Color Bottle:

Continue onwards to collect the second Color bottle. You will find the next Color Bottle to your left.

Third Color Bottle:

Head to the mountain’s summit to locate the last Mount F8 Color Bottle.

This concludes our guide to finding Mount F8 in Fortnite. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments section.

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