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Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Party Guide

by Oliver Peters
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One of the best ways to have a good time with your companions is to have one or more cups of tea with them. It is also a highly effective way of increasing the bond you share with them, as seen in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In essence, drinking tea with any of the other characters at the Garreg Mach Monastery in Fire Emblem: Three Houses will enable your character to strengthen its bond with them.

As beneficial as drinking tea is, mastering its art within the Fire Emblem: Three Houses game is one of the difficult things to do. From holding pleasant conversations that coincide with your guests’ interests to giving them flirtatious looks, it takes a good amount of knowledge and skill to execute the perfect tea time result.

Note that each member of Three Houses has their own specific tastes; hence, you have to avoid brewing the same kind of tea or providing the same responses every time. This Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Party guide provides information on why you should drink tea in a Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party, How to Choose Tea and Obtain Leaves, etc.

Why Should You Drink Tea in Fire Emblem: Tea Party?

Drinking tea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party is unlocked after you’ve completed the quest Tea for Two, which is the first quest offered by Ferdinand in Chapter 4. If you are, however, unable to finish Tea for Two quest before the time-skip, then you won’t be able to host a tea party until Chapter 13 when it will automatically become available.

The tea option is an excellent method you can employ to enhance the relationship you have with characters. It can also help to increase your Charm, which is effective for Squad Tactics and the Dance Competition.

How Do You Have Tea with People

Having tea with people involves a simple process, which involves:

  • Walk up to the character you want to have tea with
  • Have a talk with them, and
  • Click on the “Invite to tea” option in the pop-up screen.

Keep in mind that every tea time costs you one activity point, hence, ensure you choose the right person to share it with.

Note that you can’t have tea with a character immediately you start the game or immediately you meet them. You have to first strengthen your bond with them by executing a myriad of activities, such as locating and returning their lost items, selecting appropriate responses to conversations, and buying them gifts from merchants visiting the monastery.

How to Choose Tea and Collect Tea Leaves

One important fact you should take note of is that each character prefers one or more variant of tea to others. If you can serve their preferred type of tea, your conversation with them will be considered successful. It will also enable you to gain as much score as you can, regardless of how accurate your responses are.

To collect tea leaves, know that they are available across the monastery in Exploration mode. Hence, you may want to search every corner of the monastery, especially the gardens and canteens, during the first weekend of each month. In addition, several quests you embark on give tea as rewards.

Moreover, if you use an Amiibo in the dedicated area, then you will regularly find tea among the gifts.

When you’ve completed a few chapters of the game, you will be able to unlock merchants who sell tea. However, some are usually at a very high price.

Tea Types and Guest Preferences

There are different types of Fire Emblem: Three Houses tea, such that the type preferred by nobles is different from that of commoners. For instance, certain flavors, such as Crescent-Moon Tea and Sweet-Apple Blend, have different star ratings that match their quality. Ensure you serve tea based on the preference of each character.

Furthermore, your companions have a preference for different tastes and ingredients. For instance, Sylvain prefers Bergamot and Seiros Tea, while Dedue prefers Ginger Tea, Cinnamon Blend, and Four-Spice Blend, etc.

While sharing any tea type with any of your companions will still strengthen your bond with them, you have to know that choosing a flavor they prefer will the bond grow faster.


Sharing tea with other characters is an important part of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party. However, it is imperative to know that the whole point of sharing tea is not the tea itself, but the conversation you have with the character. Ensure you exercise caution when choosing the topic of discussion because when you raise any topic that your company does not like, they will leave early. In contrast, the right topic will make them stay for longer, which will ultimately lead to an increased level of bonding.

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