Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is out. There are many new features in Fortnite. This update was released on December 5, 2021. It has different time zones. The 16th season of Fortnite Chapter 3 is now available. Players will be able to enjoy a lot more content and make major gameplay changes.

Fortnite has an active quest “Shanta Quest” that requires players to collect Gem Fragments from gas stations.

This Guide will show you where to find the Gem Fragments at the Gas station so you can quickly complete the Shanta Quest for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

How to Find Gem Fragments In Chapter 3 Season 1

Gem Fragments are found in the First Basic Location. Visit all gas stations to get the gems. These are all the possible ways to obtain the gem fragments.

Here you can find gem fragments

  • Gas Stations
  • Other than Seven Vaults
  • Crossroads
  • Inside dirt mounds
  • Landmarks
  • Docks
  • Named locations
  • Near Characters
  • Rivers
  • Air

Chapter 3: How to Collect Gem Fragments from Fortnite

To find the Gem Fragments you will need to know where the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Gas stations are located. The map has been changed, so it might be difficult to find the gas stations.

The new Fortnite map has all Gas station locations marked. This will allow you to follow the route directly to the station, which will help save you a lot of time.

Fortnite Gem Fragments at Gas Station

Fortnite chapter 3 currently has 8 Gas Station Locations. Each location is marked on the map. Follow the marker to locate the Gem Fragments.

Gem Fragments Outside of Seven Vaults

You can find the gem fragments easily by visiting these marked locations on the chapter 3 fortnite maps. There are seven vaults in total.

To find the gem fragment, you must visit the location marked. There you will find the vauld entrance to enter. You can either go inside the vault or you can break the wall to get inside. You will find the way down into the vault by using the stairs.

Gem Fragments Inside dirt mounds

You can often find some of the Gem fragments under the soil, especially in areas with lots of sand. Although they may sound complicated, you can easily find them with the help of their glowing blue light.

You can easily find the Marked location. Go near it and touch the dirt mound to reveal the gem fragment.

Landmarks – Gem Fragments

These landmarks are where you’ll find the gem fragments. In all areas, there are approximately 10 Gem fragments. You can search for gem fragments by checking the marked locations on this map.

Each fragment’s location is explained in –

  1. The Colossal Cacti, At the top of Rock
  2. Southeast of the Joneses, hinter der Holzshack
  3. The temple’s center is located West of Joneses
  4. The island’s center, west of Coney Crossroads Lake
  5. Northwest of Daily Bugle, the top way
  6. North of Sleepy Sound, just outside the lighthouse
  7. Near the statue, at the top (North) end of the Map is the entrance to the maze
  8. Northwest of Daily Bugle.
  9. Northwest of Greasy Grove on tollhouse, close to the blue flag
  10. On power lines south of Greasy Grove

Gem Fragments at Named Locations

To locate gem fragments in these locations, follow the directions and mark the location on the map.

  1. Condo Canyon is located at the top of the rock. (Make walls to get it).
  2. Around the yellow crate that is attached to the vehicle at the Joneses
  3. South of Sanctuary, below the water pool
  4. North side of Daily Bugle, at the top of the rock. (Make walls or use a zip line to get there)
  5. The intersection of Conney crossroads at the Middle
  6. Outside of Fish stick, At Sleepy sound (intersections of roads).
  7. Near the entrance, at the northern end of Shifty shafts
  8. The big wood stack is west of Logjam Lumberyard (near the “A” in logjam on map).
  9. Outside of Taco Restrarant Greasy Grove
  10. The Top of the big rocks in the rocky reels

River Gem Fragments

You can easily find many gem fragments in the rivers. Rivers are the best place to find gem fragments. It is easy to see the glow in rivers, which will help you save time.

To find the gem fragments, follow the directions on the map. These gem fragments are most commonly found at the intersection of rivers and under bridges.

Gem Fragments in the Air

To get the gem fragments into the air, you will need to either build walls or jump with your parachute from the bus. Follow the location on the map.

How to Unlock all Shanta Edit Styles and Complete Shanta Quest

You will need all the Gem Fragments from each area to complete the Shanta Quest. However, to obtain all the Shanta styles, you must find gems in all areas.

Walk through the stations and look for blue colored gems that glow in this area. It will also show you an icon when you’re near it on the map, making it easier to locate.

  1. Go to Find Gem Fragments
  2. 1 Quest Complete will be made if you find the Gems in every area.
  3. Complete 10 Shanta Quests in total.
  4. All the shanta quests have been completed
  5. All Shanta Edit Styles are now Unlocked

This will allow you to locate all the gem fragments in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. We hope you found this helpful. If we have missed anything, please comment on the post. This will allow us to improve.

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