Fortnite is known for its battle pass system. This system was also popularized in many AAA games. We have an XP glitch for you that will help you get to the next level.

Fortnite: How to perform the Glitch

This is the step-by–step guide to how to do this glitch.

  1. Enter the creative mode to perform this glitch. This is the only mode that allows you to do this glith.
  2. Creative Hub– You will be taken to the creative hubs from which you can access the portals. There will be many creative portals available and you can perform the glitch in any of them.
  3. You will need to begin the game where you will be placed into a 1v1 arena filled with lots of loot.
  4. These are the wepons
    Minigun Legendary
    Brutus Minigun Legendary
  5. Interact With Support a Creator Panel: Enter the code Fronztie7188 to interact with the panel.
  6. Locate the vault on the map. You will be placed on a map. On one of the edges, you will see the vault. To enter another secret room, you will need to press the * key three times. This room contains an item that is floating about. You can walk through it to get a pink aura.
  7. Return to the beginning area:To return to the room with loot, you would need to press the big green button. The pink aura will disappear upon respawning after you respawn.
  8. Building: To build the stairs, you would need to place 3 steps on the left side of each 1 v 1 “V-shaped platform and then add 4 floors ahead. To respawn, stand on the fourth sloor.
  9. Disable the platform. After respawning, you can disable the platform you have previously built and click the reset button.
  10. SpamReset Structure Buttons : To perform the ulimited XP glitch, you must keep hitting the green buttons. As you hit the buttons, you will get XP every time.

This guide should have helped you get more XP in Fortnite’s latest chapter.

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