Forzahorizon 5 Wintermen are Seasonable Smashable Objects that you need to find in Series 2 if your goal is to unlock the Mazda Of All Trades Accolade.

FH5 Snowmen can be a bit tricky, as they are rare and bugged. The counter may not work properly because of this.

However, the Forza Horizon5 Mazda Of All Trades Accolade can be obtained. Below, I will show you how to defeat 25 Snowmen in FH5 as well as where they are located.

Before we go to the actual locations, it is worth noting that the Snowmen below will unlock the Snowman Outfit as they are the Forza horizon 5 Frosty Friends Collectibles that you must find during the Autumn Season 2.

You will need to smash 15 Frosty Friends in order to get the outfit.

Follow the below guide and you will complete the FH5 Frosty Friends Challenge and the Mazda of All Trades Accolade.

Forza Horizon 5 Snowmen – Where To Find

The Snowmen in Forza horizon 5 are very rare. Let’s look at where they can be found before we get into the Mazda Of All Trades Accolade.

They may also spawn elsewhere, but the best place to look for the Snowmen in FH5 and find them is at the top of La Gran Caldera mountain.

You can see that 5 Snowmen can be found and destroyed at this location on the map.

I have marked them all, and the table below provides additional information about where to find them.

No. Localization
1. You will find the FH5 Snowman at the entrance of the meteorological station.
2. To the right of a house located in the same area.
3. This Forza Horizon 5 snowman can be found near the wooden cabin at the lake.
4. Surrounded by the lake’s southern shore.
5. You will find the rock on your left, just above the road that circles the lake.

Now that you’re aware of where 5 Snowmen are spawned in Forza Horizon 5,, let us see how we can farm them.

You can see the Snowman in action in my screenshot from Playground Games.

Forza Horizon 5 Mazda Of All Trades: How to Smash 25 Snowmen

Forza Horizon5 Mazda Of All Trades Accolade asks you to buy a Mazda and then do the following:

  • 25 Snowmen
  • 25 Christmas Trees
  • 25 Candy Canes

These Smashable Objects can only be purchased during the Holiday Season (Series 2).

For this Accolade, you must first get a Mazda. You can choose any model.

You’ll now want to concentrate on the 25 Snowmen. There are only five in my area. This means you will want to crush them five times.

Problem is, the counter won’t work. Pin the Accolade to view the counter at the corner of your screen.

Once you’ve done this, go to La Gran Caldera to use my map or the table to find the 5 Snowmen. You’ll need to make them respawn after you have destroyed all of them.

The best choice is to create The Titan Event.

You’ll need to enter the race but keep your car.

You can quit the race once the actual race begins. Then, you will be able see the Snowmen, all three of which are pictured below, respawn.

As you can see, in addition to the FH5 Snowmen shown above, you will also need to smash the two other FH5 Snowmen on my map.

After you’re done, start The Titan Event again and continue.

These are easy to find, especially the Christmas Trees and Candy Canes.

You can get help quickly by traveling to Mulege or Guanajuato, as they are located on the streets.

If you assume that you have already smashed the 25 FH5 Snowmen before you quit The Titan you will see that the counter shows zero Christmas Trees or zero Candy Canes even though you have smashed them all.

As you can see in the image below.

It can be a common error, or a Forza bug that occurs due to the same counter.

The screenshot shows the Mazda Of All Trades Accolade unlocking even though I have only broken 25 FH5 Snowmen.

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