Today is the Second Day of the Five Flushes of Fortune, and our task today is to capture a blue creature at Genshin Impact. We will be using our new Genshin Impact camera to capture a blue critter in Teyvat.

The event will last only ten days. However, you can only use your camera for seven consecutive days. You must check in every day to see the next objective. This guide will show you how to complete the blue objective.

How to Get Genshin Impact Blue Creature Image

Let’s say you are rank 20, and have started the quest by talking with Ji Tong at Liyue Harbor. Now you are ready for your photo. To complete the second objective of Five Flushes of Fortune, you will need to photograph blue creatures. This objective is different in that you will need to search for sentient beings rather than for red objects such as fruits and plants.

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Blue creatures are Hydro and Cryo, which can be found all over the new Genshin Impact Dragonspine area. These creatures are easily found on the coast northeast of Liyue Harbor. These creatures are known as blue creatures and include Hydro Slimes and Cryo.

Now, open your Gadget menu, equip the Kurious Camera and start targeting the slimes. If the creature is eligible, the Kurious Kamera will capture it automatically. Continue looking for qualified creatures and continue shooting until you have used every one of the ten films available for your daily task.

To get the perfect shot, it is best to stay away from any creature you are approaching. Your camera will become blurred if you try to get at them or they do damage. To get the photos and rewards you desire, you must stealthily play the game.

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