After the update to Genshin Impact, Dragonspine’s summit can be reached. However, there is a Starglow Cavern puzzle to solve first. To get to the summit, the air current is blocking the way and we must destroy a shard.

How to Solve the Genshin Impact Starglow Cavern Problem

In the Starglow Cavern, there are two paths. You will find chests, challenges, and the chance to fight the Ruin Grader if you choose the upwards path. On the inclined path, there is also a secret entrance. The third and final shard can be found at the bottom of the area. You will need to take the downward path.

After you reach the bottom, you’ll find three Seelie pedestals as well as a challenge marker. Because it is clearly visible, you will be able to see the first Seelie. The other two will be hidden behind the frozen Shard. To find them, you’ll need to dig some rocks and fight the frost hilichurls that have been spawned from it.

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After you have completed the challenge, the barrier will be removed and you will be able damage the shard.

The Scarlet nodes are located near the shard. You will also find the other two Scarlet nodes close to the Seelie. You will need the warming buff to destroy the shard.

Once you have destroyed all three shards, you can reach Dragonspine’s summit.

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