Many quests have been added to the new update, including the Tsurumi Islands Torch puzzle in Genshin Impact. This guide will help you learn more about it.

A role-playing action game by miHoYo. This game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android and Microsoft Windows. Genshion Impact’s 2.3 update has brought a Tsurumi island with unique puzzles such as Torch Puzzles on Shirikoro Peak and Chests.

How to Solve the Tsurumi Island Torch Problem In Genshin Impact

First Torch Puzzle

On Tsurumi island, there are three torch puzzles you might encounter. You must first appear before Octave the Maushiro quest. This will give you a Peculiar Pinion. This will allow you to solve the torch puzzle and unlock the secret pathway.

You will find 6 torch holders on the wall. Light 4 to complete the first puzzle.

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Second Torch Puzzle

The Peculiar Pinion must be used at the Bird Statue. You will be able to see five purple torches. Of these, you must light three. There is no specific order for lighting the torches.

Third Torch Puzzle

This is the easiest one to solve. Simply light 3 torch and then draw the hint on the wall.

These torch puzzles can be completed to unlock chests and achievements.

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