Can you skip cutscenes in Ghost of Tsushima As they say, it is possible to skip cutscenes in Ghost of Tsushima. We will let you know how we do it in this guide.

Ghost Of Tsushima has been introduced by Sucker Punch with a strong emphasis on story and presentation. Although the game offers a lot in terms of gameplay, there are many long cutscenes that you will have to endure. It provides narrative cutscenes during significant events. It can be enjoyable at times, but it can also get boring due to long scenes.

Can you skip cutscenes in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima is not for you if your goal is to jump right into the game without any breaks. You will at least get to see the story once. It does not offer a “Skipping to the Cutscene” option. It can be annoying and frustrating at times, but it is not an option unless the Sucker Punch games launch the solution. Enjoy your story mode until then.

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Is Japanese lip sync fixed on PS4 in GOT Director’s cut?

Only the PS5 can get the Japanese lip sync fix. Because it doesn’t work on the PS4, it is impossible to obtain it. PS4 has pre-rendered cutscenes, so you can’t just add them to your game.

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