Halo Infinite gamers may encounter the user is banned error. This error usually has a timer but can also cause no timer. This guide explains how it works.

You must have taken Halo infinite as an insult and felt terribly annoyed if you are unfairly banned. This article will help you solve this problem.

What is User? In Halo Infinite, and How Does It Work

Halo Infinite bans players from leaving in general. Players may accidentally hit the home button or quit early. If this happens, Halo infinite will shut down the match. These are all the reasons players might be banned unexpectedly, but there’s no need to panic.

You should remember that this ban issue is just a temporary glitch in Infinite. This glitch is being fixed by developers.

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Maximum Ban Time: Your punishment will be 16 hours longer or shorter depending on how serious your errors are.

Step 2: Log out of the game, then log back in to find your way back into the game.

Different Ban Timers

  • st ban – Lasts for 5 minutes
  • nd ban – lasts for 15 min
  • rd Ban: Lasts almost 30 minutes
  • The ban: Lasts no more than one hour.
  • The ban: Lasts for three hours
  • The ban: Maximum 16 hours

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