House of Reckoning can be described as one of the main story missions of Halo Infinite. If you have difficulty completing the mission, find out what to do.

Halo Infiniteis sixth mainline entry of the Halo series. This magnificent project is now over. This article will explain the main task you have to complete towards the end of the game.

How to Complete House of Reckoning Mission in Halo Infinite

Mission Challenge

You have to find and rescue Echo-216 the pilot who is being held hostage by enemies in the auditorium of The House Of Reckoning. First, you will need to battle through the enemy Spartans before you can rush to rescue him.

Location In The House Of Reckoning.

The Mission

This is no easy task. You can’t go back once you step foot in The House Of Reckoning.

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Training rooms:There is a lot of training rooms at The House Of Reckoning, where you will have to remove many Banished. The large structure at the centre of the auditorium is where you will hear the memories of pilot’s families.

You’ll find all the doors closed behind you, and you will have to be ready to face all your enemies. After you have defeated them, you will be confronted by the Escharum cloaked elite. To rescue Escharum from the trap, kill him and reach out for the pilot.

Before you finish the mission, make sure to collect all the ammo and grenades from the House Of Reckoning.

What to Do If You Get Stuck in House of Reckoning Mission In Halo Infinite

If you don’t pay attention, you could get stuck during the mission. You will not be able to continue the mission because the boss won’t appear.

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The hologram can be found by looking closely at the ground. It’s easy to overlook it, so make sure you keep your eyes open. To trigger the next mission, interact with the hologram. To interact with the hologram, press the button when you are close to it. You will be able to pass the House of Reckoning mission without getting stuck in Halo Infinite.

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