1. Buy Those Diamonds

Although Coins can be used in-game, Hay Day players are most fond of Diamonds. Diamonds can be purchased with real money but they can also be bought in other ways.

You get 1 Diamond for following Hay Day on Facebook. Logging in using Hay Day to Facebook gets you 5 Diamonds.

This precious resource can also be obtained through Supercell’s Facebook page.

Once you have reached Level 24, you are eligible to mine for Diamonds.

2. Sell Goodies to Get More Coins

Purchase construction equipment such as dynamite in bulk if you can. You can then sell the items that you have just bought for between 180 and 220 coins. This is an easy way to quickly get extra coins whenever you want them.

Advertise the last item that you are selling. The ad will be visible to all players who visit your in-game shop.

3. Always keep an eye on your crops and animals

It is important to maintain a balance between Crops and Animals on your farm. You’ll need to feed the animals, but also use some of that feed for items on the market.

After creating an Animal Pen, tap on the till icon to drop the Animal into the housing area. You should also remember to feed it!

4. To speed up production, use diamonds

You’ll notice that things move slowly as you play the game. You can use your Diamonds to accelerate the game and make it more enjoyable.

5. Take a look around for building materials

You can convert storage spaces into Barns or Silos by using Building Materials. These Building Materials can be found on the field along with your Animals as well as in the Mystery Boxes that keep popping up in the game.

6. Freebies

You can buy wheat up to the full capacity of your silo, then plant half and then stand your device up and shake it while you cut down the wheat. This is a great way to get some items free.

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7. Don’t Worry About Mature Crops

After your crops are matured, there will be no more benefits to the areas they were planted on. It’s better to get rid of them. Tap on the field with your sickle and then drop new crops to begin the process over again.

8. Crops that grow slower are very valuable!

Tomatoes, for example, tend to grow slower than other crops. You will be rewarded for your patience, though, as the longer it takes for something to grow, the greater its value.

9. Take care of where you make space

To remove obstacles such as trees, stones or pools, use shovels and axes, dynamite, saws, dynamite, TNT, or wait until your little boy can buy them for you. Remember that grassland space is not as important as the space in your Barn and Silo.

These items can be found while harvesting. If you decide to sell these items, make sure you get the best price possible.

10. What’s the Deal with All the Cats and Dogs!

You can purchase vouchers to get Cats and Dogs from players by completing Boat and Truck orders or harvesting Crops.

First, you will need to get a Cat/Dog House. Then, feed your pets regularly with milk for Cats or bacon for Dogs.

You get 30 xp for each time you do this. You can decide whether the investment was worth it by adding experience points to your Cats and Dogs.

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