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How Bad Gaming Gear Can Hold You Back (How to Get Windows 10 Pro)

by Steve Smith

A raid leader’s headset shorts out. They can no longer hear his commands, so they miss a critical mechanic and wipe. In just a few seconds, hours of progress and practice go down the toilet.

She’s on her last match in her promo series. If she wins this, she moves up to diamond. It all comes down to one final team fight. At a critical moment, her keyboard fails to register her input, and the match is over as soon as it began.

One headshot is all he needs to win. Unfortunately for him, his mouse has other ideas. He can’t line up his shot quickly enough, but his opponent can—he’s forced to watch helplessly as his near-victory is torn from his grasp.

We’ve all experienced something similar at one point or another. A faulty scroll wheel, a dead key, a shorted USB cable, and suddenly, we’re staring down the specter of defeat. It’s an experience that speaks to an important immutable truth.

Where gaming is concerned, it isn’t just your rig that matters. It’s the peripherals you attach to it. Your mouse and keyboard. Your headset, microphone, and monitors. Your desk, your chair, your speakers.


Especially if you intend to game competitively, every piece of gear makes a difference. Each peripheral can be the difference between victory and defeat. You must make the right choice in your purchases, buying equipment you can count on—but more importantly, equipment that looks good and feels good to use.

You don’t need to break the bank to do so, either. You can shop smart. Look for the right offers. To that end, digital marketplace BZfuture has some great deals going on several top-tier peripherals.

For a limited time only, entering the coupon code BZFHTG at checkout will net you 8% off all gaming accessories, including the Edifier G2 II RGB USB Gaming Headset. At just $ 42.30, it offers 7.1 surround sound, dynamic RGB backlighting, clear sound, and a crisp high-performance flexible microphone. There are some other great offers on right now, as well.

If you’re in the market for a new set of earbuds, you can get 20% off the Edifier TWS1 Touch Control Bluetooth wireless stereo earbuds with the coupon code BZFHTG20. There’s also the Motospeed CK99 Mechanical Keyboard for $ 93.07 (15% off) with the code BZFHTG15. With anti-ghosting, 12 unique lighting effects, and a cherry red switch, it’s both stylish and reliable.

Lastly, if you want to take things beyond peripherals to your decor, you might consider the Lifesmart Intelligent Control Panel Light Set ($ 58.43). It’s just the thing to tie your setup together. Controllable via voice and app, it offers 16 million unique colors to choose from along with dynamic sound-activated lighting effects.

The gear you use and the way your desk is laid out can make a huge difference in how you game. Don’t let bad gear or a frustrating layout prevent you from being exceptional. Choose the right peripherals for your needs, and they’ll make all the difference in the world.

It’s not just gear that matters. Your software makes a huge difference, as well, especially as far as protecting your system against spam and malware. To that end, BZfuture is also offering deals on a wide range of antivirus and optimization software.

Better yet, each deal comes with a free copy of Windows 10 Professional. Check out just a few of these deals below:

Whether you’ve recently assembled a new rig or simply want some better security software (and a better operating system), the above offers are a great option in that regard. Lastly, if you’ve any questions or comments about the above, you can contact BZfuture’s support team via web chat or email them at service@bzfuture.com.

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