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Master Cycle Zero: How to Get Motorcycle BOTW

by Oliver Peters
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Master Cycle Zero is a special mount available in Zelda Breath of the Wild (BoTW). This mount is a fully functioning motorcycle that is built from ancient technology, and it is available for Link to travel across Hyrule. If you want this motorcycle, you have to get the Champions’ Ballad DLC (Downloadable Content), which provides new gear, loot, and challenges. You also have to complete the set of challenges that are available in the Champions’ Ballad DLC.

According to Eiji Aonuma, the Producer and Project Manager of The Legend of Zelda Series, Master Cycle Zero represents more than Link’s means of transportation. He described the motorcycle as Link’s reliable partner as well as “something you could consider to be his own Divine Beast.”

Since a lot of players are interested in getting the Master cycle, this article aims to serve as a guide on how to get motorcycle BOTW.

How to Get Motorcycle BOTW

The first step you have to take in your quest to unlock the Master Cycle Zero will be to complete all the trials within the Champions’ Ballad DLC. Completing these trials is actually straightforward and you will be directed to the starting point the first time you load the game after downloading the Champions’ Ballad DLC expansion.

After you’ve grabbed Link’s powerful new weapon, you will be required to clear out four different Bokoblin camps so as to be able to locate the hidden shrines close to you. It is within these shrines that you will face some of the greatest challenges you have come across in the Zelda Universe, which include lengthy puzzles filled with spike traps, and in particular, a challenging major test of strength that is focused on more than one Ancient Guardian. Hence, ensure you use your wits and strategize while playing the game in order to figure out the solution to each challenge.

When you complete the tasks required in the shrine, you will be directed to four different altars by the aforementioned powerful weapon. However, you have to figure out pictorial references that will direct you to where you need to go to enable you discover new shrines and new challenges, which include fights with extremely dangerous and powerful creatures like the elusive Molduga. If you can successfully complete these challenges, you will earn great rewards, which include more story-based content that reveals an extended history of Hyrule along with the four Champions that came together to save it.

If you have enough time left, as time is one of the most important factors in completing these tasks, all the quests in the Champions’ Ballad DLC will lead to Link’s own Divine Beast, the motorcycle that is known as the Master Cycle Zero.

How To Use The Master Cycle Zero And What to Use It For

After you defeat the final boss of the Champions’ Ballad DLC, you will be able to access the Master Cycle Zero any time you want. This brings you very close to executing some awesome jumps as you are only a few buttons away.

  • To access this motorcycle, you need to press Up on the D-pad.
  • Then select the new Rune on the far-right side of your ability’s submenu.
  • Thereafter, press “L” to summon the motorcycle like you would an ability.
  • Finally, press “A” to jump on the motorcycle and ride.

Master Cycle Zero is a speedy mode of transportation for Link, and it can also be used for stunts and jumps that does not cause any form of damage from landing. If you can adhere to the details in this how to get motorcycle BoTW guide, then you will find it easy to get the motorcycle.

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