Minecraft is a sandbox that allows players to do just about anything. Players can explore every corner of Minecraft seeds with a variety of potions, blocks, and recipes. A variety of strange stews are one of the potions that can make the player’s life easier and more enjoyable.

A combination of one red mushroom, one brown mushroom, and one bowl filled with flowers is considered a suspicious stew. Each flower gives the player different status effects when it is ingested in a stew. Depending on the flower, status effects can range from good (such as Minecraft’s fire resistance), to bad (such as poison).

How to make a Suspicious Stew

Four ingredients are required to make any type of stew. It is possible to gather flowers from certain areas in the world, such as the plains biome in Minecraft. However, the remaining three ingredients require more effort to find and craft. A bowl can be made by mixing three planks from any type. However, mushrooms are more difficult to grow.

  • Both red and brown mushrooms can spawn in low-light environments, such as caves.
  • You can easily grow mushrooms in almost any biome of the Nether.
  • Swamp biomes
  • Giant Tree Tiagas
  • Witch huts

Different Flowers and Their Status Effects

The status effect that the stew gives to the player will depend on the type and duration of the flower the Minecraft player has added. These status effects last for a specific amount of time, depending on whether the stew is Java Edition or Bedrock Edition. There are many combinations available:

The stew, regardless of the type made and eaten by the player, will restore 6 times the hunger value. These stews will restore the player’s hunger value 6 times. The bowl can be used to make more stews such as turnip stews and mushroom stews after the player has finished eating the stew.

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