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How To Stay Safe Whilst Gaming Online

by Steve Smith

Even before the pandemic, online gaming was already on the rise. Lockdowns forced people inside and suddenly made gaming online the most social aspect of people’s lives, leading to a period of massive growth in the industry.

It isn’t just the stereotypical online gaming, such as League of Legends and Final Fantasy XIV, which is on the rise. iGaming is a big industry now as well. That includes online slots and roulette, as well as much newer, more involved games. For instance, Foxy Games features live casino titles such as Crazy Time and Cash or Crash, which are a relatively new online gaming genre. They put you in front of a live dealer, playing against the house rather than other players. Though these games give an increase in immersion, it can be tempting to reveal too much about yourself during the gameplay.

With so many more gamers playing online with other people, it is more important than ever to keep yourself safe. So, here are our top tips to keeping vigilant while enjoying the best that online gaming has to offer.

Watch What You Download

There are endless opportunities to download new games online, but the first step to keeping yourself safe while doing so is to make sure it is from a trusted source. Sites like Steam, GoG, or other known vendors can give you access to their games without you having to risk them installing a virus on your PC. Getting your games from another source might sound cheaper but it can often come with unexpected programs that can get your personal details that are saved in your browser or in your files, so it is best to avoid them where possible.

Choose a Safe Username

Most sites require you to set up your own username, which becomes the handle that other people on the site know you as. Be sure to pick one that doesn’t contain any specific information about yourself. Many people choose the year they were born as a set of numbers after their username, which gives people an idea of your age right off the bat, for example. The best usernames are easy to remember words or phrases that describe your activity rather than anything about you, so be sure not to include your initials or name either.

Be Careful Who You Share With

Online gaming has become one of the biggest ways that we all socialize and we spend plenty of time with the other players in the game, according to the BBC. However, it is important to remember that not everyone is who they say they are online. Unless you actually know someone, it is impossible to say that you can trust them, so keep your personal details secret. This can include your address or the city you live in, your age, and things that could give scammers enough information to steal your identity.

Of course, there are plenty of good points of gaming online. So long as you can keep yourself safe, we’ve got all the gaming news and reviews you need here at 99sides.com.

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