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iPhone Calls Going Straight to Voicemail? Here’s How to Fix It

by Steve Smith

There can be times when incoming calls to your iPhone land directly to your voicemail. You will be oblivious of this and all incoming calls will end in your voicemail for no clear reason whatsoever. It can be irritating, especially when you are expecting some important calls. The good news is, that this is likely a setting issue on your iPhone and can be fixed pretty easily.

In this post, we will guide you step by step to troubleshoot and avoid all incoming calls from your iPhone going to your voicemail. Follow them, and I’m sure your iPhone will ring the next time someone calls you.

Fix iPhone Calls Going to Voicemail

Turn off Airplane Mode

If you have accidentally switched-on the airplane mode on your iPhone, then all the incoming calls will go to voicemail. The behavior repeats when there is ‘No service’ from your carrier.

To turn off the Airplane mode, you can swipe down the Control Center from the upper right menu and tap on the Airplane toggle. Alternatively, one can go to iPhone Settings menu to turn off the option.

Turn off Do Not Disturb

When you have DND (Do Not Disturb) enabled, all your notifications get silenced and the calls go straight to voicemail. Consider turning off the option from the Control Center and the iPhone Settings menu.

There are a couple of instances when the DND automatically gets enabled. For example, when you connect your iPhone to a CarPlay-compatible infotainment system or your car’s Bluetooth system, your iPhone will automatically switch to DND mode. To turn the option off, go to iPhone Settings -> Do Not Disturb. Navigate to Do Not Disturb while driving and set the option to Manually. Also, turn off the Activate with CarPlay toggle from the same menu.

If you are using Bedtime function, the system switches on Do Not Disturb during the set Bedtime hours. Consider disabling the DND function during Bedtime from the Clock app.

Open Clock app on the iPhone and navigate to Bedtime section, tap on the options menu at the upper left corner and turn off Do Not Disturb during Bedtime menu.

Always Announce Calls

You can set your iPhone to announce calls whenever someone calls. You need to enable the option from the Settings menu. Navigate to iPhone Settings > Phone > Announce Calls and set it to always. This will ensure that you will not miss any incoming calls.

Turn off Silence Unknown Callers

If you have enabled the Silence Unknown Callers option, you will have to turn it off.

Open iPhone Settings and navigate to the Phone section and toggle off silence unknown callers option. Now, you should receive all the calls from unknown numbers and they won’t end up in the voicemail menu.

Update Carrier Settings

If you are still experiencing the issue of your incoming calls going to the voicemail, then consider updating the Carrier settings on your iPhone. The problem could be due to a software glitch from your carrier side and using this step might resolve that.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to General -> About. Move down to Network Provider and tap on it. It will update the carrier settings to the latest version.

Update iOS Software

The voicemail issue might be due to the recent buggy iOS update. Apple is usually quick to release the fix and you can download it from the device Settings menu.

Open the iPhone Settings app and navigate to General -> Software update. Install the latest available iOS release on the device. Also, turn on the Automatic Updates from the same menu to not miss out on any future iOS updates.

Let’s Get Back to Work

By following the guide above, I’m sure you have resolved the issue of all your calls going to the voicemail on your iPhone. Which trick did the job for you? Sound off in the comments section below.

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