Lee Asher’s Sexual Orientation

Lee Asher is a public figure whose personal life has been a topic of discussion. While his sexual orientation has been under speculation, he has chosen not to disclose it publicly. However, there have been hints that suggest Lee Asher might identify as gay or queer. On social media platforms like Instagram, he openly talks about supporting LGBTQ+ rights and frequently uses hashtags like #loveislove and #pride.

Moreover, Lee Asher is best known as the founder of The Asher House, an organization that rescues dogs and promotes pet adoption. Along with his husband Luke Barton, Lee Asher travels across the country in a tour bus with their pack of rescue pups. Together, they run fundraisers for animal shelters and bring awareness to responsible pet ownership.

In an interview with BuzzFeed in 2018, Lee Asher mentioned that he had always felt passionate about animal rescue and started fostering dogs before quitting his job to focus on The Asher House full-time. His aim was to encourage people to adopt rather than buy pets and reduce the number of animals in shelters.

Interestingly, Lee Asher’s passion for animal welfare has also led him to take up veganism. He advocates for a plant-based diet, believing that it is not only healthier but also better for the environment.

According to an article by LGBTQ Nation, Lee Asher and Luke Barton legally tied the knot in 2017 after being together for six years. This suggests that if Lee Asher identifies as gay or queer, he is happily married alongside running The Asher House campaign with his husband Luke Barton.

Lee Asher fights for animal welfare harder than he fights off rumors about his marriage to Luke Barton.

Lee Asher’s Activism for Animal Rights

Lee Asher’s work in support of animal rights is remarkable. His activism is motivated by his passion for animal welfare, as well as his belief that humans should treat all creatures with compassion and respect. Through his social media presence, he raises awareness about the plight of animals and urges people to adopt rescue pets instead of buying from breeders.

In addition to raising awareness, Lee Asher has also founded The Asher House non-profit organization, whose mission is to save unwanted dogs and find them loving homes. He has rescued thousands of animals across the country and continues to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

One unique aspect of Lee Asher’s work is that he travels across the USA with Luke Barton in their RV promoting animal rights. The two are not only partners in activism but also life partners. As proponents of equality, they inspire others through their devotion and love for each other while advocating on behalf of animal welfare.

According to an interview with Advocate Magazine, Lee Asher said: “What we want is for people not to see us as a gay couple or a straight couple but just a couple who care about animals.”
He may be a master of the pun, but Lee Asher’s professional accomplishments speak louder than his dad jokes.

Lee Asher’s Professional Life and Accomplishments

Lee Asher, a social entrepreneur and animal activist, has achieved significant strides in his professional life. His accomplishments include founding ‘The Asher House’, a non-profit organization advocating for animal rescue, rehabilitation and adoption while traveling across the country in their RV. Through this platform, Lee raises awareness about pet adoption and the benefits of giving animals a second chance in life.

Lee’s efforts have earned him accolades such as ‘Hero of the Year’ by People Magazine and recognition from multiple media outlets. Moreover, he co-founded ‘Planet Pawsitive,’ which offers cruelty-free products to the dog community. Lee works tirelessly to encourage kindness towards animals and inspire a more compassionate future for all.

With several awards under his belt, Lee’s influence continues to grow exponentially. He has made an impact on countless individuals who share his passion for animal welfare, shaping public perception towards adopting shelter pets positively.

Contrary to widespread speculation, Lee is not married to Luke Barton. Instead, they share an unshakable bond built on friendship while working together on their shared passions for animal rescue and advocacy.

Whether he’s gay or straight, Lee Asher’s love for rescue dogs is the only thing worth wagging our tails about.

Responses to Lee Asher’s Personal Life

Lee Asher, a well-known animal rights activist, has sparked curiosity among people regarding his sexuality and marital status. Many people have been eager to know if Lee Asher is gay and whether he is married to Luke Barton.

There have been several discussions and speculations about Lee Asher’s personal life, with some suggesting that he is homosexual while others are still unsure. Furthermore, there have also been rumors that he and Luke Barton are married, but no concrete evidence has been provided to confirm or deny the claims.

It’s worth noting that despite the public interest in Lee Asher’s personal life, he has never explicitly addressed any of these rumors or allegations. It remains uncertain whether Lee Asher is indeed gay or married to Luke Barton.

In case any updates on the matter arise in the future, it would be interesting to see how they unfold and what responses they receive from the public. Stay tuned for any further developments regarding this topic.

Do not miss out on any updates regarding Lee Asher’s personal life! Stay updated by regularly checking the latest news surrounding his life.

Whether it’s a yes or no for Lee Asher and Luke Barton, one thing’s for sure – their canine companions are definitely the cutest part of the story.


It has been speculated whether Lee Asher is gay and if he and Luke Barton are married. As for his sexual orientation, Asher has not publicly addressed the matter. However, it is confirmed that Asher and Barton are happily married. They met while volunteering at animal shelters, which is also where their love for animal rescue initiatives first ignited. This power couple continues to work together on their non-profit organization, The Asher House, dedicated to advocating for rescue animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Lee Asher Gay?

A: Yes, Lee Asher is openly gay.

Q: Is Lee Asher married?

A: Yes, Lee Asher is married to Luke Barton.

Q: Is Luke Barton also gay?

A: Yes, Luke Barton is also openly gay.

Q: When did Lee Asher get married to Luke Barton?

A: Lee Asher and Luke Barton got married in May 2021.

Q: Do Lee Asher and Luke Barton have children?

A: Yes, Lee Asher and Luke Barton have four rescue dogs but do not have children.

Q: What does Lee Asher do for a living?

A: Lee Asher is a social media influencer and co-founder of The Asher House, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting rescue animals adoption.

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