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Is Your Business’s Data at Risk from Insider Threat?

by Joshua Lewis
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In today’s digital climate, ignoring the concept of cybercrime is perhaps just asking for trouble.

Cybersecurity and preventative implementations are so intrinsic to the modern company that intrepid business owners everywhere strive to strengthen their infrastructures.

However, the threat does not always come from external actors, and in fact, many data breaches occur from within the business itself.

This may be an upsetting thought for owners to address, yet it must be carefully considered and acted upon for a company to remain as secure as possible.

If you feel like you could be doing more to protect your valuable data, it is worth thinking about whether or not you have done enough to prevent insider threats from arising.

Do You Have Software in Place? 

A strong firewall should be the bare minimum of inclusions in a strong cybersecurity infrastructure, but there are many more useful options worth looking at.

It is worth thinking about implementing some great insider threat software if you truly want to manage, monitor, and secure your data to the best of your ability. You may want to click here to find out more about how it can strengthen and support your business.

Trust Between You and Your Employees

Trust is an exceptionally important part of business, so feeling as though you cannot trust your employees can be a huge issue that reduces productivity and degrades the workplace culture.

If you cannot trust your employees to safely handle your business’s sensitive data, you may need to think about returning to training and educating your employees on the nature of cyber-hygiene.

It may also be worth exploring your hiring process and taking a deeper look at how you vet potential candidates, as this can ensure you hire the right people in the first place.

Do You Have a Response Team? 

Building a response team is a fantastic way to ensure that you not only create an environment that evokes safety and security but that you do, in fact, have some employees on standby to help should you experience a data breach.

If you do fall into the unfortunate trap of having to experience a data breach, a response team can ensure that your damage control efforts are at the top of their game.

Is Your Storage Sufficient? 

Improper data storage is, in itself, somewhat of an insider threat. For example, if you cannot account for where it is your data is being stored exactly, then there is every chance it will go missing or become lost as more digital assets are created.

This can be an expensive mistake, one that can lead to legal troubles if your company has breached data protection regulations in the process.

Keeping your virtual storage neat and accessible while maintaining a high level of security is a must. Perhaps opting for a centralized cloud platform might be best for this, or if you felt like you wanted to take a more tangible approach, external hard drives could be ideal.

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