You will be doing a lot of detectivework in the game. However, you will also need to solve questions such as the name of the chairman of Lost Judgment.

Bullying is a major issue in the first chapter of Lost Judgement at the private school in Yokohoma. Tak and his team are asked by the Chairman to find these bullies in the school. Tak decides that hidden cameras will be placed throughout the school in an effort to catch bullies.

He becomes an AC repairman, sets up the camera in locker rooms, bathrooms, and even in the classes of some very ruthless students. Surprisingly, as they enter the room, they are immediately interrogated.

What is the Name of the Chairman in Lost Judgment?

The chairman kept the investigation secret and these two are forced into interrogation. You have to find a way out without becoming suspicious. Sawa learns that Tak, Kaito and other AC repairmen are more than just ordinary AC repairmen. They have much to do with the current state of affairs.

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Three Choices:

Sawa’s interrogation seems to be terrible news for the players, but the best strategy is to be honest with Sawa’s inquiry. Because Sawa is unable to process the bizarre disguises of Tak or Kaito. These are the three options available to you.

  • We were hired by the Chairman.
  • I reserve the right to remain silent.
  • This is how to treat people.

Although the investigation can be kept secret, Sawa will not be able to understand how you got to the school. You will be asked to give her the name of the chairman, who hired all the detectives at the school. The name of the chairman is Okuda–San.

After you have been honest with her, she will let you insert the last camera.

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