How to create a Minecraft locator map?

You may have ever embarked on an adventure on Minecraft, only to find yourself lost at night and be vulnerable to creepers or other mobs. This is a common occurrence in the game. First-time players can forget their base location which could lead to their death.

This makes locator maps an important item in Minecraft. Many players wish they had it at the beginning of the game.

When exploring The End or the Overworld, locate maps can be used to help you find your home base and plot the terrains ahead. It functions just like a real map in the real world. It shows you where you are and what you can see around you.

Locator maps can be used to locate other players in your world or to look for structures nearby. To be useful, however, you must have the map in your hand. This means that you cannot use weapons while looking at your locator map.

How can you get a locator map?

This guide will help you determine what resources are needed to create a Minecraft locator map.

Let’s get started!

Gathering the Requirements.

You probably already know that Minecraft items require other resources to craft. This means you will need to first gather ingredients to create a Minecraft locator map.

1. Compass.

Compass is the first item you will need to craft in order to create the locator map. This tool points to the world’s “spawn point”, which is where you were originally spawned in the beginning of the game.

This is how to make a compass using Minecraft.

  1. First, gather some Iron Ingots as well as Redstone Dust.
  2. Iron Ingots can be made using a block iron. You can either make the Redstones Dust using a block Redstone or find it on Dungeons or Mineshafts.
  3. Once you have all the necessary resources, start to lay the crafting table ingredients as shown below.
  1. Finally, take the Compass out of the Crafting Table and move it to your inventory.

2. Paper.

To create a locator map, you will also need Papers. Minecraft maps are made of a single sheet of paper, just like in the real world.

Follow these steps to make Minecraft papers:

  1. You might find some Sugar Cane near you, as they usually spawn close to water.
  2. You can use any tool to gather Sugar Cane. This is because you will need several papers for the Locator map.
  3. After you have finished your crafting table, go to your Sugar Canes and place three Sugar Canes in the area shown below.

Once you have all the resources you need, you can create the Locator Map.

Create a Minecraft Locator Map.

Follow these steps to create the locator map:

  1. First, open your Crafting Table.
  2. Place the Compass at the center of the Cropping Table.
  3. Fill the rest of the blocks with paper.
  1. Move the LocatorMap to your inventory.

You might now be curious as to why your map isn’t working. You must activate the locator map and then explore your world to add information. You can do this by equipping the map with your hand and pressing the “action button” to convert the blank map into a Locator Map in the game.

Depending on the Minecraft version you have, here are some ways to activate the map in Minecraft:

  • Right-click
  • Pocket Edition – Tap on the water
  • Xbox Consoles – Press the Left Trigger
  • Playstation – Hit the L2 button
  • Wii USwitch: Press the ZL button

After activating the Locator Map, you can explore your world and it will automatically update with every trip.

Questions You Might Ask (FAQs

How can you create a locator map?

A locator map can be made by using eight pieces of paper, a compass and the Crafting Table. You will need to activate your map first to make it active and to update the content.

What is a locator map in Minecraft?

You can use locator maps, just like in the real world to find your current location in The Overworld or The Nether. If you have traveled long distances, you can use the map to find your next destination or your return home.

It can also be used to locate other players and structures such as mansions, villages and outposts.

How big is a Level 1 map in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s zoom level 1 map has a dimension of 256 x 265 blocks. When maxed out, the size of the zoom level 1 map increases to 512×512 blocks and 2048×2048 blocks.

How do I make my map locator bigger?

To make locator maps larger, you can upgrade them. You can do this by placing the locator map on top of the crafting table, and adding more paper to the sides. Upgrading maps to level 4 will allow you to reach a map size 2048 x 2048 block.

This concludes our Minecraft locator map guide. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with your friends. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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