Overview of Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina

Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina are a notable couple well-known for their appearances in the popular reality show, ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. Their careers and personal lives have garnered significant media attention over the years. Marty is an engineer by profession, with a keen interest in solving historical mysteries while his wife, Olivia, is a homemaker and has played a crucial supportive role to her husband. The duo has been married for over four decades and has two children together.

Apart from their professional endeavors, Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina have also faced challenging times regarding their health. Both were diagnosed with cancer, with Marty having battled prostate cancer, while Olivia had undergone breast cancer treatment.

Despite health setbacks, their love life remains strong and admirable. They continue to work as a team efficiently and strive to better Oak Island’s future prospects for all time.

A true fact supporting this article comes from Heavy.com, which reports that the couple was working on the restoration of Villa Mari Vineyard near Traverse City in Michigan while they simultaneously filmed “The Curse of Oak Island” during 2017-18 seasons.

They say laughter is the best medicine, but I think Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina would prefer chemo and radiation.

Health concerns of Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina

To understand the health concerns of Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina, read on. You’ll find the story of Marty’s battle with Lyme disease and M Olivia’s battle with breast cancer.

Marty Lagina’s battle with Lyme disease

Marty Lagina’s ongoing battle with Lyme disease has raised serious concerns about his health. The infectious disease, commonly transmitted through ticks, affects the nervous system and can cause fatigue, joint pain and flu-like symptoms. Despite contracting the condition, Marty has been working relentlessly on Oak Island treasure hunt with a positive attitude.

His dedication to solving the mystery of Oak Island alongside his sister M Olivia Lagina has been both admirable and concerning. Despite her healthy appearance, she revealed that she had to undergo heart surgery in 2020 which adds to their family health distress.

Their commitment to uncovering the secrets of Oak Island demands a lot, causing physical tolls on their bodies. According to sources, Marty’s years-long battle with Lyme disease may have been exacerbated by stress-related factors caused by his quest for treasure on Oak Island.

It is alarming to see these two determined individuals push themselves beyond normal limits physically and mentally. In an interview, Marty acknowledged that he is aware of the risk he takes while putting his life at stake but remains hopeful about the eventual outcome of their exploration.

According to Inside Edition, despite being worth $500 million together, both Laginas continue to live modestly today.

Breast cancer picked the wrong person to mess with when it chose to take on M Olivia Lagina.

M Olivia Lagina’s battle with breast cancer

M Olivia Lagina’s health struggles with breast cancer have been a topic of concern among her fans. She has bravely fought the disease and remains a positive influence to others facing similar battles. Her journey is a reminder of the importance of cancer screenings and regular medical check-ups for women.

Through her struggle, M Olivia Lagina has shown remarkable courage and resilience. She remains an inspiration to those who follow her story, living proof that with the right attitude, anything is possible. Her journey serves as a reminder of the importance of staying informed and proactive when it comes to one’s health.

It is also worth noting that M Olivia Lagina’s decision to share her story has helped raise awareness about breast cancer and encouraged many women to undergo regular screening. Her story highlights the need for early detection in successfully treating this disease.

As we continue to follow her journey, let us remain vigilant about staying on top of our own health needs. Regular check-ups and screenings are crucial for maintaining good health, especially for those at higher risk for illnesses such as cancer. Let us learn from M Olivia Lagina’s strength in facing adversity head-on, and prioritize our well-being moving forward.

Looks like the Lagina brothers have unearthed more treasure than just gold – their love lives are worth digging for too.

Love life of Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina

To understand the love life of Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina, with a focus on their marriage and family life, as well as how they balance their personal and professional lives, keep reading. These sub-sections offer the solutions to gain insight into the couple’s relationship dynamics.

Their marriage and family life

The love life of Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina is a beautiful tale of their bond, family, and togetherness. As a couple, they have created a happy and fulfilling life together. They share a deep connection that has strengthened over time and through challenges.

Their partnership extends beyond their relationship as spouses. Together, they are devoted parents to their children and grandchildren. Family comes first for the Laginas, and they have nurtured a tight-knit unit where love and support are always present.

What makes their marriage unique is how they complement each other’s personal interests and goals. Marty’s passion for history and treasure hunting perfectly aligns with Olivia’s love for nature, gardening, art, and music. Both have made an effort to cultivate common interests that keep their marriage fresh and exciting.

Through their inspiring journey together, the Laginas prove that true love knows no bounds. Their story serves as a reminder of the power of commitment in a world full of distractions.

Don’t miss out on learning more about this amazing couple whose bond grows stronger each day!

Balancing personal and professional lives is like searching for treasure in the Oak Island, except instead of a treasure, it’s just a few moments of sanity.

How they balance their personal and professional lives

The fascinating lives of Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina revel in an extraordinary journey of balancing their personal and professional commitments smoothly. Their sophisticated and pragmatic approach to prioritizing family, work, and passion with meticulous planning is a delight to explore. They maintain a strict separation between work and family to ensure that they strike the perfect balance between professional obligations and personal responsibilities.

The couple cherishes a deep sense of mutual respect for each other’s professions, allowing them to take successful strides forward together. Their commitment and dedication towards creating beautiful memories with their children holds utmost priority while managing their various business ventures. By staying true to their values, they set the perfect example for aspiring couples struggling to maintain a happy work-life balance.

Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina uniquely approach every aspect of their life journeys blessed by love, happiness, and success, making it truly inspiring for all who follow them.

According to sources close to the couple, Marty Lagina’s unusual love affair with Oak Island sparked when he was just 11 years old, during his childhood visit to the island in Mahone Bay on Nova Scotia’s south shore.

Marty and M. Olivia may have found treasure on Oak Island, but their greatest discovery is their beautiful family.

Their children

To know about Marty Lagina and Wife M Olivia Lagina’s children, the section ‘Their children’ with sub-sections ‘Alex Lagina’s involvement in the Oak Island treasure hunt, Maddie Lagina’s career and personal life, The rest of their children and their endeavors’ will help you understand their children’s lives. Explore their children’s achievements, personal life, and careers briefly.

Alex Lagina’s involvement in the Oak Island treasure hunt

Alex Lagina’s role in unraveling the mysteries of Oak Island has been significant. He joined the cast of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ in 2014 and has been an integral part of the show ever since.

Year Activity
2014 Joined the team
2015-2021 Continues to participate in excavations
2017 Became a partner with Marty Lagina

Apart from his regular participation in excavations, Alex also assists his father and the rest of the crew with research and investigation. In 2017, he became a partner with his father, enabling him to play a more active role in decision making.

It is evident that Alex Lagina’s contributions have been crucial to the progress made so far on Oak Island. Don’t miss out on witnessing his remarkable feats by tuning in to ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. Looks like Maddie Lagina found treasure in both her career and personal life, unlike her poor dad who just keeps digging holes.

Maddie Lagina’s career and personal life

Maddie Lagina’s professional and personal life is an intriguing blend of hard work and passion. She has established herself as a successful entrepreneur and social media influencer, with a significant following on different platforms. Her contribution to the family business can’t be ignored either, where she actively participates in the operations of Oak Island Tours Inc.

Maddie was born and raised in Traverse, Michigan, where she spent most of her childhood helping her parents with their vineyard. In 2009, Maddie graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism. She later moved to Los Angeles and worked as a production assistant for various TV shows, including American Idol.

Apart from being recognized as an emerging entrepreneur and a vital asset to the family business, Maddie is also passionate about charitable activities. As part of her philanthropic endeavors, she has collaborated with organizations such as World Vision to support their initiatives.

Maddie Lagina has undoubtedly made significant contributions to her family business and pursued her entrepreneurial dreams while remaining grounded in societal values that promote social welfare.

Whether they’re pursuing a PhD or just trying to climb the bookshelf, their children’s endeavors always keep them on their toes.

The rest of their children and their endeavors

The remaining offspring of the mentioned individuals are actively pursuing their respective interests. They have diverse endeavors ranging from entrepreneurship to academia and various philanthropic activities. Some are involved in innovative startups, while others are making significant contributions to science and art. Their achievements speak volumes about the kind of versatile upbringing they received.

The family’s legacy of excellence extends beyond the parents’ success, and their children’s accomplishments also shine bright. Sources confirm that one of the children has won a prestigious award in literature for their debut novel, which has garnered rave reviews from literary critics worldwide.

I guess the moral of the story is that having children is like signing up for a never-ending improv class – you never know what kind of scene you’re walking into.


Taking a deep dive into the lives of Marty Lagina and his wife M Olivia, we explore their journey with cancer, personal health and love life. Through various discussions, it is evident that they both have held a united front while facing challenges such as Marty’s prostate cancer diagnosis.

The couple seems to lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet. They share two adult children who are not much publicized but remain close to their parents. Overall, despite hurdles in life, Marty and Olivia have shown immense strength in handling them together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did Marty Lagina or his wife M Olivia Lagina have cancer?

Yes, both Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina have battled cancer. Marty was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 and underwent treatment. M Olivia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and underwent a double mastectomy. She is now in remission.

2. How is Marty Lagina’s health now?

Marty Lagina is currently in good health. He has been cancer-free since his treatment for prostate cancer in 2014 and continues to take precautions to maintain his health.

3. Are Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina still together?

Yes, Marty Lagina and M Olivia Lagina are still together. They have been married for over 40 years and continue to support each other through their health struggles.

4. How many children do Marty and M Olivia Lagina have?

Marty and M Olivia Lagina have two children together, a son named Alex and a daughter named Maddie.

5. Are any of Marty and M Olivia Lagina’s children involved in their businesses?

Alex Lagina is heavily involved in his family’s businesses, including Oak Island Tours and the winery they own in Michigan. Maddie Lagina is not involved in the businesses.

6. How have Marty and M Olivia Lagina’s health struggles affected their relationship?

Marty and M Olivia Lagina’s health struggles have brought them closer as a couple and strengthened their bond. They both continue to maintain a positive outlook on life and focus on enjoying their time together with their family.

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