Mass Effect 3 has many missions. This guide will show you how to complete the Aria Blue Suns Mission, and what its rewards are.

Mass Effect 3 Aria Blue Suns Mission Guide

After speaking with Aria T’Loak in Citadel, the Purgatory Bar you can begin this mission. It involves convincing the Blue Suns to fight against the Reapers. You will need to meet Darner Vosque (Blue Suns leader) at Citadel. This can be done by going to Citadel within the Port- Holding Area. Darner will be found west of Bay A. You’ll learn all about his problems with Turian General Oraka during the conversation. You don’t have the obligation to make a decision on whether or not to remove Darner from your group. Before you leave the area, speak with Aria T’Loak.

General Oraka can be found at Citadel in Presidium Commons near the Apollo Cafe. Start a conversation to learn more about the conflict. If you are determined to complete the mission, demand that he stop harassing the Blue Suns.

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If you wish to help the General obtain new weapon transports (paragon), choose the dialogue option in the upper right. In this instance, you must visit Kannik the merchant who is located at the same spot (eastern portion of the Presidium). Kannik, however, is only interested in rare items. He will not sell any weapons to you for credit.

You must first travel to the galactic map and return to Normandy to retrieve the Kannik relic. Fly to Kite’s Nest. Fly to Kite’s Nest once you have arrived in the Harsa system. Make sure you have enough fuel before you fly! Navigate to planet Vana, and scan it using the right mouse button. Select the planet Vana and then press and hold right mouse button. To locate the white dot, send a probe to recover the Black Market Artifacts. Then return to Kannik in the Presidium commons to give the artifacts to him in exchange for his assurance that he would deliver the weapons. To complete the mission, you will need to meet again with General Oraka.

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As a reward for this mission, you will receive 210 EXP and 5000 credits.

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