Looking for Movie Props in GTA Online.

Solomon, the studio head, has given the task of hunting down movie props on GTA Online a special task. His entire Richards Majestic Movie Studio office is now clean.

The thugs didn’t realize that you would be responsible for locating the items. They are now going to discover what their mistake was.

GTA Online will pay a lot to recover the movie props for Solomon. This job unlocks the Space Interloper outfit.

It is not easy to track down missing props, since some of them can spawn in random places.

We decided to create a guide to help you locate all Movie Props in GTA Online.

Let’s get to it!

Solomon Movie Prop Locations

The map below shows the locations of all GTA Online Solomon props. This will save you time and allow you to simply go towards the designated areas in Los Santos.

Prop Items:

  1. Meltdown Film Review – Outside Solomon’s office, next to a bin.
  2. WIFA Award at the Vanilla Unicorn’s back office. To get in, request a private dance.
  3. Headdress – in the bathroom at the far east end of Diamond Casino & Resort.
  4. Alienhead – Right on the Beam Me Up Mural.
  5. Mummy Head– On the porch of an older house. For the exact location, refer to the mark above.
  6. Clapperboard – On a desk at Fort Zancudo Tower’s ground floor office.
  7. Monster Head is located on the rocks west from Altruist Camp.


  • 8A: Rumpo van – parked in Simmet Alley, Textile City.
  • 8B: Rumpo van – located outside Darnell Bros and Lester’s clothing factory.
  • 8C: Rumpo van – driving west over San Andreas Avenue Bridge.
  • 9A: Pony Van, located in the Kortz Center parking area.
  • 9B: Pony Van, parked east of Epsilon Centre.
  • 9C: Pony Van driving north on Tongva Drive
  • 10A: Rebel Pickup, parked in the alley behind The Hen House.
  • 10B: Rebel Pickup in Willie’s Supermarket Parking Lot.
  • 10C: Rebel Pickup driving east on the Great Ocean Highway.

Apart from the seven prop items that you will need to collect, there are three vehicles that you can track down at any of the three locations. It’s impossible to predict where the cars will spawn, so it’s random for every session.

You’ll still be able to tell when you are near a prop car by the ‘Random Event blip’ that will appear on your minimap if you are far away.

You’ll be able to return the movie props back to Solomon and you’ll also receive the Space Interloper Outfit, which can be found in Solomon’s office chest.

This concludes our guide to finding movie props in GTA Online. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments section.

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