What is the Ore Respawn Time for New World? And how does it apply to different Ore types? This guide will help you understand it.

New World doesn’t require you to fight enemies, but you can continue searching for rare items. To get rare resources like Hemp, Crop, and Hemp, you will need to work a bit faster. If you are having trouble getting to these rare resources before others, don’t worry. They will respawn after a time.

What is the Ore Respawn Time in New World?

These rare resources are composed of three sizes.

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large

Their sizes determine the respawn time and it fluctuates accordingly.

Small 8-12 minutes
Medium 10-15 minutes
Large 12 – 17 Minutes

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The respawning of crops such as potatoes and carrots takes between 15-30 minutes. These rare resources in New World are worth waiting for, but don’t rely only on one place. Instead, explore the world to discover new locations.

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