Since its launch, Among Us has been a popular game. Some aliens invaded a ship carrying humans. They are trying to eradicate all spacecraft. The spacecraft crew must use their detective skills and find the truth, otherwise everyone will die.

The multiplayer game has two roles. One is for a crewmate, and one is for an imposter. Crewmates are responsible for repairing the ship to ensure that they survive. Crewmates are being attacked by imposters, disguised aliens. Crewmates can now repair the ship or use their detective skills to expel the imposter.

How to Play Among Us On Browser

This game is great for playing with friends, or with random people. It is not necessary to have the game installed on every device. This is where you come in, it can be played on any browser.

Play it

It’s now easy to access the Among Us from any device. You can now play it directly from your browser. You can have fun by following the steps.

  1. Google or any other browser will give you the search term “ between us
  2. For among us, open the N official website. ( For the direct link, click here
  3. Click on Play on browser.
  4. You are now ready to play the detective cum puzzle.

Play more games at . We hope you enjoyed this simple guide on How To Play Among Us on Browser.

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