Resident Evil8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Main Hall section. This section contains six hidden items that you will need to locate in order to clear the area (Search Completed); while you play the Capcom video game.

You can find the Resident Evil Village Castle Main Hall items on both floors (1F and 2F), and although they aren’t story-related, it is worth getting them.

You can find ammo and money by exploring both floors.

You’ll also be able to change the color of the Main Hall section of your map. Let’s get down to business and find out what else you can find in the area.

Resident Evil Village Castle Main hall 1F & 2F (Search Completed).

While the Main Hall can be accessed through three doors, the story will only be played from the Hall of the Four.

The guide below begins at that door.

Handgun Ammo

You will find a small cabinet when you enter the Main Hall, from the Hall of the Four.

The box contains Ammo to go with your handgun.

Money (Lei).

Turn around and look across the floor for a table that has a teacup.

You can find Money behind the table (under the steps).

After you have the Li from your vase, you will get Search Completed for Castle Dimitrescu Major Hall 1F. Now head upstairs to find them on the second floor.

Handgun Ammo

Once you reach the second level, turn right (southwest) towards the Dressing Room. The vase is at the end.

You’ll find more Handgun Ammo inside.

Crystal Fragment (Treasure).

Turn around and walk towards the Wine Room, hugging the right wall.

A large painting is located on the wall, just a few steps from the last item. The painting depicts a man, and you can see a glowing dot on the frame.

It’s a Crystal Fragment that you can sell to Duke.

Money (Lei).

Continue on to the next step, but now head north towards Hall of Joy.

The round vase is pictured below in the corner to the left.

Although this is not a breakable object, you can still use the knife to cut it and get more Lei.

Gunpowder (Crafting Materials)

You will need to finally break the vase on the second level.

This one can be found at the northern end of the corridor. However, you will need to inspect the small balcony on your left.

It’s easy to spot, and you’ll find Gunpowder inside.

After breaking the last vase, both floors in Resident Evil8 Village Castle Dimitrescu have been searched. They turn blue on your map. Don’t forget to refer to the Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles Guide when you enter the next area.

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