Resident Evil8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Op Hall Search Completed is required if you want to obtain the blue marker on the in-game map.

Although the Resident Evil Village Opera Hall is easy to navigate, you need to be careful as you might miss Crafting Materials, Ammo and Lei. There is also a Crystal Fragment which is very difficult to spot.

Below you will find all locations for the Search Completed Opera Hall.

Resident Evil Village Opera Hall Items (Search Completed)

You won’t want to miss the Resident Evil Village Opera Hall.

The guide below will cover them all and I’ll also tell you what to do in each area.

You’ll be entering the hall once you have opened the door in The Courtyard. There are more hidden items.

If you do all of them, and you follow the Castle Dimitrescu Collectionibles guide then you will most likely have Dimitrescu’s Key which opens the northern wing.

You must also ensure you have all broken windows and all collectibles that I have discussed in the guide. Even though they do not count towards the Search Completed objective, we discuss them here.

These are the first steps to obtaining the next.

Metal scrap (Crafting material)

There is some Scrap in the chimney (Opera Hall1F).

To obtain the Insignia key, you will need to solve the chimney behind the piano .

Gunpowder (Crafting Materials)

You’ll find Gunpowder just a few steps from the previously mentioned item.

It can be found in the corner of your room, right side to the chimney.

Money (Lei).

You are now good to go.

Once you have the key, move towards the steps leading to Opera Hall 2F.

Search Completed: The next item is some Cash under the stairs. However, you might also receive Ammo.

Once you have this vase, you will be able see the Opera Hall 1F search Completed blue marker on you map. Let’s now check the second floor.

Sniper Rifle Ammo

Turn right once you reach the top of these stairs to view the cabinet below.

Lockpick is required to open this drawer. You will need one to complete the objectives in Castle.

You will find several lockpicks in different rooms. You will be leaving Castle Dimitrescu if you don’t have one of these lockpicks.

You will find some Sniper rifle ammunition in this drawer.

Crystal Fragment (Treasure).

This is the next and most important Opera Hall item.

Turn around from the original location and walk around the central area.

You will find a small chamber on the left with a table inside. To see a glowing dot, look up at the ceiling. You will see a Crystal Fragment that you must shoot. It will fall on the table.

This is the room at the southernmost tip of Opera Hall 2F.

Flower Swords Ball Key Item

The Flower Swords Ball is the final Opera Hall item. It can solve Labyrinth Puzzle.

It is easy to locate if you look in the northernmost room of the second floor.

Once you have this, you will see the Opera Hall Search Completed blue marker. However, there are two other things you need to know:

  • You should also break more Opera Hall Windows to earn the Hooligan trophy/achievement, , as I explain in this guide
  • You will find three more items in the corridor that runs between Opera Hall 2F (the Library) and the Library. The cabinet on the right contains the first, Gunpowder. The Handgun Ammo is located a few steps further in a drawer. Finally, the Grand Chambermaid’s Notice is located near the second item on the corridor.

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