Luthier’s House Resident Evil8 is one of the most wealthy houses in the Romanian Village in the video game by Capcom. This is mainly due to the fact that in Romania, Luthiers who were (and are still) artists used to be very rich.

The Resident Evil Village Luthier’s House is a difficult location to find the Search Completed objective, as it contains a Yellow quartz that is very hard to find.

However, the following guide will tell you everything about the house. It will also show you how to find the Luthier’s Key and how to obtain all the items.

Let’s get started at the beginning.

How to get to Luthier’s house in Resident Evil 8 Village

If you have already read my Village collectibles guide you will know that the Resident Evil Luthier’s House is easily found while searching for Red Chimney House (which, by the way, is a key location).

You won’t be allowed to enter the room unless you have either the Luthier’s House Key or the Luthier’s Key.

While you can find some collectibles out there, this particular house should only be approached after the second boss has been dealt with and the Beneviento House cleared. This is why.

Where to Find the House Key of The Luthier

Two new areas in the Garden section are open on your return from Beneviento House.

The first is located in the south, while the second is in northern part of the Garden.

This is the Gardener’s House. If you have read the complete Garden Collectibles Guide, you will remember that Luthier’s key can be found inside this particular cabin.

It’s easy to spot, as you can see from my photo below. It’s right by the Typewriter. This is where you can save your game. You can also place it on the table.

Once you have the Resident Evil Luthier’s key, return to the village and cross through the barn ( Leonardo’s House).

Continue under the tractor that you have raised using the Jack Handle of the Workshop. Then, keep going until you reach Iron Insignia Gate located between West Old Town & East Old Town.

You will find the Luthier’s House across the street. It has a sign.

Resident Evil 8 Village Luthier’s Locations for House Items

You will need to remove the gate’s padlock and then gain entry to the hidden areas.

To avoid missing anything, you will want them to be in the exact same order.

Where to Find the Hidden Outhouse

Turn right once you have entered the building to see the Outhouse as pictured below.

It’s easy to spot and is blue, as you can see. You’ll find the Lockpick inside.

How to Find the Hidden Goat of Warding

You can find the next two items while you are still in the courtyard.

Both of them are shown below. You’ll need to remove it from the ground. However, the Goat of Warding is the most important.

The crate is located on the ground between the barn, the actual house, and the Goat of Warding is up on the roof in the small shed. It is possible to shoot it while it is on the ground.

How to get Madalina’s body, gunpowder and ammo

You are now done with the courtyard. Enter the small barn to your right.

Grab the Gunpowder from these crates, then turn left. You’ll also find Handgun Ammo in those crates near the window. Madalina’s Body.

You will lose a lot of cash if you sell the body. You will need Madalina’s Head to assemble the doll.

The Luthier’s House barn search has ended.

Note on The Luthier’s House Collectible

Now, go to the house and take a look at the note near the door.

It’s a collectible that you should not miss. The key will tell you where to find it.

You can now enter the house if you have followed the guide.

Ammo, Crafting Materials & Crate

Next, you will need to purchase all crafting materials and ammo.

Check the cabinet under your sink once you have entered the house. You might find ammo, or another item.

Go to the opposite side of the house, and the crate will be found below. A white drawer is located next to it.

To get a Fluid, smash the crate and then open the drawer.

How to Unlock the Resident Evil 8 Village Maestro’s Collection Treasure

You have now obtained the items you need to claim Maestro’s Collection Treasure.

You will need a code to unlock your locker.

It is easy to locate the Maestro’s Collection Locker code. Check the note at Luthier’s work table. It says: She’ll never forget her fifth birthday

This is the tip you need.

What is the Locker Code in Luthier’s House?

You can find the code for the Luthier’s House locker by looking at the photo in the house.

It is a drawing by the daughter of the Luthier. As you can see, it also has a Happy birthday message and a date.

Connect the dots using the hint on the note to find the date on large locked wardrobe.

Maestro’s Collection Treasure includes two items: the HTML2 Rifle High Capacity Mag that you can attach to your rifle, and a Steel Haraesvelgr.

This is the real treasure, as you can sell it for a lot to Duke.

Once you have found the treasure, the search should be complete. It’s not. Why? Because you have one more item that you don’t know about.

Where to Find the Last Luthier’s House Item

It is very easy to overlook the Yellow Quartz that is the final item in Luthier’s House Search Completed.

It will be attached to the lute (or other musical instrument) hanging from the ceiling. As you can see, it faces the window.

Take it down and then bring it to Duke.

You have now completed the Resident Evil village Luthier’s House Search objective. In addition, you also claimed Treasure and all other hidden items.

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