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Scripter Quiz ANSWERS | Royale High

Question 1: Which scripting language do Roblox developers use for creating games?




C. C++

D. Python

Answer: LUA

Question 2: What value is “C”?


A. 7

B. 512

C. 17

D. 60

Answer: 17

Question 3: What value is “Z”?


A. None of the above

B. 60

C. 2

D. 0

Answer: 2

Question 4: What do loops serve in Lua?


A. None of the above

B. These are used to delete a piece code

C. They create circle objects within your game

D. They can be used to execute code repeatedly

The answer is: They can be used repeatedly to execute code

Question 5: What value is “x”?


A. None of the above

B. 5

C. 7

D. 9

Answer: 9

Question 6: What is this script doing?


A. A.

B. B.

C. Removes a section from the workspace

D. Creates a brand new empty space

Answer: Creates a part and assigns it the workspace.

Question 7: What is script.parent?


A. It refers the Roblox Lua script’s child.

B. B.

C. It’s not valid Lua

D. It is the parent of a Roblox LuaScript

Answer: It refers the parent of a Roblox Luascript

Question 8: What’s a property in Lua


A. It’s a description of an object such as its color or size.

B. It is not valid in Lua

C. It’s a quick way to build a house

D. It is the child of a Roblox Lua Script

Answer: It’s a way to describe an object such as its color, size and more

Question 9: Which of these are not valid ROBLOX Lua objects?


A. A.

B. B.

C. Screengui

D. Beam

Answer: Light Trail

Question 10: What is GUI?


A. A.

B. B.

C. Graphical User Interface

D. Game under Inspection

Answer: Graphical User Interface

Question 11: Which one of the following services is not valid in Roblox?


A. Physics Service

B. Tween Service

C. Rotation Service

D. Gui Service

Answer: Rotation Service

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