Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update brings a lot of new features to the site, but Ginger Island is the most notable. Ginger Island, a new area in the Fern Islands archipelago is a significant addition Stardew’s Valley’s World Map.

The location includes many cool surprises, including a volcano and pirate-themed area. To get to this area, you will need to complete a few tasks first.

Where to Find Ginger Island in Stardew Valley

To reach Ginger Island you will need Willy’s boat. Unfortunately, Willy’s boat must be repaired.

Willy is a Pelican Town fisherman. You will be sent a note asking for your assistance after you have installed the update. (If you do not receive a note, you will need to complete either the Joja Mart development quests or the community Center restoration.

You will find a back door that was not there before when you go to Willy’s home on the pier. The door will open once you have completed the above quests, and received Willy’s note.

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You will see a boat that is old and worn out when you go inside. Willy will tell ya that he needs you to fix the boat because he doesn’t have the necessary materials. This boat is your ticket to Ginger Island.

How to Fix Willy’s Boot In Stardew Valley

Willy’s boat needs three repairs, each one with its own resource requirements:

  • 200 pieces of hardwood are needed to fix the boat.
  • Repair the anchor with 5 iridium bar.
  • Five battery packs are required to fix the ticket machine.

Depending on how long you’ve been playing Stardew Valley, the time it takes to get these resources is dependent on how quickly you can access them. While older players will have plenty of hardwood available, newer players will require more time to find it.

Stardew Valley’s final game has added Ginger Island. It will take you a while to master the game if it is your first time playing.

Hardwood: You can obtain hardwood by cutting down mahogany trees, stumps from large trees, or logs. Although 200 hardwood may seem daunting, it is easy to collect because it is the most commonly used component.

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Battery packs:Battery packs are created by lightning rods (during thunder storms) or solar cells (after seven days in the sun). They can also be purchased from the Travelling Cart.

Combining five pieces of iridiumore with one piece of coal can make iridium bars.

Once you have collected all of the items, return to Willy’s house and make the repairs.

Using Boat to Sail to Ginger Island

After Willy has repaired his ship, he will charge 1,000 gold per trip to Ginger Island.

It is not good news, despite Willy’s skinflint-like tendencies. You can charter the boat to Ginger Island for as many times as you like, provided you wait one day in-game.

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