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Why People Choose Tandem Kayak Over Standard Kayak?

by Steve Smith

Kayaking is an awesome water activity and it gives a thrilling experience as well. The fashionable kayaks will fit only one person in it as they are made in this way. This canon like boat got some complaints in different areas.

The lack of enough conversation is the, first of all, limitations. Even if you are kayaking with your friend, you have to shout loud to share your feelings about the environment or nature.

Or else, you have to keep quiet and keep kayaking like a feeling-less robot! Secondly, not everyone is physically fit for a kayaking challenge. This is why the manufacturers developed kayaks with one or two seats for them.

Besides, there are many types of kayaks to choose from. So, let us help you in deciding which kayak is right for you.

Tandem Kayak vs. Standard Kayak: Which is best?

Below, you will find out which kayak is most suitable for you. Be sure to read this section carefully as it will help you in deciding the specific type of kayak.

Tandem kayaks are suitable for connecting people

As tandem kayaks have two seats, you can go for kayaking with your dear one. He/she can be your special one, best friend, or an experienced kayaker.

It let you spend an enjoyable time with your kayaking partner. Tandem kayaks allow a good relationship and strong bondage with the person you take no matter who the person is. It develops a strong connection between you two.

Tandem kayaks are alternatively named as “divorce boats”. However, it is nothing but a thought of random people. They think when two people try tandem kayaking; they end up with a quit in their relationship.

However, if you have a good relationship with your partner, kayaking will make it stronger. It will also improve mutual understanding and co-operation. However, it is said that when two people are in a ‘fake’ relationship, tandem kayaking may end it!

You can learn to ride tandem kayaks easily

Be mentally prepared to face unexpected situations in the water if you are a newcomer to the world of boating, kayaking, rafting or anything like that.

Remember, starting is never easy. You may get panicked and confused and cannot figure out what to do. Gradually, you will learn things. But, a tandem kayak is not that tough for the novices.

If you are in a tandem kayak for the first time, take an experienced person with you who will teach you how to paddle it. Therefore, you can easily learn how to get started, when to change the direction, how to drive straightly, and what to do next.

Tandem kayaks are safe and energy-saver

Due to having two seats, you will not feel bored and tired running out of breath. Your partner and you will work together to run the kayak smoothly. So, this two-man kayak is safer and less stressful than the one-seated ones.

However, take life jackets with you for additional protection! The most amazing thing is tandem kayaks are very relaxing. Whenever you get tired, your partner can take over the paddling for few minutes.

You can enjoy the natural beauty and cool wind around you during that time.

Besides, both of you can do the paddling at the same time. It will let you run the kayak with less effort and more ease. It will save you from getting exhausted and tired. So, even if you are not fit for kayaking right now, a two-seater tandem kayak will hardly let you feel that.

Tandem kayaks are cheap

Tandem kayaks will save a good amount of your money and it is more helpful in case of long distance kayaking. They may offer 2x for the kayak and a thousand for additional benefits, but in reality, the tandem kayak will cost you around 1.5x more than the standard kayaks.

You can also buy it in share with your friend. In that case, the cost will be a lot less than the previous price!

Tandem kayaks offer more space

The one-seated standard kayaks are not comfortable at all. The seat is so narrow that a person can hardly sit there with comfort and ease of movement. Space is narrow and tight.

As you will sit in the cockpit, it will be tough to paddle sitting in such a congested place. On the other hand, tandem kayaks have enough room for two people. You will get adequate space to sit with ease. Tandem kayaks offer wider and slightly deeper cockpits.

You can carry equipment with tandem kayaks

If you do not find a partner who is interested in kayaking, go on yourself! You may find it boring, but trust me, you will not regret if you know the way to have fun. Take fishing equipment, your favorite food and beverages and keep then in another seat.

When you go in the middle of a lake, throw the fishing reel and enjoy your food at the same time. You can try snorkeling with the tandem kayak. It is a bit costly but worthy enough to spend some precious moments in the exciting locations. Paddle out to that place, anchor down and then take a swim.


No matter what mental or financial condition you are through, tandem kayaking will always give you awesome facilities, which are hardly found in other water activities. Kayaking is also easy-to-learn, and as a result, everyone can master it smoothly.

Go on a day trip with your most favorite one, spend time together and express your gratitude to the Mother Nature. Be open and express feelings about the beautiful things around you!

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