Two in a Bedroom, One in a House, but None In A Kitchen. What am I? is the latest difficult puzzle that people are sharing on social media. This is just one of many difficult riddles that people find hard to solve. We are going to help you solve this riddle.

The Riddle says: There are two in a bedroom, one in a house, but none in a kitchen. What am I?

Two In A Bedroom, One In A House, But None In A Kitchen Riddle Answer

Two in a Bedroom, One in a House, but none In a Kitchen is the correct answer. The letter O is the answer to this riddle.

There are two bedrooms, one in a house, and none in a kitchen. What am I? Riddle Explanation

You can see it here

  • The BEDROOM word is composed of: B, E, D. R, O. O. M = Total 7 letters = O, O. E + 4 consonants (B. D. R, M).
  • HOUSE is composed of H, O, U and S, E = Total 5 Letters = 3 vowels (O E, U) + 2 consonants [H, S]
  • The KITCHEN word is made up of K, I, C,, H, and E, N = 7 letters total = 2 vowels (I), E + 5 consonants K, T. C, C. H, N

We can therefore conclude that

  • In the word BEDR MOM = 2 repetitions of the letter O
  • The word H USE = Only 1 repetition of the letter O.
  • In the word KITCHEN = O repeats zero times.

The correct answer to Two in a Bedroom, One In A House, and None In A Kitchen is “O”. What am I? Riddle: “The letter O “.

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