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6 Ways to Increase Brand Loyalty and Trust with Customer Engagement

by Steve Smith

For any business in the world, customers play one of the most important roles. Simply put, without customers, no business in the world would be able to operate. This is particularly true if you consider that up to 83% of customers would recommend a brand they’re happy with. On top of that, up to 82% of them would return for business, provided that they trust the brand.

With all that said, it becomes quite clear why businesses should try to improve their brand loyalty. Since trust plays such a huge role in the business world, every business should do their best to improve it. But how can you do that?

Encourage customer reviews

Whenever a customer interacts with a brand, they’re also getting to know that brand. Depending on how everything goes, they’ll be full of experiences they’ll want to share with others. That’s why you should encourage both your first-time visitors and your already loyal customers to leave reviews. This will bring plenty of benefits your way. First, you’ll be showing your customers that you’re listening to them and that you value their feedback. Moreover, it will also offer some insight into your business to those looking to try it out for the first time. By including customer reviews into your website, your business will appear more genuine and honest. Needless to say, the more genuine your business is, the easier it will be to improve brand loyalty.

Don’t try to sugar-coat it

The fact of the matter is that not everyone will find your business appealing. On top of that, trying to please everyone is simply impossible. What this means is that you can’t expect every feedback to be a positive one, and that’s okay. The biggest mistake you can make is remove negative feedback and only choose to showcase the positive one. This way you’ll come off as a business that heavily curates their content, which will only make you appear ingenuine. Instead, try to respond to negative feedback as much as possible. Of course, don’t forget to be respectful at all times, even when the feedback itself isn’t.

Avoid clickbait and shortcuts

The way you present your business will directly reflect the products and services you’re trying to promote. So, don’t try to increase your website’s traffic by using clickbait. If you use clickbait, even if your products are actually great, it will instantly make them unappealing. Modern consumers are well versed in online culture. This enables them to easily identify an offer that appears to be better than it actually is. This type of behavior can only result in a negative outcome, so refrain yourself from any cheap shortcuts. Instead, be honest and genuine when promoting your business. This will help you end up with a loyal customer base that will be more than happy to even promote your business further in your stead.

Use brand values to boost brand loyalty

When you first started your business, you probably paid special attention to defining your brand values. These should reflect everything your business stands for. More importantly, you really need to try and do everything in accordance with your business’s brand values. This is particularly important if your business operates within industries, such as the iGaming industry, where trust and loyalty play a huge role. A great example of this is the AskGamblers resource website. They state trust, fair play and independence as their core brand values and they really do deliver on their promise. That’s why they’ve become one of the leading websites within their industry.

Treat your customers with respect

All good relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. That’s why you should offer the same to your customers. Unless you treat them with the respect they deserve, you can’t really expect the same in return. Building up mutual trust and respect will help your business in so many ways. Not only will you secure a loyal customer following but you’ll also develop a relationship that almost feels personal. This way, even if you happen to make a mistake – and you will – it will be much easier and far more pleasant to remedy it.

Create good loyalty programs

Finally, establishing a good relationship with your customers was the easier part. Once you’ve achieved that, you need to find a way to maintain it. One of the easiest ways to do so is by creating a good loyalty program. With such a program, you can easily reward your most loyal customers. Not only will you be rewarding them, but you can also use loyalty programs to draw excitement. And excited customers are always more likely to do business with you.

Building a strong relationship with your customers will always benefit your business. Brand loyalty is not something that can be established overnight. Instead, it requires constant hard work and devotion. But once you get there, you can expect plenty of benefits coming your way regarding both your business and your customers. So, make extra effort, push a bit harder and prepare to enjoy all the perks your had work will bring.

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